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 Stories for May 6, 1998:

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Researchers’ Video Helps Injured Workers

by Kathleen Scalise, Public Affairs
posted May. 6, 1998

Get hurt at work and you may find the workers’ compensation system more painful than the injury itself, according to findings of the campus Labor Occupational Health Program in the School of Public Health.

Researchers Juliann Sum and Laura Stock found injured workers often struggle with the claims process and wind up frustrated by poor or missing information. So Sum and Stock produced an educational video and six fact sheets to help workers understand and navigate the California workers’ compensation system.

Released last month by the California Commission on Health and Safety and Workers’ Compensation, the fact sheets are being distributed to libraries throughout the state and posted on the California Department of Industrial Relations web site at

The video follows the experiences of three injured workers and describes step by step what to do when an industrial injury takes place, as well as additional ways to get further assistance.

The video can be ordered by calling 1-800-975-4772.

Employers are required to provide injured workers with information on workers’ compensation within five days of the injury. The new materials from Sum and Stock can help fulfill this responsibility.

In English now and soon to be available in Spanish, the fact sheets are called:

  • What Every Worker Should Know

  • After You Get Hurt on the Job

  • Temporary Disability Benefits

  • Permanent Disability Benefits

  • For More Information

  • Hurt on the Job? Information Alert for Teens

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