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Story Archives for 2005

08 Dec - Reversing California's slide from 'great' to just 'good enough'
08 Dec - A call to lift barriers discouraging women from academic careers
08 Dec - Peter Haas, dedicated donor and Cal booster, dies at 86
08 Dec - Pulling all-nighters, buying pizza, dressing up as Darwin . . .
08 Dec - Preserving California's history from fungi, fire, and bugs
08 Dec - The joy of receiving
08 Dec - Get up off your good intentions
08 Dec - UC staff renew the call for educational-fee discounts
08 Dec - Two Berkeley faculty among Scientific American 50, while six others are elected fellows of AAAS
08 Dec - Waggener named associate vice chancellor for IT, campus CIO
08 Dec - News Briefs
02 Dec - Regents approve 2006-07 budget as spotlight glares on executive pay
02 Dec - Research patently in the public interest
02 Dec - A death-penalty deluge?
02 Dec - When your client's a clapper rail
02 Dec - Talking teaching, pondering pedagogy
02 Dec - Berkeley student wins prestigious Marshall Scholarship
02 Dec - Hesitant hottie
01 Dec - News Briefs
17 Nov - Renovation of Memorial Stadium announced
17 Nov - Chancellor Birgeneau: 'Attracted to complexity'
17 Nov - Along our coast, kelp, otter, and abalone have co-evolved
17 Nov - Joe Wilson on spies, Scooter, and citizenship
17 Nov - Should you give Richard III your seat on the bus?
17 Nov - Outstanding staff — 70 in all — receive annual campus award
17 Nov - Obituary
17 Nov - Obituary
17 Nov - Awards
17 Nov - News Briefs
09 Nov - Introducing Berkeley's 'Everyday Heroes'
09 Nov - A custodian, an IT guy — and a slew of advisers — earn students' praise as allies . . . and friends
09 Nov - A heads-up for the earthquake-prone?
09 Nov - For Cal's team doctor, the student-athlete is No. 1
09 Nov - ASUC Art Studio's 'Masters Series' to be led by noted artists
09 Nov - Berkeley's goodwill goalie
09 Nov - It takes a campus…
09 Nov - Chancellor Birgeneau makes first official visit to D.C.
09 Nov - Obituary
09 Nov - Obituary
09 Nov - New Briefs
03 Nov - The 'soul-satisfying' work of repatriation
03 Nov - Clark Kerr Medal for former UC President Peltason
03 Nov - Second thoughts on universal preschool
03 Nov - Y-PLAN chugs along, linking students and their neighborhoods
03 Nov - Friends don't let friends miss the bus
03 Nov - November is Open Enrollment month at Berkeley
03 Nov - Boalt Hall professor helps create legal manual for Katrina survivors
03 Nov - Point of View: Which recent Bush administration action is the most serious?
03 Nov - Obituary
03 Nov - Obituary
03 Nov - News Briefs
26 Oct - Pyrethroid pesticides found in urban streams at levels toxic to aquatic life
26 Oct - Egyptian finds arrive on campus a century after their discovery
26 Oct - In tsunami's wake, human-rights violations
26 Oct - A man, a plan, a film series
26 Oct - The right picture: Finding it, organizing it, showing it, storing it . . .
26 Oct - Extension's fall program gives freshmen a head start
26 Oct - Greater state support for grad programs urged
26 Oct - Always thus: Accumulated wealth encourages family stability
26 Oct - Haas School awards Moskowitz Prize for socially responsible investment research
26 Oct - News Briefs
20 Oct - Scholars and players in harmony
20 Oct - Big hurt in the Big Easy
20 Oct - New de Young features Berkeley contributions, both inside and out
20 Oct - Are we living within our means?
20 Oct - Faculty Athletic Fellows program goes beyond good sportsmanship
20 Oct - The hills are our levees, say campus emergency planners
20 Oct - Conference points to new era in science diversity
20 Oct - College of Letters and Science seeks new dean for Division of Arts and Humanities
20 Oct - Obituary
20 Oct - News Briefs
12 Oct - Gray makes 'tough call' to step down
12 Oct - Improvements on the work/life horizon
12 Oct - New campus center to develop mathematical model of brain
12 Oct - The 'iron law of admissions' — and its consequences
