2000-2001 New Faculty

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Estelle Tarica
Assistant Professor of Spanish and Portuguese

B.A. Amherst College '90
Ph.D. Cornell University '00

Expertise: 20th-century Latin American literature and culture; especially Mexico and the Andes; French Caribbean literature; post-colonial theories.

Ashley Thompson
Assistant Professor of South and Southeast Asian Studies

B.A. Harvard University '88
Ph.D. Université de Paris VIII; France '99

Expertise: Khmer studies; peninsular Southeast Asia; comparative cultural studies; memory and cultural transition; ritual practices; issues related to gender and sexual difference; art history; history of Theravada Buddhism.

Dirk Trauner
Assistant Professor of Chemistry

B.A. Freie Universitšt Berlin; Germany; '94
Ph.D. University of Vienna; Austria '97

Expertise: Chemical synthesis of biologically active natural products; the development of general synthetic methodology; chemical synthesis; identifying high-affinity ligands for certain voltage gated ion channels.


Luca Trevisan
Assistant Professor of Electrical Engineering and Computer Sciences

B.S. University of Rome; '93
Ph.D. University of Rome; '97

Expertise: Theoretical computer science; computational complexity; randomness in computation; and combinatorial optimization.


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