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Fifty-six to Receive Awards for Excellence in Management

Posted May 12, 1999

Fifty-six managers and supervisors have been named for the Berkeley Staff Assembly's eleventh annual Excellence in Management Awards. The awards ceremony will be held Thursday, May 13, from noon to 1:30 p.m. in Barrows Hall's Lipman Room. This year's theme is fostering community on campus.


Alicia Alvarez-Villasenor
Gwen K. Barrett
University Relations
Eleanor Bonner
Internal Audit
Pat Branch
Townsend Center for Humanities
Laura Brehm
Haas School of Business
Melinda Carmack
International House
Patrick Conlin
CARE Services
Jacqueline Craig
Kathryn Day-Huh
Miller Institute for Basic Research in Science
Jean Delaney
Undergraduate and Interdisciplinary Studies
William H. Dibbern
Planning, Design and Construction
Linda Erskine
J Faye Fields
Loans & Receivables Office
Linda Fitzgerald
Near Eastern Studies
Jeri Foushee
International and Area Studies
Joyce Freeman
Sponsored Projects Office
Barbara Gee
University Relations, Gift Administration
Ginny Glover
Campus Supply
Jane Griswold
Human Resources
Gail Grogan
School of Public Health, Dean's Office
Bruce Hawkins
Housing and Dining Services
Irene Hegarty
Office of Community Relations
K N Henry
Residential & Family Living
Susan Hirano
VC Research
Laurel Holland
Environmental Engineering & Health Sciences Lab
Marily Howekamp
University Relations
Kathleen Hyland
Housing & Dining Services
Kathryn Ingle
Mail Services
Pamela Jennings
Graduate Division-GOP
Sondra Jensen
Housing & Dining Services
Judith Jones
Space Sciences Laboratory
Mark Kaiser
Berkeley Language Center
John Kasser
Athletics & Rec Sports
Frances Katsuura
Center for Western European Studies
Jan Kieling
Berkeley Programs for Study Abroad
Hildegarde Klee
Julie Kolar
University Relations-Human Resources
LaVern Lazzereschi
Office of the Registrar, Classroom Management
Dennis Love
Pacific Film Archive
Steve Lustig
University Health Services
Eddie Malone
Housing and Dining Services
Gail Martinez
Housing and Dining Services
Lisa Maynard
Office of Media Services
Margaret McCormick
The Library
Lori Nelson
School of Law
Amor Nolan
Agricultural and Resource Economics
Steve Nygaard
Residential and Family Living
Sherry Parish
Archaeological Research Facility
Norma Partridge-Wallace
AVC Student Life-Educational Development
Mary Pepple
Housing and Dining Services
Michael Rancer
The Library
Eva Rivas
L&S Undergraduate Affairs
Helen Schauffler
School of Public Health
Carol Slatten
Cancer Research Lab
Margaret Thalhuber
Art Practice
Yvonne Thompson


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