12 Oct - Remembering Ken Saro-Wiwa
12 Oct - Campus librarians collect top honors
12 Oct - LBNL lecture: 'The magic of magnetism'
12 Oct - Boalt Hall human-rights clinic joins in 'watershed' Dominican victory
12 Oct - News Briefs
05 Oct - In the matter of Scripture v. scholarship
05 Oct - 'Getting to the truth' about levee failures
05 Oct - Unlocking Yosemite's mysteries
05 Oct - Special election 101: Enrollment is unlimited
05 Oct - When life gives you tomatoes — make salsa!
05 Oct - UC helps facilitate public access to digital texts
05 Oct - Research Roundup
05 Oct - Awards
05 Oct - News Briefs
29 Sep - Please don't nuke the chancellor
29 Sep - Investment in energy R&D declines despite supply problems
29 Sep - Talking straight while walking backward
29 Sep - The maestro's greatest feat
29 Sep - Bancroft adds rare Hebrew Bible
29 Sep - Midday musings by varied versifiers
29 Sep - Joint commemoration of 1906 earthquake being planned by Berkeley and Stanford
29 Sep - Campus events to address depression
29 Sep - Awards
29 Sep - News Briefs
22 Sep - Return to a lost world of 'upside-down mountains'
22 Sep - Three young faculty members named MacArthur 'genius' fellows
22 Sep - Karen Kenney says goodbye to Cal
22 Sep - Teaming up to tackle local problems
22 Sep - Berkeley thinks new opera is da Bomb
21 Sep - The poetic commuter
21 Sep - News Briefs
14 Sep - Berkeley rallies in Katrina's wake: Campus community acts to donate relief funds, support affected staff and displaced students, and offer its varied expertise
14 Sep - Leon Litwack Rocks: Too late to audition for Streetcar or Salesman, the eminent historian prepares to tread the Berkeley boards
14 Sep - Since we're neighbors, let's behave: Campus, students, and Southside residents unite for peace (and quiet)
14 Sep - Distraction linked to memory loss in older adults: Those with 'suppression deficits' may be helped by drugs - as may others down the road
14 Sep - Berkeley astronomer Marcy shares $1-million prize for discovery of first extrasolar planets
14 Sep - Still revolting, after all these years: The Aristocrats brings Berkeley grad Merrill Markoe a (very) brief fling with fame
14 Sep - Going solo, but not alone: The sociology of the new single woman
14 Sep - Opening the garden's gates: At last, a portal to match its plantings
14 Sep - Lettter to the Editor
14 Sep - Obituary: Murray Emeneau
14 Sep - Obituary: Francis Violich
14 Sep - News Briefs: Salary increases, Dr. Atomic, and more...
08 Sep - Expelled by Katrina, dozens of students find space at Berkeley: Admissions, housing staffs burn the midnight oil to welcome the displaced
08 Sep - Campus memorial service to once again honor the past year's losses
08 Sep - Constitution Day the Berkeley way: Supreme Court vacancies lend new observance added gravitas
07 Sep - Sneak preview of fall's campus attractions: Chocolate and climate change; China and 'Candleflowerdance' . . . and, even more alliteratively, lots of music music music
07 Sep - Obituary: Ruth Huenemann
01 Sep - If Moscow's nuked, go to Plan B: Berkeley scholars choose to imagine the unimaginable
01 Sep - A showcase for Berkeley's best: A conversation with California Monthly's new editor, Kerry Tremain
01 Sep - Tenured sķ, tethered no: Ignacio Chapela, a 'mutt' with a mission, is still barking (and he bites, too)
01 Sep - Campus chefs play 'Beat the Clock': A big win for Cal Dining at summer culinary competition
01 Sep - UC Merced grand opening set for Sept. 5: Invitation-only morning event for pols and other dignitaries — not including an otherwise-occupied Gov. Schwarzenegger — is planned. Public access will follow
01 Sep - Like truffle hounds, humans can track odors, researchers say: Success of campus team's efforts to confirm Nobelist von Békésy's 40-year-old claim is nothing to sniff at
01 Sep - Why is a microbiologist studying freshman courtship rituals? As a faculty member living in a residence hall, George Chang keeps his eyes open — for a chance to tell his favorite stories
