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Keeping Bear Territory Safe and Sound
Police Launch Neighborhood Watch Program for Campus Community

By D. Lyn Hunter, Public Affairs
Posted September 15, 1999

The UC Berkeley Police Department recently launched a new program that encourages students and employees to get involved in making the campus and surrounding community safer.

Called "Bear Territory," the program is based on the principals of the neighborhood watch system used in cities and towns across America -- residents who take an active role in "policing" their communities help make them safer places to live and work.

"People watch all those cop shows on TV and think that the police will do it all," said Adan Tejada, community outreach lieutenant for the UC Police Department. "We want to make folks aware that we're all responsible for making the area where we live, work and study safe."

Students, faculty and staff can do their part by using campus safety services whenever possible; learning crime prevention strategies to increase personal safety and reduce property loss; and reporting suspicious or criminal activity.

A series of educational posters will be posted on shuttle buses, in residence halls and on bulletin boards in buildings throughout campus, said Tejada. Each poster in the series is designed to target a specific community, such as students, employees and area merchants.

"Each of us can play a part in keeping our community safe," said Tejada. "All it requires is that you care about the well being of yourself and others."

Following is a list of resources for increasing safety on campus. For information, visit the Bear Territory Web site at or call 642-3679.

UC Police Department

Cal B-SAFE Information Line

Night Escort Service

Night Safety Shuttle Service
642-7233 (day) 642-9255 (eve.)

Campus Building Watch Program

Campus Safety Programs


Residence Halls

All Others

Crime Prevention Unit


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