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Story Archives for 2006

07 Dec - Regents certify EIR for southeast campus, approve design of student-athlete center: Unanimous approval by Committee on Grounds and Buildings paves the way for project viewed as key to the future success of Cal's athletic program
07 Dec - A job that keeps on giving: Don McQuade leaves University Relations — having deposited an extra $2 billion in the campus till — to return to the scholarly life
07 Dec - 'Percolating' higher-ed questions the focus of Friday symposium
07 Dec - A brainy night in Berkeley : If it's Thursday, this must be the corpus callosum. Has anyone seen my homunculus??
07 Dec - Bay Area water history, one month at a time: Library calendar documents H2O's journey from 'Mountains to Mouths'
07 Dec - The Joy of Receiving: Staff and faculty unwrap their holiday wishes
07 Dec - Research Roundup
07 Dec - Letter to the Editor
07 Dec - Awards
07 Dec - Obituary: Melvin Webber
07 Dec - News Briefs
29 Nov - Spotlight on undergraduate outcomes : Academic Senate hears update on plans to enhance goal-setting, data gathering, and reporting on student experience
29 Nov - Keasling is 'Scientist of the Year': Discover magazine lauds Berkeley bioengineer for his pioneering work in synthetic biology
29 Nov - A backward glance, a round of applause … and then, the final: The last teaching day of the fall approaches. Here's how some faculty plan to make the most of it
29 Nov - Regents approve 2007-08 budget proposalIncludes five percent pool for salary increases, in line with the compact between UC and the governor, and $60 million to support restart of contributions to system's pension fund
29 Nov - Addressing questions of stem-cell ethics : Importance of multidisciplinary approach is emphasized at recent campus conclave
29 Nov - The weak linkage between workplace diversity, turnover: Haas researchers examine low-wage service sector to test validity of received wisdom among diversity consultants
29 Nov - International House director Joe Lurie to step down next June: Long-serving overseer of campus's most diverse residence is a man of many constituencies
29 Nov - Time to 'rekindle' California's enthusiasm for K-12 reform?: Concentrating resources on reducing class sizes has not been a panacea for all achievement-related challenges, new Berkeley-Stanford report says
29 Nov - Obituary: Blake Spahr
29 Nov - News Briefs
27 Nov - Polymer envelope makes anticancer drug more effective: Researchers at Berkeley, UCSF believe the treatment is also potentially less toxic than commonly used liposomal drugs
27 Nov - Campus signs on to state climate registry: Berkeley will reduce its carbon footprint, inventory greenhouse-gas emissions
27 Nov - An astronomer with a stellar teaching style: Alex Filippenko named national Professor of the Year by CASE and The Carnegie Foundation
27 Nov - Their hearts were young and green: Four undergrads are wholeheartedly committed to making an eco-friendly mess of their apartment
27 Nov - Obituary: Leon Henkin
27 Nov - News Briefs
16 Nov - Celebrating Thanksgiving, Berkeley-style: Many on campus are learning about where their food comes from — and getting up close and personal with it
16 Nov - Boalt Hall prof explores changing demographics of police: 'Bottom up' workplace innovations, says David Sklansky, might spur democratic reforms
16 Nov - Bring us the head of Tommy Trojan: As Cal prepares to do high-stakes battle with USC, we're smelling like Roses and taking no prisoners
08 Nov - Final EIR on southeast campus projects released: New facilities will enhance athletics and academics alike — though not without some impact on the area's environment and historic character. Regents will consider the plan at their meeting next week
08 Nov - Employees find tending to aging loved ones no easy task : The campus Elder Care program provides caregivers with expertise, guidance, resources, and support
08 Nov - Exemplars of excellence: The Chancellor's Outstanding Staff Award honors those who serve the campus so well
08 Nov - Grad students to enjoy one-stop resource shopping : Graduate Division unveils new administrative-services unit and revamped web presence
08 Nov - John Muir, Tin Lizzie, and California Jack: In Past Tents, the Bancroft's Susan Snyder explores the great outdoors in the days before Therm-a-Rest, and finds a world both strange and strangely familiar
08 Nov - Awards
08 Nov - Obituary: William Berg
08 Nov - News Briefs
01 Nov - Everyone into the pool?: As California's racial and ethnic diversity grows, UC's has suffered. Now, a decade after Proposition 209, some want to open up the admissions pipeline
01 Nov - Tackling technological truancy: Faculty start to wonder why so many students aren't coming to class
01 Nov - Scott Biddy named University Relations vice chancellor: As second-in-command to outgoing VC McQuade, he oversaw last year's record-breaking fundraising totals
01 Nov - Open enrollment for 2007 benefits now underway
01 Nov - Open to debate: the fuel-saving benefits of ethanolIs it a useful alternative while other technologies ramp up? Or do its costs already exceed its potential payoff?