01 Sep - New Briefs: Surplus office furniture, instructional grants available to faculty, and more...
26 Aug - Berkeley to join NSF-funded center studying e-voting: Public confidence in balloting, shaken by the last two presidential elections, has not been improved by the first generation of electronic systems. Berkeley experts will participate in an effort to make these devices 'trustworthy'
25 Aug - Singing the praises of tomorrow's teachers: Graduate-student instructors at Berkeley play an increasingly crucial role in the classroom — using skills that shrewd faculty mentors help them develop
25 Aug - A new spin on the breadth requirement: L&S Discovery Courses take the pain out of exploring the unknown
25 Aug - How do you move a rare-books collection? Very, very carefully — with a lot of planning, carts, padding, and clipboards
25 Aug - 'We want to be a beacon for other businesses': Daryl Ross feeds a lot of folks around here — at Caffé Strada, the Moffitt Library, Boalt Hall, and the Berkeley Art Museum. With the opening of his new restaurant, Adagia, he's now taking budget organic mainstream
25 Aug - Mexican woods offer a look at California forests' past: U.S. forests, managed for 'average conditions,' resemble nothing so much as 'a carpet of trees.' Such homogeneity encourages fire, disease, and insects, says a Berkeley researcher
25 Aug - New Cal Parents website unveiled: The parentis info here is anything but loco
25 Aug - Big science: 'Amazing Light' symposium to ponder the great questions
25 Aug - Awards: Daniel Kammen, Eva Nogales, Christine Cziko, Evelyn Nakano Glenn, Alquist Certificate
25 Aug - Obituary: Harriet Nathan
25 Aug - News Briefs: Underhill parking to vanish until 2007, New routes and schedules for BearTransit shuttles , and more...
03 Aug - Governor signs 2005-06 state budget with funding for key UC priorities: Long-deferred salary increase for faculty and staff is included
03 Aug - Robert Reich joining Goldman faculty: Scholar, public servant formalizes his ongoing relationship with the school
03 Aug - Ye mentors and mentees: The deadline approaches
BSA-sponsored program enables staff to learn from one another — no matter what the org chart says
03 Aug - George Breslauer named executive dean of L&S: He'll run the campus's largest academic entity. Meanwhile, Charles Harris has become dean in Chemistry
03 Aug - Scholars swim in choppy waters
Did Polynesians visit Southern California many centuries ago? The evidence — some fishhooks, a boat design, and a few words in common — is limited. But to some those clues are tantalizing, even persuasive
03 Aug - Life-detection instrument passes key test on road to Mars: At the ends of the earth, Berkeley researchers test for left-handed amino acids and other clear signs of life
03 Aug - A glowing summer report card
03 Aug - Kim Steinbacher's picture-perfect vacations: And when she just can't get away, she and her gear greet the sunrise here
03 Aug - 'Summer Journal' correspondents roam the globe: One builds solar cars; another prowls Cairo. Each summer, Berkeley students write home about their time away
03 Aug - Back to school for campus managers: Continuing-education opportunities for staff charged with HR duties
03 Aug - General Catalog is a window on Berkeley: New two-year volume is on sale for students — and for those who guide them
03 Aug - Research Roundup
03 Aug - Awards
03 Aug - Obituary: Judith Gruber
03 Aug - Obituary: Leo Breiman
03 Aug - News Briefs: Graduate students die in crash, nominations open for Chancellor's Outstanding Staff Awards, and more...
