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 Jean Ahn, Ph.D. candidate in music composition
Hometown: Seoul, Korea
Past projects: Ahn's music has been played in New York, Japan, and widely in Korea. She has also studied electronic/computer music at CNMAT (Center for New Music and Audio Technologies) and is experimenting with fusing electronics with Asian traditional instruments.
Now working on: "Composing a piano concerto."
Plans for the Eisner prize money: "Going to music festivals and seminars this summer."

 Jessie Lee Jessie Lee, fourth year music and molecular & cell biology double major
Hometown: El Sobrante, CA.
Past projects: Lee performed Chopin's "Piano Concerto No. 1" with the University Symphony Orchestra on Cal Day 2005. She has studied piano with Jacqueline Chew in the Young Musicians Program and is presently studying with Betty Woo.
Now working on: "Taking lessons on piano and carillon. I hope to start cello lessons in the fall."
Plans for the Eisner prize money: "Most likely I'll use it for tuition or to contribute to my savings for a future instrument."

 Kathryn Fang, December 2005 graduate in music and molecular & cell biology
Hometown: Plano, TX (but currently Irvine, CA)
Past projects: In March, performed in the Music Department's Noon Concert series (left). In summer 2005, participated in the International Academy of Music in Italy, where she studied with Boris Slutsky of the Peabody Conservatory; she will continue studying with him in the fall through the Hertz Traveling Fellowship.
Plans for the Eisner prize money: "It will help fund my studies abroad this summer in Russia as well as on the East Coast."

Clarissa Lyons, fourth-year music major
Hometown: Davis, CA
Past projects: Attended the Bay Area Summer Opera Theatre Institute in 2005, singing in scenes from Poulenc's "Dialogues of the Carmelites," Verdi's "Falstaff" and the full-length production of Offenbach's "The Tales of Hoffman."  In February, gave a Noon Concert in Hertz Hall of her two favorite genres, German Lieder and American Art Song. 
Now working on: Sings with the Chamber Chorus and with Cal Jazz Choir.
Future plans: Applying to graduate programs in vocal performance.

Linda Wang, December 2005 graduate in music
Hometown: Arcadia, CA
Past projects: Past piano performances include solo Noon Concerts for the music department and ensemble concerts in collaboration with composers from the graduate composition seminar of Professor Jorge Liderman. As a violinist, Wang represented the University and toured Italy, Israel, and Jordan with Musica Europa in summer 2004. Wang debuted as a student conductor with Schubert's Symphony No.8 on Cal Day 2005.  She also conducted Tchaikovsky's "Romeo and Juliet Overture" with the Berkeley Summer Symphony.
Future plans: Will perform Prokofiev Piano Concerto No. 1 with the University Symphony in May 2006.
Other interests: Spends her spare time as a labor [birth] coach. 


Charles Slender. (Photo by Matt Haber)

Charles Brandon Slender, fourth-year dance and performance studies and English literature double major
Hometown: Oceanside, CA
Past projects: Began training as a dancer four years ago, and has since then performed extensively throughout the Bay Area. His choreography has been presented numerous times on the UC Berkeley campus; his most recent work was "Coming Home.".
Now working on: "I am currently investigating emotional states; trying to discover what the body and mind goes through in unearthing authentic emotional qualities and dispositions, and learning how to utilize these emotional states in performance to effect a cathartic response in audience members. My research will contribute to the development of my first solo work, which is as yet untitled."
Plans for the Eisner prize money: "Travel to Durham, NC; Amsterdam; and Moscow to participate in international dance festivals and work with American and European choreographers. These experiences will provide a monumental amount of knowledge regarding the international dance community and present opportunities to forge significant relationships with dancers and choreographers from a variety of disciplines."
Other talents: Slender has been a competitive gymnast and was a varsity member of the UC Berkeley Men's Diving Team, 2002 to 2004.