01 Nov - New study, co-authored by Berkeley researcher, says pollinators help one-third of the world's food production: Their biodiversity is threatened worldwide, however. In the U.S., wild and domesticated bee species alike are endangered by habitat loss and poor agricultural stewardship
01 Nov - A 'poet always on duty': Haas staffer's war-related poems see ink in book of veterans' writing
01 Nov - Florence Fang gift helps the East Asian Library take shape
01 Nov - I-House offers free copies of post-9/11 anthology
01 Nov - Awards
01 Nov - Obituary: Lawrence Levine
01 Nov - News Briefs
26 Oct - Many eyes on the pension prize: There's no shortage of opposition to the pending restart of contributions to UC's pension fund. Critics worry about fund's management—and the bigger benefits picture
26 Oct - Of God, justice, and disunited states: After 50 years of studying religion, Robert Bellah remains hard at work in retirement, battling gloom, preaching hope, and struggling to 'hold together the great polarities of the modern world'
26 Oct - Making a difference, without going broke: Boalt Hall offers new loan-forgiveness program for law-school graduates going into government and public-interest work
26 Oct - Jason Moran's adventurous imprint: The pianist, who counts Egon Schiele and Alban Berg among his influences, is coming to campus to deliver 'a hard dosage of music'
26 Oct - A stem-cell advance, sans controversy: Stretching bone-marrow stem cells may help them become blood-vessel tissue; cells are believed to 'know' their developmental destiny by the direction in which they're stretched
26 Oct - A 'dark film' for 'dark times': Eric Schlosser, Michael Pollan discuss a nation of fast food, cheap labor, and profit-driven compromises
26 Oct - News Briefs
18 Oct - Loose-leaf legacy : Wallace Berman's Elvis-era journal disseminated bohemian art and poetry
18 Oct - Birgeneau: 'We serve California extraordinarily well': In a wide-ranging interview, the chancellor revisits inaugural themes, citing progress made in all three areas.Emphasis is put on fulfilling Berkeley's public mission while maintaining preeminence in teaching, research
18 Oct - The holiday's over: Regents' plan to reinstate contributions to pension plan is a watershed event for UCRP and its members
18 Oct - Creating a 'testing ground' for social-service leaders: Innovative UC Berkeley Extension program gives agency staff a chance to see the big picture
18 Oct - Would Proposition 1D fund 'essentials' or 'fluff'? $10 billion bond issue on November ballot includes money for improvements to three Berkeley buildings
18 Oct - Obituary: Nichoas Howe
18 Oct - News Briefs
11 Oct - How to get a handle on BPA: . . . with a little help from your friends. Members of new staff organization share techniques, tips, and best practices about business process analysis
11 Oct - Save the tropics, save ourselves: Settling an old dispute, study shows that the vast region that is the source of most of Earth's new species is both the cradle and a museum of biodiversity
11 Oct - Showcasing California design: Monograph series draws on campus archives' vast holdings
11 Oct - All the campus a stage?: Theater workshops later this month will help to advance the ongoing conversation about diversity and inclusion at work
11 Oct - Elaine Kim to talk writing at Doe: Author and editor, a pioneer in Asian American literature and women's studies, will be featured in Berkeley Writers at Work series
11 Oct - Awards
11 Oct - Letter to the Editor
11 Oct - News Briefs
04 Oct - Smoot extends Berkeley's Nobel tradition: Physicist shares this year's prize for his work confirming aspects of the Big Bang
04 Oct - China scholarship, writ large: From investments to oracle bones, the Berkeley China Initiative aims to span disciplines, cultures, and perspectives