03 Jun - Berkeley staffer brings admissions process to TV on "The Scholar": Starting June 6, Marquesa Lawrence will help decide which young student is going to win a quarter-million-dollar scholarship
03 Jun - Given a second shot, Chapela is granted tenure: A 'close and diffcult case' is resolved in his favor by a reformulated budget committee and Chancellor Birgeneau
03 Jun - Inexplicable inspiration: Jorge Liderman believes writing music is an act of devotion
03 Jun - "Fail forward fast" (and other wisdom from the podium)
03 Jun - IDEAL scholars praise program's support for learning, diversity
03 Jun - Entering freshmen wonder: I've got homework already? Chill, dudes. Summer Reading List titles are, like, optional
03 Jun - News Briefs: CDOP cancelled, Summerfest, and more...
03 Jun - Letters to the Editor
03 Jun - Awards
03 Jun - Obituary: Vernon DeMars
03 Jun - Obituary: Ruggiero Stefanini
03 Jun - Obituary: Michael Rogers
03 Jun - Obituary: Christina Jordan
03 Jun - Obituary: Kathleen Blake
04 May - Berkeley grad from Class of ā32 gives millions to the campus he loves Īheart and soulā: Col. Charles Traversā $16-million gift earmarked for political science and Cal athletics
04 May - Berkeley Diversity Research Initiative starts to take shape: Academic leadership welcomes research proposals from all disciplines to advance this crucial institutional effort
04 May - An ethical postmortem on the Schiavo case: Townsend Center gathering looks at dying, death, and the meaning of Īpro-lifeā
04 May - Bombing of Vietnam had no long-term impact on its economic growth: Human cost of the war is impossible to quantify ÷ but researchers credit unified nationās economy for its postwar Īresilienceā
04 May - Jihad vs. McWorld author to keynote Commencement: Other well-known speakers, from Beatty and Dowd to Newsom and Doerr, to grace school and department podia
04 May - Heās been here for the revolution in communication and access: On the eve of his retirement, CIO Jack McCredie reviews the state of information technology at Berkeley
04 May - The Library and LHS garner Educational Initiative Awards
04 May - Sustainability summit shines light on campus environmentalism
04 May - Awards: National Academy of Sciences, American Academy of Arts and Sciences, and more...
04 May - Obituary: Robert Colwell
04 May - News briefs: Bike to Work Day, online parking renewals, and more...
27 Apr - When a couple become collaborators: Psychologists Philip and Carolyn Pape Cowan on their 30-plus years of partnership
27 Apr - History major is University Medalist: New to Berkeley, Dubcovsky Ītook the plungeā to find out who she was ÷ a self-paced scholar who never skips a profās office hour
27 Apr - Campus moving forward with Īsoutheast quadrantā planning: Practical and aesthetic benefits ahead for town and gown alike
27 Apr - A mind is a wonderful thing to feed: Electrical engineeringās Professor Avideh Zakhor, over lunch, talks about what itās like being a science nerd in Iran, why Larry Summers made her mad, and just what the heck a 4-D model is anyway
27 Apr - Two Berkeley profs win Guggenheims: Sherwood and Veldhuis honored for past work and future promise
27 Apr - Horacio Salinas performs ā60s music, Chilean-style: Inti-Illimani founder reflects on 'La Nueva Canci—n' and Latin American popular movements
27 Apr - A welcoming website for virtual tourists
27 Apr - Campus releases fall 2005 freshman admissions data: Number of underrepresented students increases modestly ÷ 'a step in the right direction'
