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 Stories for May 6, 1998:

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Giant Whales Migrate to the Lawrence Hall of Science

posted May. 6, 1998

Whether romanticized in literature, passionately guarded by environmental activists or cherished in children’s songs, whales are one of earth’s most intriguing creatures. However, most humans rarely get a chance to see these giants of the deep up close.

The Lawrence Hall of Science has solved this dilemma. Beginning Sunday, May 17, life-size, robotic replicas of whales will be vocalizing, swimming, spyhopping, surfacing and spouting in simulated environments.

Several whale species will be on display including orca, gray, humpback, sperm and narwhal. Interactive activities that explore how whales eat, navigate, communicate and survive are included in the exhibit.

The exhibit, designed and developed by the Pacific Science Center in Seattle, runs through Aug. 30 and coincides with the 30th anniversary of the Lawrence Hall of Science.

Upcoming exhibits at the museum include “A Child’s View of Papermaking,” with displays and activities on how paper is made, and “Voices: Rock ‘N’ Roll’s Invisible Instrument,” a Rock and Roll Hall of Fame traveling exhibit that explores voice anatomy. Both exhibits open May 23. For information, call 642-5132 or visit the Lawrence Hall of Science web site at

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