04 Oct - Teaching tribal teens the write stuff: Luisa Armijo created a writing-immersion program to help Native youth feel at home on the page — and fuel their dreams of college life
04 Oct - A tradition firmly made: recalling those we've lost
04 Oct - Scharffenberger will lead Blum Center : A veteran of international-development efforts, he learned what poverty is — and what it isn't — during a Peace Corps stint in Senegal
04 Oct - Renowned cosmologist James Peebles to deliver Hitchcock Lectures
04 Oct - His health is poor, but his commitment is strong: If a stamp honoring those with IBD is approved, much of the credit will go to Gideon Sofer
04 Oct - How do faculty decide where to publish?: A new study finds that their perceptions of "relative quality"are key to making that choice, especially where new academic media — and their inconsistent approaches to peer review — are involved
04 Oct - Awards
04 Oct - Letters to the Editor
04 Oct - News Briefs
28 Sep - Berkeley's Heald chosen for $2.5 million Pioneer Award: Intended by NIH to fund innovative research, award goes to MCB prof investigating aspects of cellular growth
28 Sep - Doing the right thing continues to pay dividendsFamily-friendly policies at Berkeley and Davis are honored by Sloan Foundation with $250,000 award
28 Sep - Aviation engineer wins MacArthur 'genius' award
28 Sep - Ito named architect for new BAM/PFA building: At the gateway to the campus, it is viewed as a likely linchpin of the city's economic redevelopment
28 Sep - Bring the arts into the classroom (or students to the arts): Consortium for the Arts' online resource makes either option not only possible, but do-able
28 Sep - A little caring makes a big difference: 'Pay it forward' program hooks up independent students with the support they need to beat the odds
28 Sep - Focusing on high-risk teens and their communities : New ISSC center probes causes and prevention of youth violence. Visiting-speakers program launches next week
28 Sep - Pixels and pedagogy: Just don't call it 'U Tube': New Google Video site expands public access to Berkeley courses and events
28 Sep - Haas ranked No. 5 by Wall Street Journal: It's the first Top 10 ranking for an MBA program at any UC business school
28 Sep - Study highlights UC as tech-transfer powerhouse: With three campuses among the world's 10 strongest in biotech licensing, system shines in key metrics
28 Sep - Friday at noon: A pause to honor the past year's losses
28 Sep - Letter to the Editor
28 Sep - News Briefs
27 Sep - Regents, President Dynes let the sunshine in: New and revised compensation guidelines were announced last week — along with plans for the public posting of salary data for all UC employees
21 Sep - Materiel girl, materiel world: Theater department's longtime props manager builds, borrows, purchases, and repurposes to outfit each season's sets in style
20 Sep - Fire center provides homeowners with wildfire-risk-assessment tool: Municipal decision-makers and fire researchers will also find useful resources on center's new website
20 Sep - Schlock today, dissertation tomorrow: Beyond Shakespeare and PBS: The Media Resources Center has built a video collection designed for a new generation of scholars
20 Sep - For fans of adventurous radio, KALX delivers the unexpected : From hip hop and electronica to Indian ragas, the mighty 90.7 serves up a rich musical mélange
20 Sep - Gap between productivity and compensation increases: The annual jobs report from the Center for Labor Research and Education offers little for workers to celebrate
20 Sep - Powerful people take more risks: Five studies find a link between power and dangerous behavior
20 Sep - UC Regents go 'beyond the letter of the law' in revising meeting rules: Beginning with this week's meeting, compensation for certain senior officials will be discussed in open session
