2000-2001 New Faculty

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Jack Glaser
Assistant Professor of Public Policy

B.A. SUNY '87
Ph.D. Yale University '99

Expertise: The impact of mental processes on social and policy issues such as discrimination, hate crime and electoral politics.

Deniz Gokturk
Assistant Professor of German

Ph.D. Freie Universität Berlin, Germany '95

Expertise: Axial writing; transnational imagination and cultural policy; literary and cinematic imaginations of America in early 20th-century German culture.

Marcial González
Assistant Professor of English

B.A.Humboldt State University '92
Ph.D. Stanford University '00

Expertise: 20th century American literature; Chicana/o literature; cultural studies; comparative studies in race and ethnicity; postcolonial studies; literary and cultural theory.

Joe Goode
Professor of Dramatic Art

B.A. Virginia Commonwealth University '73

Expertise: Contemporary dance theater; interdisciplinary art.

Jay Groves
Assistant Professor of Chemistry

B.S. Tufts University '92
Ph.D. Stanford University '98

Expertise: The principles governing cell-to-cell interactions through receptors and signaling molecules in the cell membranes.

Ming Gu
Associate Professor of Mathematics

B.S. Nanjing University, China '83
Ph.D. Yale University '93

Expertise: Scientific computing; numerical linear algebra; numerical optimization.


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