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A Message From Chancellor Berdahl on the 1999 Charitable Campaign

Posted December 1, 1999

Dear Colleague:

The annual Charitable Campaign is once again under way. And once again, I am reminded of the extraordinary depth of caring shown day in and day out by so many people on our campus. Whether it is helping a colleague in need, or volunteering at schools and churches, or aiding the victims of war and natural disasters overseas, Berkeleyans recognize a responsibility to help others. They feel it in their hearts, and they demonstrate their caring in many ways. It is what makes being a part of this campus community such a great privilege.

As we kick off the 1999 campaign and celebrate this campus's generous spirit of giving, I want to thank you for the success of last year's effort. Together, we raised $188,000. These funds are now at work helping others. Our goal for 1999 is to reach $250,000 and to increase the number of campus faculty and staff who contribute.

To ensure your gift is put to maximum use, we have made special arrangements this year so 100 percent of your gift goes directly to the charitable organizations you select. Thus, every dollar you donate will be another dollar going directly to the cause or organization you choose.

Every gift made, whether it is in the form of monthly payroll deduction or a one-time contribution, goes directly to helping people in need. As you can see, a gift of any amount will be put to very good use.

I urge you to take a few moments to complete the pledge form, which you will receive through campus mail. There are many, many choices for your donations. Among these choices are the following:

  • The Berkeley Pledge program provides tutoring and outreach to students in nearby urban school districts. Since the pledge was added to the campaign, employees have donated approximately $250,000 to this national model.

  • The University YWCA, through its programs and volunteers, directly serves our students as well as the larger Berkeley community.

  • The United Way Community Impact Fund distributes gifts to organizations working on many aspects of serious community problems.

  • The Combined Health Appeal of California supports service organizations addressing health problems.

In closing, I thank you for your pledge. By working together, we can achieve results you can see.


Robert M. Berdahl




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