20 Sep - What to do about the flu: Chancellor, University Health Services take steps to respond to potential pandemic
20 Sep - Obituary: George Kaplan
20 Sep - Obituary: Frederic Wakeman Jr.
20 Sep - News Briefs
14 Sep - Off the clock, but not at rest
13 Sep - Learning to love the bomb: Also the running game, the pass rush, the play-action fake, Jeff Tedford, and everything else that makes the Bears golden
13 Sep - The eye may be a camera . . .: … but a lot happens during image processing. The same "best guess" neurology that enables us to identify a figure's gender and emotional state makes us subject to optical illusions
13 Sep - Hey! What are the big ideas?: More than two dozen student proposals are rewarded with funding — to support further development, or just help the winners pay for school
13 Sep - Helen Seaborg, 1917-2006
13 Sep - Voted most likely not to let age get in their way: Snapshot introductions to three of this fall's five 16-year-old freshmen
13 Sep - Publication: The Robert Bellah Reader
13 Sep - News Briefs
06 Sep - Strong enrollment demand for Blum Center's inaugural course offering: Ananya Roy's eight-week class on global poverty draws hundreds of students, moves to second new location in PFA Theater
06 Sep - Constitution Day, at Berkeley, coincides with anniversary of terrorist attacks: This year's commemoration to focus on post-9/11 civil-liberties concerns
06 Sep - Coming attractions for fall 2006: Terrorism, Katrina, the '60s ... and lots of lighter fare
06 Sep - An uphill boost for disabled students : Comprehensive campus access guide, golf-cart transit service are among improvements announced
06 Sep - Obituary: Lily Misono Culver
06 Sep - News Briefs
30 Aug - It's a relative thing . . .: For some, the start of college is fraught with angst, fear, and other emotional baggage. Someday, maybe students will understand
30 Aug - Tapping into a hidden workforce: Retirement Center website helps managers hire temporary staff who already know their way around the campus
30 Aug - NSF funds new synthetic-biology center at Berkeley: Potential to revolutionize the biotech industry and, ultimately, solve the world's most intractable problems
30 Aug - Gulf Coast projects for the long haul
30 Aug - Preserving Crescent City culture: Berkeley-led research team gives 'voice' to displaced Katrina survivors through oral narratives, poetry, and prose
30 Aug - The celluloid detective: The Pacific Film Archive's new senior curator tracks down the best prints, keeping local cineastes coming back for more
30 Aug - Two bees, or not two bees?: Wild bees make honeybees 'skittish,' new study finds, boosting both pollination efficiency and crop yields
30 Aug - Global-warming cap can stimulate state economy, report says
30 Aug - UC launches Calisphere website: A free public gateway to thousands of digitized primary sources
30 Aug - Obituary: Chester O'Konski
30 Aug - Obituary: Doris White
30 Aug - News Briefs
24 Aug - Orphaned monuments, green spaces … and all that jazz: Chancellor's Community Partnership Fund winners to work on service and neighborhood improvement
24 Aug - U.S. News & World Report picks Berkeley as top public school againIn other rankings, we're No. 1 overall (and No. 2, No. 4, No. 14, No. 21…). But please, don't grade us by our parking crunch alone
24 Aug - Distinguished professorship in Tibetan Buddhism established
24 Aug - UC libraries announce partnership with Google to digitize books: 'Enormous benefits' of deal are emphasized by university leadership
24 Aug - One more way the rich are different . . . : They have the money to act on their healthiest impulses. Differences in disability rates are evident even at higher rungs of the socioeconomic ladder, a new public-health study shows
24 Aug - Haas researcher addresses gender, patents in academia: Female life scientists patent their discoveries less than half as often as their male peers. Risk-aversion may be a factor — though the worry is over their careers, not the rough-and-tumble of the marketplace
24 Aug - Campus police step up focus on alcohol-related problems: 'Aggressive enforcement' of existing rules seen as essential component of successful control programs
24 Aug - Vision-screening program provides care in Central Valley: Thousands of low-income residents at risk for diabetic retinopathy benefit from long-distance evaluations
24 Aug - Awards
24 Aug - Obituary: Austin Ranney
24 Aug - Obituary: David Cudaback
24 Aug - Obituary: Loring 'Lamont' Hill
24 Aug - Obituary: Alfred Childs
24 Aug - News Briefs
23 Aug - Vice chancellor for equity and inclusion, a new post, to join campus leadership team: Chancellor Birgeneau, in meeting with local press, also announces selection of three diversity-research initiatives to receive new FTEs
19 Jul - Governor signs 2006-07 budget: In keeping with state's compact with UC, it provides funding for faculty/staff raises. Also funded: enrollment growth without student-fee increases
19 Jul - Egalitarian at the gates: After 23 years working to keep Berkeley's doors open to all, Richard Black, associate vice chancellor for admissions and enrollment, calls it a career
19 Jul - When bachelorhood was taxed: Boalt librarian turned freelance historian had to read between the lines when researching gay relations in early America
19 Jul - Postdoc foresees 'equitable learning' for deaf students: Deaf from birth, Marlon Kuntze studies distinctions between many of those who master American Sign Language early in life and those who learn it later. Among them: fluency in written English
19 Jul - Reading, writing, 'rithmetic … and research: Undergrads learn about the fourth 'R' first-hand in summer lab-based programs
19 Jul - University Relations' McQuade announces plans to step down
19 Jul - Fresno's Raymond named Human Resources AVC
19 Jul - Girls with ADHD continue to struggle academically and socially in adolescence, Berkeley researchers confirm
19 Jul - Research Roundup
19 Jul - Publications: Neoliberalism as Exception: Mutations in Citizenship and Sovereignty
19 Jul - Awards
19 Jul - Obituary: Robert Kerley
19 Jul - Obituary: Jana Woodard
19 Jul - Obituary: Theodore Cohn
19 Jul - News Briefs
31 May - I-House: 75 years old and going strong: Bringing residents together across cultural and economic divides
31 May - ASUC Art Studio offers summer courses in multiple media
31 May - Cody's final chapter: Like a book they didn't want to end, faculty recall the glory days of the historic Telegraph Avenue bookstore
