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Can You Spare a Room?

By Becky White, Community Living
Posted August 19, 1998

This is one of the most difficult housing markets in recent years, and the Community Living Office is asking faculty and staff to help students and visiting scholars who are looking for a place to live.

Do you have extra space that a student or visiting scholar could use? Even a small room for a short period can help avoid high hotel bills while the student or scholar looks for longer-term housing.

Rooms rent for $350 to $600 per month, but rentals for less than a month can be helpful. If you know of such space, call 642-3644.

Consider listing a room in exchange for work. Students can baby-sit, garden, type manuscripts, run errands and perform other tasks. The typical exchange rate is 10-15 hours per week for

a room, 12-20 hours per week if board is included.

Suggest to students in your department that, due to the tight housing market, they might have a better chance of finding a room or a shared-rental than an apartment.

If you are in communication with visiting scholars who are coming for four months or less, caution them about the extreme difficulty of finding short-term housing. Suggest that they come alone, as it is more difficult to find temporary accommodations for a family. Sublets of four months or less are rare at this time of year.

For information, call 643-0436 or 643-6544.

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