2000-2001 New Faculty

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John MacFarlane
Assistant Professor of Philosophy

A.B. Harvard University '91
Ph.D. University of Pittsburgh '00

Expertise: Philosophy of logic; philosophy of language; ancient philosophy.

Michael Manga
Associate Professor of Earth and Planetary Science

B.S. McGill University '90
Ph.D. Harvard University '94

Expertise: Geological and environmental processes that involve fluids; interaction between earthquakes and hydrological processes.


Michael Marletta
Professor of Chemistry

A.B. SUNY '73
Ph.D. UC San Francisco '78

Expertise: The discipline and tools of chemistry to probe questions of biological function; enzyme catalysis; signal transduction with a specific focus on nitric oxide signaling; and molecular aspects of microbial pathogenesis.

Kathleen Metz
Associate Professor of Education

B.S. Earlham College '69
Ed.D. University of Massachusetts '76

Expertise: Cognition and development; children's scientific inquiry; reform of elementary science education.

Edward Miguel
Assistant Professor of Economics

S.B. Massachusetts Institute of Technology '96
Ph.D. Harvard University '00

Expertise: Development economics; political economy; labor economics; African economic development.


Tiya Miles
Assistant Professor of Ethnic Studies

A.B. Harvard University '92
Ph.D. University of Minnesota '00

Expertise: African-American and Native-American related histories; the histories; feminist theories; and life experiences of women of color in the U.S.; gender and sexuality in African American history.

Dawne Moon
Assistant Professor of Sociology

A.B. University of Chicago '91
Ph.D. University of Chicago '00

Expertise: Sexuality; religion; cultureand politics; gender; race and ethnographic methods.


Davitt Moroney
Acting Professor of Music

B.Mus. University of London; England '71
Ph.D. UC Berkeley '80

Expertise: Renaissance and Baroque music; specifically J. S. Bach; William Byrd and François Couperin.

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