31 May - Forum spotlights staff diversity and inclusion
31 May - Broughton named arts and humanities dean at L&S: Expert on Hume and Descartes to succeed Hexter in key role
31 May - You can lead a president to the library : But can you make him read what Berkeley scholars think he should??
31 May - 'Keeping an open mind is hard work' (and other wisdom from the podium)
31 May - Awards
31 May - Obituary: George M. Foster
31 May - Obituary: Willa Baum
31 May - News Briefs
03 May - New faculty-compensation policies introducedAcademic Senate learns of plan to make Berkeley a more competitive employer, beginning with a $6,000 'promotion increment' at tenure
03 May - On and off the field, Cal athletics goes for the gold: There's good news and less-good news in the NCAA decadal self-study … but no 'systemic' problems
03 May - Salaries, diversity on chancellor's mind in annual staff address
03 May - From a confusing smorgasbord to one-stop shopping: bSpace, Berkeley's new collaboration and learning environment, provides tools for a variety of campus users
03 May - Listening for the not-so-faint echo of the '60s: For two Berkeley researchers, communes and their denizens offer a fertile field for scholarship
03 May - Politicians, poets, pundits to share their wisdom with '06 grads
03 May - Berkeley Staff Assembly to celebrate managerial excellence: Staff organization will also acknowledge its own first quarter century at May 15 ceremony
03 May - Campus staff issues to take center stage at May 9 diversity forum
03 May - New issue of Chronicle of UC focuses on peripatetic scholars
03 May - Awards
03 May - News Briefs
28 Apr - Chancellor delivers good news, sounds familiar themes in annual address to staff
27 Apr - Minimum wage for certain low-paid employees is raised to $11.25Those paid as little as $9.39 will receive increase retroactive to April 1. Long in the planning, the decision was contingent on settlement of contract disputes with campus unions
27 Apr - Faculty's digital divide: Access to computing resources varies widely. An Academic Senate committee offers a plan to level the playing field and safeguard network security
27 Apr - Three faculty take home Distinguished Teaching Awards
27 Apr - Are you listening to me?! : Podcasting technology doesn't just make courses available to students anytime, anywhere. The doors of Berkeley's classrooms are now open to an eager audience of listeners worldwide
27 Apr - Berkeley's seismic, disaster-resistant efforts honored
27 Apr - Awards
27 Apr - News Briefs
25 Apr - UCOP failed to seek approval for many executive-pay components, audit confirms: Data details compensation packages provided to 64 top administrators, but points no fingers. Dynes charged with explaining to regents in May who authorized what for whom when
19 Apr - UC task force calls for 'sea change' in compensation policies, practices: Regents' panel lays out sweeping set of 21 recommendations to restore public trust. Saying he hears task force "loud and clear," Dynes announces first steps toward addressing problems
19 Apr - Campus center to develop solutions to issues facing world's poorInitial funding of $15 million from UC Regent and philanthropist Richard Blum will jump-start center's efforts to alleviate poverty
19 Apr - Diversity Research Initiative draws enthusiastic response: Ten faculty pre-proposals, from a surprising array of fields, advance to next phase
19 Apr - This kind of climate change is welcome: The return of sunshine and blue skies augurs well for Cal Day weekend
19 Apr - Milestone attained in quest for cheap antimalarial drugBecause developing nations can't spare the $2.40 per person it would take to protect millions from disease and death, the urgency of developing still-cheaper treatments fuels the push to synthesize artemisinin precursors
19 Apr - Berkeley research team develops 'breakthrough' process to better control creation, deposition of nanofibers: Near-field electrospinning imposes order on 'random, chaotic process' — capturing nanofibers during their brief period of stability. Near-term potential for practical application is already identified
19 Apr - J-school grad students win Lange photography prize
19 Apr - Peripatetic whiz kid with a social conscience: This year's University Medalist tempers his wanderlust and technophilia with a strong desire to make a difference
19 Apr - Awards
19 Apr - News Briefs
13 Apr - Attention, shoppers: avoid the center aisles: Nutritionist Marion Nestle's goal is to help consumers decide what to put in their grocery carts and on their plates
13 Apr - Family-friendly policies for faculty are now 'an entitlement': Newly approved package of work-life benefits likely to give UC a competitive edge among academic employers
13 Apr - Jasper Rine named million-dollar professor by Hughes Institute: He's now obliged — and eager — to craft a biology curriculum that integrates undergraduate research and experimentation. Coming soon: Bio 1A at the Greek??
