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Increasing Minority Admissions at Boalt

posted May 13, 1998

Berkeley’s School of Law has made more offers of admission this year than last to students from African American, Chicano, Native American and underrepresented Asian groups.

Thirty-two African Americans have been admitted for fall 1998, compared to 18 in 1997. Forty-one Chicanos have been admitted, compared to 21 in 1997. Latino admits remain at 19 for both years.

Native American admissions have doubled, going from two in 1997 to four for 1998.

White admissions have dipped from 499 in 1997 to 461 for 1998. Asian American numbers have dropped slightly, from 107 in 1997 to 95 in 1995. However, Asian American subgroups have risen from 41 in 1997 to 49 this year.

All totaled, minority admissions rose from 215 in 1997 to 240 this year.

“Those students admitted this year are as strong a group of students as the school has ever had,” said Boalt Hall Dean Herma Hill Kay. “As measured by their accomplishments and backgrounds as well as by their numerical indicators, they have a mean undergraduate grade point average of 3.76 and a mean LSAT score of 168, which is the 98th percentile.”

Boalt experienced a 10 percent increase in applicants this year. Of the 4,587 applicants, 857 have been offered admission.

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