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News Briefs

Posted July 12, 2000

Web site for new faculty/staff photo ID launched

Beginning in early fall, campus employees can replace their old identification cards with a new, more secure and flexible version, featuring a digitized photo, signature, bar code and magnetic strip.

To get updated information on the card, a new Web site ( has been launched. The site provides details on the card's special features and benefits, as well as frequently asked questions, additional resources and background information.

The site will also update the campus on the dates and locations of fall semester badging sessions -- which will be set up at various locations around campus -- as they are confirmed.

For information on the new identification card, call 643-6839.

Nominations taken for chancellor's staff awards

Each year, the Chancellor's Outstanding Staff Awards are given to staff who have made exceptional contributions toward the university's mission of excellence in teaching, research and public service. The award is one of the highest honors presented to staff by the chancellor.

Individuals and teams will be recognized for applying their time and talent to innovative ideas and accomplishments while pursuing and preserving the highest levels of excellence. For example, awards will be given to those who have made notable contributions to:

• Student services, customer relations, operational effectiveness;

• Collaborative efforts among staff, faculty and staff, or across campus units/departments;

• Mentoring staff, students, community members;

• Consistently supporting staff development and recognition;

• Community service.

Nominations are accepted from all members of the campus community. All Berkeley career staff who have at least one year of employment are eligible for this non-monetary award, except for executive program staff and staff with academic titles. Nominations can be made for individuals and teams alike. More information and the nomination forms are available at (

The deadline for nominations is September 15. Nominations should be sent to Lillian Brock, Office of Vice Chancellor for Business and Administrative Services, 200 California Hall, MC#1500.

UC Retirement System board delays election

The University of California Retirement System Advisory Board election to fill the non-Academic Senate member seat that expires June 30, has been postponed due to the project workload in Human Resources and Benefits.

Further information regarding the scheduling of the election will be posted on the UC HR/Benefits Web site (, in a future issue of HR/Benefits Review and in various campus and laboratory publications.




July 12 - August 16, 2000 (Volume 29, Number 1)
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