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Chancellor's Outstanding Staff Recognized

Posted October 27, 1999

Thirty five Berkeley staff members were honored at a ceremony Oct. 13, in the Alumni House Toll Room. The Chancellor's Outstanding Staff Awards, the highest honors presented annually to staff by the chancellor, recognize exceptional achievement in carrying out the university's mission.

Members of the Chancellor's Staff Advisory Committee reviewed applications of 170 nominees. The winners of the individual awards are:

Victoria Bradshaw, Benjamin Broussard, Eric Ellisen, Linda Erskine, Paula Floro, Bene Gatzert, Shelley Glazer, Jane Griswold, Gail Grogan, Bridget Hall, Tom Holub, Alice Jordan, Tom Klatt, Cindy Manly-Fields, Bruce Miller, Loraine Rust, Susan Tonus, Maria Torralba and Estelle Wagg.

Team awards were presented to the Manager's Task Force for the Berkeley Financial System (Linda Fitzgerald, Catherine Jen, Diane Leite, Elaine Meckenstock, Stephen Owen, Suzanne Pierce and Debra Pimentel); the Office of Laboratory Animal Care (Kathleen Moorhouse and Quiq Driver) and the School of Health Staff Enrichment Team (Susan Alward, Lila Witt, Ronald Jeremicz, Sally Bellows, Abagail Smith, Kim Guilfoyle and Hadidjah Rivera).


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