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Professors join senior management

Posted July 12, 2000

Two new vice provosts, key positions in the academic administration, have been announced. History and economics professor Jan de Vries will oversee academic affairs and faculty welfare while engineering professor William Webster will take the lead for academic planning and facilities.

"I am delighted that Jan de Vries and Bill Webster have agreed to serve in these senior positions. The foundations of Berkeley's excellence have always been the faculty and the quality of the education we provide. With these appointments, our faculty and our students will be well served," said Chancellor Berdahl.

The vice provost positions, which are pending the Regents' approval, are key components of a restructuring of the senior administration that is aimed at seizing opportunities in teaching, technology and research.

"Jan de Vries and Bill Webster know this campus, its faculty and its academic mission inside and out. But what impresses me most is their commitment to ensuring that the future of UC Berkeley is as distinguished as its past. I could not have asked for two more experienced and skillful partners," said Executive Vice Chancellor & Provost Gray.

As vice provost for academic affairs and faculty welfare, de Vries will oversee the academic personnel process for 2,500 faculty members, provide leadership in academic affirmative action and oversee the offices of Academic Compliance and Faculty Equity Assistance.

A faculty member since 1973, de Vries, 56, is the Sidney Hellman Ehrman Professor of European History and a professor of economics. He served as interim dean of the social sciences in 1999 and was chairman of the history department from 1987 to 1991. He recently was awarded the A.H. Heineken Prize for History and has published widely on European and Dutch economic history.

Webster, who served as the associate dean of the College of Engineering from 1991 to 99, will assume primary responsibility for planning, coordinating and implementing academic planning initiatives as the new vice provost for academic planning and facilities. He will also be responsible for operations of self-supporting academic units, including University Extension and Summer Sessions.

Webster, 62, is a member of the National Academy of Engineering, has been a professor in the Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering since 1969 and holds the James Fife Chair in the department. He is a world-recognized expert in the motion of ships and off-shore platforms such as oil rigs and floating airport runways.




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