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What's newsworthy?

Not sure whether your news would interest the media? Contact Media Relations. We're always interested in hearing about:

Research findings

The media is most interested in your research breakthrough if it will impact or interest the general public. Reporters also pay more attention to peer-reviewed work about to be published in a journal or presented at a conference or government hearing. See this example.

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Well-known campus visitors

UC Berkeley draws famous individuals each year to speak at special gatherings including conferences, lectures and graduation ceremonies. Prominent scholars also spend time teaching on campus; let us know if you're about to host such a visitor. See this example.

Major announcements

Let Media Relations know if a faculty member or student has received an important award, or if your department has acquired a significant gift or grant. See this example.


The campus calendar is filled with events throughout the year, but certain ones -- especially those on newsy or otherwise fascinating topics -- would catch a reporter's eye. We can help attract coverage of such events. See this example.

Human interest stories

Reporters are always interested in a good human interest story, whether it's about an extraordinary person or project. We're always interested in stories about students and their one-of-a-kind contributions to UC Berkeley and the community.  See this example.

Unique new courses

As each new semester is about to begin, Media Relations looks for unique new courses – whether they're tied to current events, are trendy, or would simply be fun for the public to read about – to pass along to reporters. See this example.

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