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Daniah Din
Watching history unfold: Student POVs on the 'Arab Spring' (with audio)
14 April 2011

Bowen Huang
Legalize marijuana? Pro, con, or undecided, Berkeley students sound off on Prop. 19 (with audio)
19 October 2010

Jonathan Peña
In their own words: UC Berkeley students on the impact of campus budget cuts
11 May 2010

christopher chaplin
Berkeley's new graduates discuss the job market and what comes next: In a time of much uncertainty, seniors share their hopes and plans
21 May 2009

emily rosales
How are Berkeley students faring in hard times? Undergrads sound off on the economic crisis and how it's affecting their lives (with audio)
16 March 2009

Weighing in on the '08 presidential election: Berkeley undergrads opine on the issues, the candidates, and the campaign (with audio)
31 October 2008

Seniors' advice to incoming students: How to get the most out of your years at Berkeley — and stay sane
27 August 2008

Same-sex marriage: What's your view of the State Supreme Court ruling?
16 May 2008

Countdown to commencement: What's left to do and what's after Cal?
18 April 2008

What are your thoughts on China, the Olympics, and the current protests as the torch makes its way to Beijing?
10 April 2008

What are your plans for spring vacation?
21 March 2008

Presidential politics, 2008 style: What gets the student vote?
30 January 2008

How concerned are you about climate change?
13 January 2007

Class of 2006 shares advice for incoming students
28 August 2006

Who are your heroes? Why do you look up to them?
11 May 2006

What, no iPod Nanos? Students share what's on their holiday wish lists
12 December 2005

Which recent event related to the White House is the most troubling?
2 November 2005

Reactions to '100 Suns' exhibit on Memorial Glade
6 October 2005

What's the most important thing UC Berkeley could do differently?
23 September 2005

Wisdom of the sages: Advice from the Class of 2005
24 August 2005

What are your favorite memories from your years here at Berkeley?
12 May 2005

What are you listening to?
22 April 2005

What are you doing for Spring Break?
16 March 2005

Have the elections in Iraq changed your opinions about the Iraq war?
3 February 2005

What role does religion play in your life?
9 November 2004

What issue in the 2004 presidential election is most important to you?
28 October 2004

Joy Chang
What does the Free Speech Movement mean to you? Is its spirit still alive at Berkeley?
06 October 2004

Robin Finley
Body art: Are tattoos and piercings in or out? Are you pro or con?
16 September 2004

Class of 2004 students share what they wish they'd known as freshmen
25 August 2004

 A few words of advice for the incoming chancellor
27 July 2004

2004 graduates tell what they plan to do next
14 May 2004

Spring Break: Working in a monastery, shopping, organizing in the public schools
29 March 2004

What do you think about the legalization of same-sex marriage?
24 February 2004

What's the stereotype of Berkeley, and is it accurate?
18 December 2003

Reactions to Arnold Schwarzenegger's election as California's new governor
8 October 2003

Advice from the experts the Class of 2003 shares what they wish they'd known as freshmen
18 August 2003

How does the state budget crisis affect you as a student?
18 July 2003

It's summer! What are you doing here?
06 June 2003

Class of 2003 tells what's next on their agenda
19 May 2003

How does war with Iraq affect you personally?
March and April 2003

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