27 Apr - Sustainability Summit celebrates new environmental assessment
27 Apr - Awards: Calvin Moore honored for faculty service, Berkeleyan receives CASE award
27 Apr - News Briefs: Botanical Garden tour, Melia Jeopardy update, and more...
21 Apr - Birgeneau inaugurated as chancellor: In a three-day celebration filled with ceremony, speechifying, humor ÷ and a bit of picketing ÷ the chancellor focused on themes of Īleadership, connection, and inclusionā
21 Apr - ĪFrontiers of Knowledge, Frontiers of Educationā: Excerpts from Chancellor Robert J. Birgeneauās inaugural address
21 Apr - A citizen journalist in Iraq: Dahr Jamail didnāt like the news, so he went out and reported it himself
21 Apr - Helping social activists dig in for the long haul: Cal Corps director is a contributing author of Spirit in Action, a guidebook for changemakers
21 Apr - Awards: Severin Borenstein, George Leitmann, Robert Alter, and Arpad Horvath
21 Apr - Publications: The Oxford History of Western Music
21 Apr - Publications: Recollecting Freud
21 Apr - Publications: Food in California Indian Culture
21 Apr - Obituary: Julian Boyd
21 Apr - News Briefs: Nomination deadline for community-service awards, new women's basketball coach, and more...
13 Apr - ĪDefine the important issues, now and for the futureā: Our inaugural interview with Chancellor Birgeneau
13 Apr - One-day AFSCME strike called for Thursday: Other unions may join in sympathy, as both sides work to move past impasse
12 Apr - 'Today we celebrate·': Eight previous chancellors had some inaugural points to make ÷ and a big day on which to make them
12 Apr - Sastry named new CITRIS director
12 Apr - New drop/add deadline goes into effect for fall semester
12 Apr - You can't win 'em all, but softball Bears come close: Under the leadership of Coach Diane Ninemire, Cal has become a perennial powerhouse in intercollegiate softball
12 Apr - Getting a grip on Cal Day: Everything from A to U
12 Apr - Two new student residence halls dedicated: They honor former Regent Yoritada Wada and Berkeleyās ā60s-era Dean of Women Katherine Towle
12 Apr - News Briefs: Academic Senate to meet Monday, April 25, Clark Kerr Lecture, and more...
06 Apr - A really big weekend: In a three-day whirl, campus to hold open house, celebrate its founding, and inaugurate a new chancellor
06 Apr - Master teacher, master mentor: Kevis Goodman ÷ winner of the 2005 Distinguished Teaching Award ÷ has found that she doesnāt need a Ībig personaā to help students learn
06 Apr - Ralph Hexter, executive dean of L&S, named president of Hampshire College
06 Apr - Chancellor vows to tackle Īsystemicā data security problems on campus: Promises external audit, encryption of personal data, clear accountability
06 Apr - Like little homes away from home
Changing spaces: Berkeley staff and faculty create rooms of their own
06 Apr - Remembering Alan Dundes: Expert in folklore studies died suddenly last week
06 Apr - Obituary: Adrian Kragen
06 Apr - Obituary: Lawrence Talbot
06 Apr - News Briefs: Applications due for Regents' Junior Faculty Fellowships, 20th annual campus powow, and more...
31 Mar - ĪSomething is fundamentally wrong; the system is broken.ā
Discussing diversity and inclusion with the Chancellor
31 Mar - Anti-Bias Law Has Backfired at Berkeley
31 Mar - American Cultures looks ahead: Undergraduate courses in a surprising range of subject areas articulate the many cultures that have shaped the United States
31 Mar - Ward Churchillās Berkeley address: The reluctant poster boy for academic freedom defends his 9/11 comments, meets little resistance at campus forum
31 Mar - ĪThe Importance of Rememberingā
CED highlights designersā role in the creation of high-profile public memorials
31 Mar - Exploration, research, activism, and other womenās work: New exhibit at Doe highlights the Bancroft Libraryās wealth of documentary resources ÷ and its first century
