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Need a Career Change? Internships Chart New Courses

Posted February 9, 2000

After 20 years working as a writer and editor, Stefanie Kalmin decided it was time to consider a career change, and she set her sights on a position that would allow her to work more directly with people.

The stepping stone to her career goals has been a staff internship as an undergraduate adviser in the Department of Political Science.

"Without the Staff Internship Program, it would have been much harder to make this career transition unless I went back to school or started out at the bottom of a new field," said Kalmin.

A key factor in the program, she acknowledges, is her home department's willingness to let her take advantage of this opportunity.

As a student adviser, Kalmin has learned a whole new set of skills. "It has been challenging, and I have learned more than I anticipated -- not only about academic rules and procedures but also about myself and the way I learn," she said.

Kalmin credits her mentors and the Internship Program with supporting her through this important transition.

Like Kalmin, 120 other campus employees have participated in staff internships over the past 10 years. "Many interns find that their experience in the program is a unique opportunity to gain new skills and reach their career goals," said Chris Murchison, manager of the internship program in the Office of Human Resources.

Three new internships will be offered this spring for competitive selection. The program will host a informational meeting from noon to 1 p.m., Tuesday, Feb. 15, in 370 Dwinelle Hall, to present information about these opportunities. For information, visit the program's Web site at or call 642-7058.


February 9 - 15, 2000 (Volume 28, Number 21)
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