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More than $754 Million Marks Record Year for UC

posted September 30, 1998

For the fourth consecutive year, the UC system raised a record amount in contributions from alumni and friends. In 1997-98, UC received $754.5 million, a 4 percent increase over the previous year's $725.6 million.

The milestone continues the UC system's distinction as the leader in philanthropy among America's colleges and universities. Based on the Chronicle of Philanthropy's 1997 Philanthropy 400, UC ranked third nationally, behind the Salvation Army and the American Red Cross, in the dollar amount of donations received.

Bruce B. Darling, vice president of university and external relations, noted that while private support represents less than 4 percent of the University's operating budget, what it allows UC to accomplish is disproportionately greater than its fraction of the budget.

Berkeley and UCLA led fundraising among the nine campuses in 1997-98: Berkeley received $174.2 million and UCLA $207 million.

Sources of 1997-98 gifts to UC included foundations, $250.3 million (a 36 percent increase from 1996-97); corporations, $181.1 million (a 37 percent increase); non-alumni individuals, $163.4 million (a 17 percent decrease); alumni, $104.7 million (a 31.7 percent decrease); campus organizations, $9.1 million (a 6 percent increase); and other sources, including nonprofit organizations, religious groups and higher educational institutions or associations, $45.5 million (a 10 percent decrease).


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