Emily Woo Zeller (Photo by Matt Haber)

Emily Woo Zeller, fifth-year dance, theater, and performance studies major
Hometown: Los Angeles area
Past projects: Has been a member of the Bay Area Repertory Dance Company, working with Ellis Wood, Carol Murota, Lisa Wymore, and Reggie Wilson in the dance department. Closed a show with Facing East Dance and Music, which performed at the SomArts Gallery in San Francisco. Has done choreographic work for the main stage productions "Marat/Sade" and "The Cradle Will Rock" at UC Berkeley.
Now working on: "The Berkeley Dance Project, and a collaborative work with Amy Chang for the Asian American Dance Project's 'Trans-la-tions' festival."
Plans for the Eisner prize money: "It will provide me with better financial security during my transition from a student to a professional artist. I intend to visit New York City and the American Dance Festival this summer, and go on to work in Hong Kong for some time in entertainment and performance."


 Chou fits Leon Litwack for headgear in "The Cradle Will Rock."
Chou fits Leon Litwack for headgear in "The Cradle Will Rock." (Peg Skorpinski photo)

Holly Hoching Chou, fourth-year theater and English double major
Hometown: Cypress, CA
Past projects: Chou's credits as an actor include "Tooth and Nail," "Three Sisters," and "The Cradle Will Rock" at UC Berkeley, as well as "Take Me for a Ride ... Cute Girl!" at Theater Rhinoceros in San Francisco. Through her work-study position in the Costume Shop in Theater, Dance, and Performance Studies, she coordinated dance costumes for Ellis Wood's "Timeless Red," assisted Wendy Sparks on "The Cradle Will Rock," and designed costumes for student choreographer [and Eisner winner] Charles Slender's "Coming Home." 
Now working on: Costumes for the Berkeley Dance Project, April 21-30.

 Matthew Cowell Matthew Cowell, fourth-year theater and performance studies major
Hometown: Born in Michigan, raised in Napa, CA
Past projects: Has acted in several shows at UC Berkeley, including in "Three Sisters" and "The Cradle Will Rock," and has been a fight director and a sound designer for many UC Berkeley theater productions.
Now working on: "Facilitating a stage combat class in the Department of Theater, Dance, and Performance Studies."
Plans for the Eisner prize money: "Furthering my education in theater by putting it toward future graduate studies."


 Jelani Mahiri, Ph.D. candidate in sociocultural anthropology
Hometown: Chicago, Illinois
Past projects: "The creative project that resulted in the Eisner award is a documentary portraiture project photographing the youth that attend a nonformal educational project in Sao Paulo, Brazil, called Projeto Clicar. Projeto Clicar works with poor urban youth to provide them with a space to explore learning at their own pace, utilizing arts, crafts, education-oriented computer games, Internet and computer design programs, etc. The documentary photographic work [sample, right] was developed in order to begin a specifically visual archive of the youth that attend as well as to provide them with photographs of themselves, a luxury that many cannot afford."
Now working on: "My dissertation."
Plans for the Eisner prize money: "To return to Brazil this summer to photograph more of the city of Sao Paulo and the work of informal street vendors, which is the topic of my Ph.D. dissertation. I will also begin a documentary/educational video project with some of the older youth at Projeto Clicar, oriented around discovering what it takes to enter the University of Sao Paulo. I will explore youth perspectives on and desires concerning higher education, as well as what students, professors and administrators at the university recommend for preparation to enter."

Andrew Moisey, Ph.D. candidate in film studies
Hometown: Penn Valley, CA
Past projects: In 1999 took a Summer Sessions course in black-and-white photography with Abner Nolan; began studying in 2001 under Janet Delaney, the director of photography in the Visual Studies program in the College of Environmental Design, and broke ground on a massive project about college fraternity life. In 2004, was awarded the prestigious Dorothea Lange Fellowship for his work.
Now working on: Continuing to work on the fraternity documentation project.
See his work at: Andrewmoisey.com  

Honorable mention, Photo Imaging:
Monty Suwannukul, third-year architecture major
Camilo Salazar Prince, fourth-year philosophy major


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