13 Apr - Bancroft Library receives archives of San Francisco Examiner
13 Apr - If it's the Bug Doctor, it must be Cal Day: April 22 campus open house to showcase, as always, the best of Berkeley
13 Apr - What greater wisdom do the U.S. News graduate-school rankings provide?: Berkeley's disciplines — 11 this year — all finished in the top 10. The magazine offers no blanket institutional ranking to inspire cries of "We're No.1!" — but where there are data to crunch, there's always a way
13 Apr - Who said the revolution won't be televised?: Art Museum's video installation puts politics front-and-center by giving Venezuelan factory workers a bully pulpit
13 Apr - Pedal power to the people: Campus's first-ever bicycle plan charts a path toward greater reliance on non-motorized, two-wheeled commuting
13 Apr - Pregnancy leave used for medical problems, not R&R: Availability of benefit found less central to women's decision to take leave than health issues, discomfort
13 Apr - News Briefs
05 Apr - Space agency's 2020 vision shortsighted, say campus astronomers: As NASA eyes Mars, deep cuts to its science budget could have 'devastating' impact on smaller-scale research projects, opportunities for students
05 Apr - Strangers in a strange land master the phone and the air kiss: A collaboratively developed class on U.S. habits and practices is designed to help foreign-born scholars, their family members, and campus service workers accommodate themselves to America
05 Apr - Campus researchers find unparalleled health effects from in utero and childhood arsenic exposure
05 Apr - Student journalists report on 'Early Signs' of global warming: From Manitoba to Tanganyika, warnings of biotic and cultural change abound
05 Apr - Care to try a really green salad?: By next spring, all four dining halls managed by Cal Dining will offer certified-organic salad bars
05 Apr - The day the roof fell in: A serious campus accident in 1931 inspired the university to incorporate engineering into construction
05 Apr - Helping the campus keep its summer resolutions: New Summer Sessions director Rick Russo is promoting innovations to attract students — while still working to solve such longstanding problems as enrollment growth and crowded core-course classes
05 Apr - Because it's everybody's fault . . .: The campus host exhibits, conferences, and films that both celebrate and warn of the power of earthquakes
05 Apr - News Briefs
05 Apr - Will spouse swap = star status?: SSL astrophysicist Barry Welsh journeys to the mysterious Fox Galaxy
23 Mar - A conversation with Cuauhtémoc Cárdenas: The former mayor of Mexico City — and a three-time candidate for Mexico's presidency — is concluding an extended campus visit . In this exchange he touches on such key issues as democratization, immigration, and NAFTA
22 Mar - For UC labor studies, marketplace of ideas lacks a safety net: Governor's 'zeroing out' of multi-campus research program with ties to unions prompts charges of politically motivated 'reaching in' to university's domain