31 Mar - On Cal Day, enjoy these close encounters of a different kind
31 Mar - Fasting every other day may slow cell proliferation ÷ a positive sign for inhibiting cancer activity
31 Mar - News Briefs: Judith Thomson to deliver Howison lecture, new parking options, and more...
17 Mar - Celebrations, ceremonies, symposia shaping up for Birgeneau inauguration
17 Mar - Charles Townes awarded $1.5-million Templeton Prize
17 Mar - War and peace, bells and whistles at Dwinelle: Nimitz lecturer Thomas Barnett says our best weapon against terrorism is increased globalization
17 Mar - Campus issues final ĪPrinciples of Communityā: Developed with guidance from faculty, staff, students, and alumni, they articulate values we hold in common
17 Mar - Mixing it up: Filling in the portrait of multiracial UC Berkeley students
As numerous testimonials underscore, this is one area thatās not black and white
17 Mar - Xlab invites staff to join pool of experimental subjects ÷ for cash: Payment, though Īcontingent,ā is guaranteed to all who participate
17 Mar - Botanical Garden orchid display steals the show in S.F.
17 Mar - Folklorist Dundes edits mini-library: At $850 itās no stocking-stuffer, but thatās not his intention. The idea is for these readings to inform students worldwide about the discipline
17 Mar - ĪTransforming the teaching and learning environmentā: Imparting tech expertise, and sharing lessons learned, are among the agenda items for the second e-Berkeley Symposium
17 Mar - Obituary: Morgan Harris
17 Mar - News Briefs: Greenbacks for green ideas, FSM CafŽ event, and more...
10 Mar - Married with children? You may not be a woman in academia: For females on the tenure track, the choice is too often between family satisfaction and career success
10 Mar - The struggle for Berkeley's 'soul as an institution': At daylong forum, Chancellor Birgeneau acknowledges the centrality of diversity to the campus's mission, while Boalt's Edley lays out a broad research plan
10 Mar - Scions of the times collide at Wheeler: Bashing Bush, corporate cronyism, and the national media, RFK, Jr. makes the case for environmental protection
10 Mar - Two profs take senior posts at LBNL
10 Mar - Down on the Farm: Lynn Huntsinger's daylong Freshman Seminar called "Follow Your Food"
10 Mar - Fabilli-Hoffer judge names three first-place winners: Writing on 'what I'd really like to do,'two campus staffers realize glory, enhanced liquidity
10 Mar - Berkeley Writers at Work to feature historian Slezkine
10 Mar - News Briefs: Save the dates for Chancellor's inaugural events, Campus reading of poems against war, and more...
02 Mar - City sues to halt campus growth
02 Mar - Giving her best ÷ and then some: ĪItās my place to make a difference,ā says African American Student Development coordinator Nzingha Dugas
02 Mar - Regents vote to increase role of staff in UC governance: Pilot program doesnāt yet offer a seat at the big table, but staff advocates believe itās a step in the right direction
02 Mar - In the eye of the beholder: Berkeley Art Museum and the Townsend Center take a closer look at art and visual impairment in ĪBlind at the Museumā exhibit
02 Mar - Environmental justice, the hard way: Eschewing the lecture hall, Dara OāRourkeās students learn about equity ÷ and humility ÷ from the grassroots up
02 Mar - Goldman Environmental Prize winner to speak on environmental justice
02 Mar - Regents' Lecturership brings array of luminaries to campus
02 Mar - EPA fines campus for lax record-keeping: New procedures will prevent recurrence of one-time violation
02 Mar - Campus, not-for-profit organization to open college-prep charter school: Primary focus of effort will be students Īfacing barriersā to higher ed
02 Mar - Two Cal bears now call Sagehen Creek Field Station home: Orphaned cubs are likely to thrive in their new habitat; fortunately, they donāt like people very much
02 Mar - Three bacterial genomes found lurking inside fruit-fly genomes
02 Mar - Beyond the lobectomy? Berkeley researchers create model of brainās electrical storm during an epileptic seizure
02 Mar - Obituary: Michael Francisco
02 Mar - Obituary: Leo Brewer
02 Mar - News Briefs: Sheldon Margen memorial set for March 8, Dallaire lecture cancelled, and more...
23 Feb - Fact-finding panel issues report on UC/CUE dispute: Recommendation that clerical workers receive equity adjustments for 2003-04 is rejected by UC; CUE rebuked for leaking draft report
23 Feb - Diagnosing the Green Giant: Debate on the environmental movementās health raises the Pythonesque question, Is the creature resting? stunned? Or has it joined the Choir Invisible?
