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Campus Seeks Nominees for Institute Director

Posted January 19, 2000

The Institute of East Asian Studies is an organized research unit that promotes research and teaching on the histories, cultures and contemporary affairs of the East Asian region. The East Asian studies programs at Berkeley comprise one of the largest such ventures in the United States. The core East Asian faculty number more than 40, and a number of other faculty include aspects of East Asia in their research and teaching. There are about 275 graduate students affiliated with East Asian studies.

The director is responsible for the full range of institute activities with the advice of its executive committee. The institue reports to the dean of International and Area Studies. The Center for Chinese Studies, the Center for Japanese Studies, the Center for Korean Studies are the three major research centers under the administrative umbrella of the institute. Other programs within the institute include the federally funded East Asia National Resource Center, the Graduate Group in Asian Studies teaching program, and the Inter-University Board for Chinese Language Studies.

The activities of the Institute of East Asian Studies and its centers include:

  • research and teaching support
  • international conferences
  • seminars and colloquia
  • publications
  • visiting scholars
  • student assistance
  • library support
  • K-12 outreach

The institute also establishes ties with East Asian research institutes and universities in the United States and abroad. The institute provides administrative services to its component centers, with regard to financial, personnel and visiting scholar matters, and supports fund raising for East Asian studies. There are twenty core staff members affiliated with the institute.

The directorship is a half-time administrative appointment joined to a half-time departmental teaching appointment. The director is normally appointed to a five-year term that may, at the discretion of the dean, be renewed for a second term. To nominate someone for the directorship, call Heidi Zeiger at 642-3394 or e-mail her at


January 19 - 25, 2000 (Volume 28, Number 18)
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