22 Mar - UC to shed investments in firms with ties to Sudanese government
22 Mar - What looks like a wetsuit and saves lives?
22 Mar - Berkeley astronomers to participate in eclipse webcast
22 Mar - Lawsuit targeting campus evolution website is dismissed in federal court: First Amendment defense not employed as judge rules plaintiffs lack standing
22 Mar - Opinion: The Solomon Amendment in the Supreme Court
22 Mar - Obituary: Nicholas Cozzarelli
22 Mar - Obituary: Herbert McClosky
22 Mar - News Briefs
16 Mar - L&S dean Breslauer named EVC&P: Russia scholar pegged to replace Paul Gray at midyear
16 Mar - Systemwide Academic Senate chair ousted: In unprecedented move, UCLA's Brunk is removed from office
16 Mar - Top Iraq war correspondents discuss risking their lives to tell a truth that few want to hear — or believe
16 Mar - From traditional airs to Gaelic jazz: Visiting artist Melanie O'Reilly works to preserve Irish roots music and craft new expressions of its spirit
16 Mar - Report by Berkeley researchers sets framework for California leadership in 'green chemistry' policy: Authors warn that failure to craft forward-looking policies will negatively affect state's citizens and businesses, with impacts on everything from public and environmental health to government
16 Mar - Reflecting Berkeley from the outside in: Frequently the focus of media coverage, the campus keeps track of who's paying attention with its own digital clipping service
16 Mar - Berkeley, UCLA, UC Santa Barbara, and Stanford join forces to establish the Western Institute of Nanoelectronics
16 Mar - Celebrating all things green: Sustainability group will fund new projects, honor best practices, and adopt a new logo
16 Mar - Bear Pass program shifts into higher gear
16 Mar - Awards: Recent faculty and staff awards.
16 Mar - Obituary: Alan Foss
16 Mar - News Briefs
08 Mar - Berkeley Nobelist Owen Chamberlain dies at 85: A contributor to the development of atomic weaponry, he became an activist for a world free of nuclear terror
08 Mar - A man of civility and conscience
08 Mar - Researchers reach a new audience: NAS book series inspires 'tweens to take another look at science
08 Mar - Was Katrina a human-rights disaster?: Boalt experts join coalition asking international commission to look into 'discriminatory' federal response to the hurricane
08 Mar - Suitcase Clinic student volunteers are changing the world, one bare footstep at a time
08 Mar - Smallest fossil Triceratops yields clues to dinosaur growth: Cast on display in Valley Life Sciences Building is of a unique 'yearling' specimen
08 Mar - Cells, consciousness, and Shakespeare: Hitchcock, Foerster, and Avenali lecturers to address a stimulating range of topics in the coming weeks
08 Mar - Administration control unit merges Budget and Finance with Business and Administrative Services
08 Mar - $100,000 competition for bright ideas
08 Mar - Management-award nominations due March 17
08 Mar - Obituary: Luna Leopold
08 Mar - News Briefs
01 Mar - Returning to the Capitol, top system officials insist they mean business: But state lawmakers, in their second hearing on executive-pay practices, wonder if UCOP and the regents can 'turn this ship around'
01 Mar - Helen Prejean brings her sister act to Berkeley: The renowned author-activist, a consummate speaker and storyteller, urges her campus audience to engage in deeper reflection on capital punishment and the 'machinery of death'
01 Mar - From Johannesburg to the Kodak Theater: J-school grad Dan Krauss' documentary about photojournalist Kevin Carter is nominated for an Oscar
01 Mar - Policing thought after 9/11: An interview with historian Beshara Doumani on threats to academic freedom and the looming privatization of Middle East studies
01 Mar - School of Public Health heroes for 2006 to be honored
01 Mar - Newly funded project to track life cycle of water: Climate change and human actions accelerate the need to monitor changes in the water supply. Diverse data will be integrated into a model upon which future research will be based
01 Mar - Berkeley and Duke team up to research U.S. foreign policies: Study of long-range approaches to global challenges an academic 'backwater' no more
01 Mar - Thinking someone else's thoughts: A new book from UC Press showcases a decade's worth of noontime verse
01 Mar - Awards
01 Mar - News Briefs
15 Feb - UC president acknowledges culpa-bility : At the first of two Sacramento hearings on executive compensation, Robert Dynes pledges to exert more control. But state legislators insist on more than apologies and promises
15 Feb - Rainy-day womenBerkeley's government-affairs team strives to build relationships sturdy enough to withstand the occasional (and inevitable) public stoning