23 Feb - Motorcycle luthier: ETS staffer Ezra Daly found an alternative to buying instruments. He makes Š and sells Š them his own way
23 Feb - Pondering 'ubiquitous SQUID': Faculty Research Lecturer John Clarke to speak on hypersensitive devices from the physics lab
23 Feb - Obituary: Richard Bridgman
23 Feb - News Briefs: UC advocates in Sacramento, Jeopardy update, CPR Saturday, and more...
16 Feb - Four-legged law comes to Berkeley: Boalt joins the pack of top-dog schools offering animal-law courses
16 Feb - National Medal of Science for chemical engineering prof John M. Prausnitz
16 Feb - "I'll take 'UC Berkeley Jeopardy contestants' for $400, Alex."
Answer: In 1998, this associate professor of rhetoric and Celtic studies won a cool car and a bundle of cash. Question: Who is Daniel Melia?
16 Feb - J-School's Danner helps lift the curtain on the recent Iraq election: The U.S. view: ĪIf something doesnāt appear on camera, it didnāt happenā
16 Feb - Haas School student brainstorms 'quick and easy' tsunami-relief strategy: Clausen Center, Acteva link up to aid Sri Lankan NGO
16 Feb - Daylong diversity forum will be held March 3
16 Feb - Cal Performances puts coming attractions online: Artists and distinguished faculty shed light (camera! action!) on past and future programs
16 Feb - New study highlights survey vulnerabilities: Respondents queried about their dicey behavior may be more likely to level with a computer than with a human
16 Feb - Double take on same-sex marriage: Civil-rights activists and legal experts to consider movementās progress at Feb. 24 Boalt event
16 Feb - SPH to host 9th annual Public Health Heroes event
16 Feb - Awards: Five Berkeley profs elected to National Academy of Engineering, Berkeley buildings honored, and more...
16 Feb - News Briefs: Memorial for Martin Landau, Revised UC sexual-harassment policy, and more...
09 Feb - The meaning of Ījusticeā: Victims of war ÷ and genocide in particular ÷ view it differently than lawyers do
09 Feb - Birgeneau announces renovation of Memorial Stadium, construction of new academic commons building
09 Feb - Transforming the Īpoison of timeā: Sheba Chhachhi brings her art, and activism, to the Townsend Center
09 Feb - The changing nature of Places: CED journal stays true to its mission while expanding its reach
09 Feb - Coming soon, to a monitor near you: Provocative questions, pointed responses at I-House forum convened to mark IIS's 50th anniversary
09 Feb - Lange Fellowship winner isnāt horsing around: Tristan Spinski receives fellowship for rodeo photos
09 Feb - Berkeley students united in tsunami-relief efforts
09 Feb - Former MIT head Vest to deliver Kerr Lectures
09 Feb - 2005 UC summer programs for children
09 Feb - News Briefs: Gilberto Gil, new bus shelters, and more...
02 Feb - Berkeley leads nation in prepping students for doctorates: Over the past five years, campus awarded more than 2,000 undergrad degrees to future Ph.D.s
02 Feb - Researchers compare mental-health indicators in California: Report Īraises more questions than it answers,ā but provides baseline for county-by-county comparisons
02 Feb - Sinking coastline may precede large subduction-zone quakes: Area residents may not notice the subsidence, but instruments can. The hope is to pinpoint the chronological relationship between subsidence and a large quake ÷ the better to plan for temblors and resulting tsunamis
02 Feb - Campusās chief information officer, Jack McCredie, plans to retire
02 Feb - Top campus scientists framed by inspired librarian: Koshland Library gives prominence to Berkeley researchersā cover stories
02 Feb - New GMO technique really cuts the mustard: Engineered to absorb high levels of selenium, and tested with great caution, these plants may aid in toxic cleanup
02 Feb - Many children of stateās Īworking poorā families still lack health-care coverage
02 Feb - For the love of Irish music: Claudia Waters, a lecturer and staff member, connects to her roots through reels, jigs, and traditional tunes
02 Feb - Lens-less photos and worms of clay: The ASUC Art Studio is a creative refuge from campus hubbub
02 Feb - Housing Facilities staff celebrate high marks from students
02 Feb - Join the celebration of natural selection: Darwin Day at the Essig is Tuesday, Feb. 8
02 Feb - A song from the heart: UC Choral Ensembles provides pitch-perfect valentine serenades
02 Feb - Research Roundup: Missing link found between whale and hippo, Deep tremors under San Andreas Fault could portend earthquakes, and more...
