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UC Regents Name Tien University Professor

Posted September 22, 1999

Former Chancellor Chang-Lin Tien was appointed to the prestigious rank of University Professor by the Regents at their Sept. 17 meeting in San Francisco.

Tien, who since 1997 has served as the NEC Distinguished Professor of Engineering, was honored for his ground-breaking research in thermal science and engineering and his service to the university. He joins an elite group of professors who carry this uncommon title -- eight at Berkeley, 19 in the UC system.

Tien served from 1990 to 1997 as Berkeley's seventh chancellor.

His new position as professor for the whole University of California means that Tien's talents as a scholar and teacher will be employed more broadly throughout the nine campuses for a period of five years. He may then retain the title as a honorific distinction.

"I feel so privileged," said Tien."I've been at the University of California for more than 40 years, and this is a singular honor."

Tien served as executive vice chancellor and UCI Distinguished Professor on the Irvine campus from 1988-1990.

"It is abundantly clear that Professor Tien's contributions to university and public service are nearly unsurpassed," wrote members of the faculty committee appointed to review Tien's personnel file.


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