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Decadent Enchantments
The Revival of Gregorian Chant at Solesmes

by Katherine Bergeron, Associate Professor of Music

The oldest written tradition of European music, the art we know as Gregorian chant, is seen from an entirely new perspective in Katherine Bergeron's engaging and literate study. Bergeron traces the history of the Gregorian revival from its Romantic origins in a community of French monks at Solesmes, whose founder hoped to rebuild the moral foundation of French culture on the ruins of the Benedictine order. She follows the technological development of the Gregorian restoration over a 70-year period as it passed from the private performances of a monastic choir into the public commodities of printed books, photographs, and gramophone records.

196 pages
On bookstore shelves in August


The Art of Joan Brown

by Karen Tsujimoto and Jacquelynn Bass

Jacquelynn Bass is director of Berkeley Art Museum and Pacific Film Archive.

The prolific talents of painter Joan Brown (1938-1990) inform every page of this shining testament to a singular artist. For Brown, art was a means of self-revelation and self-investigation, a fact made abundantly clear by the autobiographical nature of her works.

In the first book to fully explore Joan Brown's artistic career, Jacquelynn Bass focuses on Brown's use of universal and personal symbolism by analyzing one of her most celebrated paintings, The Bride.

Both authors make extensive use of interviews that let Brown speak for herself about art and the creative process.

320 pages
On bookstore shelves in October



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