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Applications Available To Sponsor Staff Intern

Posted September 1, 1999

Photo: Helen Diggs

Helen Diggs, of the Office of Laboratory Animal Care, mentored a staff member this year. Jane Scherr photo.

While faculty members and researchers are well versed in the traditional academic mentor relationships, the concept is not as familiar in the non-academic ranks. Mentoring a staff intern can have benefits for the department, the mentor and, of course, the intern.

The Staff Internship Program in Human Resources is currently inviting managers, staff professionals and faculty to apply for funding to sponsor a staff internship. Mentors sponsor motivated employees to become interns in their departments for six months to a year.

"The role of the mentor is key to an internship's success," said Chris Murchison, program manager. Mentors play many roles for their interns, everything from coach and teacher to career adviser.

"The key to successful mentoring is being a good listener," said current mentor Helen Diggs, of the Office of Laboratory Animal Care. "Listening is critical in any relationship but especially in a mentor/intern relationship." Diggs mentors staff intern Heather Taylor.

Mentors need to have patience and good communication skills, be accessible, offer constructive and on-going feedback, and share their thinking as well as expertise.

Those who have served as mentors in the past cite many benefits to taking on a staff intern. The mentor and sponsoring department are able to accomplish important projects and gain new perspective through the eyes of the intern. Mentoring is also a valuable opportunity to broaden managerial skills.

"The mentor/intern relationship, for those willing to make the investment, will most likely have a positive impact on the development and maturation of both the mentor and intern," said Diggs.

The Staff Internship Program will offer an overview of the program for prospective mentors, "How to Sponsor a Staff Internship," on Wednesday, Sept. 22, from noon to 2 p.m., in Room 24, University Hall.

Applications for funding new staff internships are available from the Staff Internship Program in Human Resources. Call 643-6189, e-mail, or check the Web page: ( Applications are due Nov. 1.


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