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 Stories for April 1, 1998:

It Pays to Exercise

by Trish Ratto, University Health Services
posted Apr. 1, 1998

Increased energy, enhanced concentration, improved job satisfaction and reduced stress: regular exercise pays, not only with improved health and well-being over the long term, but with more energy and ability to focus in the short term.

The Surgeon General’s recommendations for a daily dose of 30 minutes or more of moderate-intensity activity can be realistic, accessible and user-friendly, because every little bit counts. Several shorter bouts of activity throughout the day, five to 10 minutes each, can add up to these big rewards.

Supervisors can encourage staff to be more active by supporting flexible work arrangements for:

  • walk breaks

  • lunch hours with time to exercise and eat

  • arrival/departure times that allow exercise before or after work

To become more active, use the stairs, walk briskly to complete errands, and relax after work by playing actively with your children, working in the garden or walking your pet.

For More Information

  • “Fitting Fitness In,” a 15- to 30-minute workshop ideal for staff meetings, is offered by Health*Matters. Call 643-4646.

  • The Health*Matters Walking Group meets throughout the year Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays at 12:10 p.m. at the Campanile for a 30-minute walk on campus. No enrollment is necessary.

  • includes information on exercise resources on campus, and tips on beginning and maintaining an exercise program.

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