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Issue Summaries for 1997

December 10, 1997
Top Stories: Campus, Town, Schools Join In Berkeley Alliance; Commission Will Guide Plans For Academic Computing; New Faculty Profile: Patricia Berger

December 3, 1997
Top Stories: Mrs. Clinton: Shorten Foster Care Time; Domestic Partners Passes; The Advent Of the Hewlett Courses

November 19, 1997
Top Stories: He's Mr. Campus History; The New Admissions Policy: Thorough, Flexible, Fair; Research Funding Up for Third Year

November 12, 1997
Top Stories: Ellis Returns to a New Post: Faculty Equity Associate; It's Beneath The Waves At Pt. Reyes; New Faculty Profile: Linda Williams

November 5, 1997
Top Stories: Thinking More Carefully About Web Pages and Email; Berkeley Women at Century's End; Master of the Bells

October 29, 1997
Top Stories: Maslach Is CASE Professor of the Year; Master Science Writer Garrett Presides at North Gate; Treating and Preventing Alcoholism

October 24, 1997
Top Stories: Berdahl Initiates A Campus Plan For Seismic Safety; Honoring Berkeley's Best; The Chancellor Addresses The Academic Senate

October 15, 1997
Top Stories: A Career on Camera; A Tempest Over a Test; Our NAS Members Total 112; Second Most in the U.S.

October 8, 1997
Top Stories: Berkeley Picked For Pacific Quake Research Center; Mexico's Remarkable Senator Zinser; Meeting Special Needs

October 1, 1997
Top Stories: The Humanities Medal for Kingston; An Encyclopedia For Community Outreach; Proposed 1997-98 Salary Plans for UC Faculty and Staff

September 24, 1997
Top Stories: Regents OK Salary Increases for Faculty, Staff; Drop the SAT?; McGill Named To New Post Of Controller

September 17, 1997
Top Stories: A Trivia Wiz Wins; A Haas Courtyard Sculpture Honors Three Benefactors; It Gives You the Slithers

September 9, 1997
Top Stories: Learning the Law of the Bear Paw; Boalt Alumni Pledge to Aid Minority Students; Lunch Poems Series Begins With Verses on Hope

September 2, 1997
Top Stories: Under Construction; Raising Voices High; A Blue Ribbon Panel for the Library

August 27, 1997
Top Stories: Extending Benefits; The Old, the Rare and the Trashy; Berkeley Is Tops in Number Of Peace Corps Volunteers

August 20, 1997
Top Stories: Admissions at Boalt; A Message From the Chancellor To the Campus Community; A Message from Dean Kay

July 16, 1997
Top Stories: A Message From the Chancellor; Public Policy School Receives A $10 Million Goldman Gift; What's to Read?

June 11, 1997
Top Stories: Waiting Jobs, Higher Costs Make More Four-Year Grads; Trekkies are Beaming up to Enroll; 10 Arts, Sciences Fellows are Most for One Campus

May 14, 1997
Top Stories: At Commencement Convocation; Transcending Snail-Paced Downloads; A Day for the Staff: Summerfest '97

May 7, 1997
Top Stories: Increasingly, Home Is Where The Desk Is; National Academy Of Sciences Selects Six; National Medal of Science Winners

April 30, 1997
Top Stories: The University Medalist; Big Names Galore Featured In May Commencements; New Faculty Profile: Lauren Edelman

April 23, 1997
Top Stories: A Glorious Cal Day; Partners: PFA and SF Film Festival; Tan Hall Ribbon Cut

April 16, 1997
Top Stories: Cal Day's Coming Saturday, April 19; New Faculty Profile: John Colford Jr.; Bill Cosby Will Address The Class of '97

April 9, 1997
Top Stories: The Media's Role In Reporting About Genocide; As the Information Age Goes Global; Our Distinguished Teachers

April 2, 1997
Top Stories: Acceptances Are in the Mail: A Record 27,000 Apply; 30 Percent Win Admission; Washington Reflections: Laura Tyson's Years With the Clinton Administration; Meeting the Press

March 19, 1997
Top Stories: Doing Surgery By Remote Control; An African-American Canon; Finally It's Seaborgium

March 12, 1997
Top Stories: Berkeley Welcomes Berdahl; A Fond Goodbye to Harmon Gym; Hello to Haas Pavilion; Molly Ivins Holds the Floor

March 5, 1997
Top Stories: Naming Of Chancellor Is Imminent; KALX Judged Best; Art as Societal Pathfinder

February 26, 1997
Top Stories: Tribute to the Tiens Brings An Outpouring of Good Wishes; Gore's Remarks Stress Importance Of Financial Aid; I Compute, Therefore I am -- Or Am I?

February 19, 1997
Top Stories: A Second Look at Afrikaans; Vice President Gore's Visit Focuses on Student Issues; Let There Be Science, Kids And a Good Life

February 12, 1997
Top Stories: A CyberSemester Welcome From Tien@Berkeley; A New Campus Home Page: Redesigned Web Site is Current, Colorful and Easy to Use; Expanding Knowledge: Harnessing Technology to Enhance Learning

February 5, 1997
Top Stories: Curie Granddaughter To Lecture February 11, 12; New Ways to Teach Science; A Cool Surprise: EUV Explorer Satellite Discovers Huge, Unexplained New Gas Component in Clusters of Galaxies

January 29, 1997
Top Stories: Transcending the Welfare Model; Lab's Tritium Releases Pose No Risk to Science Hall; Tien Reflects On His Cal Years At the Caen Lecture

January 22, 1997
Top Stories: Let Cybersemester Begin!; Anita Hill Named Visiting Scholar For Spring Term; The Chancellor's New Year's Message

January 15, 1997
Top Stories: New Life for Hearst Mining; Yellen Tapped To Chair Clinton Economic Council; Proposed Budget: Fees Stable, Faculty Salaries Rise


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