02 Feb - News Briefs: Nominations sought for Distinguished Librarian Award, UCTV turns five, and more...
02 Feb - Publications: Closely Watched Films: An Introduction to the Art of Narrative Film Technique
02 Feb - Publications: Designing for the Homeless: Architecture That Works
02 Feb - Publications: Songs of Experience: Modern American and European Variations on a Universal Theme
26 Jan - Research under fire: In the war on terror, academic freedom could wind up as collateral damage
26 Jan - Regents approve plan for long-range development: Chancellor will continue negotiations with city of Berkeley over outstanding issues
26 Jan - It donāt mean a thing · if students only want course credit. But Ted Moore gives aspiring jazz players something more: a chance to grow
26 Jan - Wherever you go, there they are: Conference to explore the rise of Buddhism in America
26 Jan - Helping partners cope with a loved oneās cancer
26 Jan - Spring 2005 events at Berkeley that you won't want to miss
26 Jan - Beyond your basic Bierstadts: The core of the Bancroftās pictorial collection enriches a Īstructured tourā of the American West
26 Jan - Columbiaās Bollinger to receive Clark Kerr Award
26 Jan - News Briefs: Budget and Finance vice-chancellor searches on hold temporarily, Faculty retirement-incentive program continues, and more...
26 Jan - Awards
19 Jan - A progressive community demands progressive, responsible planning: The 2020 Long Range Development Plan has been crafted to help the campus grow ÷ as it must ÷in harmony with its host city
19 Jan - A win-win for campus, disabled students: Class-action suit outcome an Īoutstanding opportunityā to improve accessibility
19 Jan - Student Code of Conduct revised: Old code encouraged an inappropriately Īadversarialā process
19 Jan - IST is on the move: New addresses for some units beginning next week
19 Jan - Obituary: Martin Landau
19 Jan - Obituary: Elizabeth ĪLisbyā Mayer
19 Jan - Obituary: Donald Pederson
12 Jan - Some good news for UC in 2005-06 budget: Schwarzenegger honors his Īcompactā with Dynes, including raises for faculty and staff. But the numbers are bad for outreach
12 Jan - QB3 + Gatesā millions = a cure?
Helped by Microsoftās founder, Jay Keasling and his industry partners hope to create an inexpensive treatment for malaria
12 Jan - Gerard Debreu dies at 83
12 Jan - Shining a light on imperfect (but highly enjoyable) films: Film critic David Thomsonās PFA series tackles Īthe art and awfulnessā of Hollywood
12 Jan - Concrete imagery: Berkeley Poetry Walk and The Addison Street Anthology
12 Jan - Out of L.A., into the classroom: Private scholarship fund reaches out to black Angelenos with the chops, but not the means, to make it at Berkeley
12 Jan - A tale of two cities, one campus, a handful of hardy native fish, and a struggling urban creek: The adjacent municipalities of Albany and Berkeley are collaborating with UC Berkeley to restore a stretch of Codornices Creek that runs along their border
12 Jan - News Briefs: George Maslach memorial, Flu shots available at Tang Center, CDOP requiring online applications, and more...
12 Jan - Research Roundup: Low-altitude robo-copters, ĪBlindā cells see the light, and Hummingbirds pay a price for elevation gain
12 Jan - Obituary: James Carman
12 Jan - Obituary: Dorothy Denney
12 Jan - Obituary: Sheldon Margen