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Hass School Opens New Research Centers

By the end of 1998, the Haas School of Business will have three new research centers. Already functioning, the Center for Financial Reporting grew out of the business school's professional accounting program. This center brings together accounting faculty, students and practitioners in an academic environment to focus on financial reporting and management accounting issues. Center activities include organizing conferences and symposia, facilitating discussions between faculty members and the bodies that set standards for the field and providing networking opportunities among constituents and students.

The International Center for Institutional and Market Reform will look at how business institutions are involved in market reforms in economies worldwide. This center will combine the expertise of faculty members from Boalt Hall School of Law, the Haas School of Business, the Department of Political Science and the Department of Economics.

The Center for Marketing and Technology will examine the impact of technological advances on marketing.


Chancellor's Homepage

Chancellor Robert Berdahl now has an updated, active homepage featuring selected speeches and commentary, the chancellor's and Mrs. Berdahl's updated biographies and some photographs. His site can be accessed from Berkeley's homepage by clicking on "Welcome from the Chancellor." Or it can be reached directly at


Debt Busters

The University of California recently made a commitment to support and promote a national program called Money 2000+, to help individuals and families reduce debt while increasing savings. The bankruptcy busting program encourages people to save $2000 or reduce their debts by at least $2000 by the end of the year 2000.

In California the program is being parented by the University of California Cooperative Extension Service. For a $15 enrollment fee, participants receive a quarterly money management newsletter on how to enhance financial fitness and set financial goals.

For information or to enroll, call the Consumer Economics Program Office at (909) 787-5241 or e-mail connie. For more information on Money 2000+ consult the national web site at:


IBM Gives Storage Towers

A $700,000 gift from IBM to the Department of Electrical Engineering and Computer Sciences will speed up computing all over campus. The high-capacity data storage systems complement $6 million worth of servers, PC workstations and other equipment donated by Intel Corporation by bringing more computing power to the Intel machines.

The IBM gift includes eight multi-disk storage towers. These units are slightly larger than a standard PC tower and hold seven disks, each with a 9-gigabyte storage capacity.

The hardware gifts are being organized into a "network of workstations" (NOWs), which combine the computing power of hundreds of PCs by networking a series of processor units, desktop workstations, and high-capacity storage towers.


Degrees to Fit a Working Schedule

UC President Richard Atkinson recently announced an initiative that will pave the way for working adults to earn an advanced degree without dropping out of their jobs. Atkinson invited campus academic departments to draft proposals for programs leading to a Masters of Advanced Study degree.

The new degree program is likely to include evening classes, on-job-site classes and courses offered on the Internet to help accommodate the busy schedules of professionals who want to change or improve their careers.

Planning grants of up to $25,000 are available to departments for developing proposals for a Master of Advanced Studies.

Faculty interested in developing a Masters of Advanced Studies proposal should talk to their department chair.

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