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 Stories for May 6, 1998:

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Special Enrollment May 4-22 for Domestic Partners, Dependent Adults

posted May. 6, 1998

During a special enrollment period May 4-22, UC employees and annuitants may enroll newly eligible family members for medical, dental and/or vision benefits coverage to start July 1.

Those newly eligible for the benefit are adult tax-dependent relatives (instead of a legal spouse) and same-sex domestic partners and/or natural or adopted children or grandchildren of a domestic partner.

“We know there are employees who have waited a long time for this benefit,” said Marie Johnson, senior benefits analyst in the Human Resources benefits unit. “We want to ensure that everyone knows about the special enrollment period and understands the criteria for adding newly eligible family members.”

Those enrolling in the program must provide supporting documentation in the near future to prove they meet eligibility requirements.

To enroll a same-sex domestic partner, for example, the employee must provide three types of supporting documentation – such as proof of joint mortgage or tenancy, a joint bank account, joint liabilities, joint ownership of significant properties or assets, or naming of the partner in durable powers of attorney, insurance policies or annuities.

During the special enrollment period, employees may enroll newly eligible family members in their current UC-sponsored medical, dental and/or vision plans. They may not add other family members or change their medical or dental plans. If employees are not currently enrolled in UC-sponsored health plans, they may not enroll at this time.

Human Resources benefits unit staff have trained department benefits counselors so that they can answer general questions regarding eligibility rules. Booklets containing an enrollment form, eligibility requirements, effective dates and allowable actions were mailed to UC employees the week of April 20. Duplicate information is available from department benefit counselors or from the Web at

Information Sessions On New Eligibility Rules

The Human Resources benefits unit will conduct information sessions May 8, 11 and 13, from noon to 2 p.m., in 150 University Hall.

At each session benefits unit staff will review the new benefits, answer questions and provide assistance in completing the enrollment form.

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