15 Feb - Setting SMART goals is key to performance management: Collaboration between staff and managers will set the stage for next year's salary increases
15 Feb - Jump-starting a global conversation: Artist-scholar Trinh T. Minh-ha is in dialogue with the world on issues issues of marginalization, 'radical impurity,' and 'still speed'
15 Feb - An improbable Catholic: Upcoming 'Lunch Poems' reader Mary Karr finds reverence and dread in poetry, memoir, and prayer
15 Feb - Berkeley moving back up as source of Peace Corps volunteers
15 Feb - Probing the complex workings of DNA: Molecular biologist Cozzarelli to describe his work in Faculty Research Lecture
15 Feb - Recruitment efforts pay off: Berkeley's fall 2006 applications set record
15 Feb - Research Roundup
15 Feb - Obituary: Bart McGuire
15 Feb - New Briefs
08 Feb - John Lie: thinking globally, researching competitively: The dean of International and Area Studies explores new ways to bring the world to Berkeley and get Berkeley out in the world
08 Feb - Prestigious Mellon grant awarded to art history's Timothy Clark: Proceeds will allow him to continue his research, bring international conferences to campus, and attract top grad students
08 Feb - If the Bancroft caught fire, what would you save? Planning the library's centennial exhibition forced curators to make difficult choices: Marshall's nugget, or a stunning edition of Chaucer? The selected items go on view at the Berkeley Art Museum this weekend
08 Feb - 2006 UC summer programs for children
08 Feb - Attention, orchid-gawkers!: These celebrity-status plants are on public display in Strawberry Canyon once more
08 Feb - They're not about whether you win or lose: Greg Niemeyer finds both pleasure and insight in games from Roshambo to Pac-Man
08 Feb - 'The situation is always changing': Improvisers from three UC campuses unite here this weekend for an evening of inventive, unpredictable sounds
08 Feb - Holding a mirror to America: Renowned historian John Hope Franklin to appear in conversation with campus faculty
08 Feb - Awards
08 Feb - News Briefs
02 Feb - 'We had no notions of being heroes…': Sergeant and sophomore Fonda Fan describes her year in Iraq, among the camel spiders, snakes, and snipers
02 Feb - A subtle signature on the lay of the land: Life, among its other attributes, expresses itself geomorphologically
02 Feb - Jarralynne Agee does 'the Po thing': CALS Project manager's 'urban drama' is staged in Bronson's new Random House release
02 Feb - New leadership role for campus in global research : Elite institutions from four continents gathered in Singapore recently to launch the 10-member International Alliance of Research Universities. Berkeley's chancellor and dean of International and Area Studies participated
02 Feb - Cellulosic tech will drive the future: Significant energy and environmental benefits are possible from fueling up with ethanol rather than petroleum
02 Feb - A plethora of Berkeley events on UCTV in February
02 Feb - Opinion
02 Feb - Letters to the Editor
02 Feb - Research Roundup
02 Feb - News Briefs
26 Jan - Early leadership on climate policy can pay off for California, study says: New UC-led report makes case that climate action to meet Governor Schwarzenegger's goals is likely to promote economic growth in the state
26 Jan - The Republican right, and how it grew: Poli sci's Paul Pierson, co-author of Off Center, insists it's not the country that's changed — it's conservatives' control of the political machinery
26 Jan - The joys of Academic Senate service . . .: or how I came to love the Committee on Committees
26 Jan - Sneak preview of Spring 2006's coming attractions
26 Jan - From Bubba to Baryshnikov : After 30 years at Cal Performances, Danny Nilles has seen 'em all — and worked hard to get their shows off the truck, on the stage, and back on the road again
26 Jan - An ounce of prevention can avert a million-dollar lawsuit: Faculty and staff supervisors are required by state law to receive training on sexual-harassment issues
26 Jan - Letter to the Editor
26 Jan - Research Roundup: Milky Way's warp, a threat to the marbled murrelet, and methanogens on Mars
26 Jan - News Briefs
18 Jan - Getting Berkeley ready for business as unusual: After disaster strikes the region, critical campus functions will need to be resumed. Some 'incredible efforts' to plan for that day have already been made
18 Jan - Strike up the band… and cue the choir: Students sing the praises of a parade of faculty heroes, whose everyday exploits enrich undergrads' lives
18 Jan - Compensation controversy: 'This is the marketplace that we operate in,' says Birgeneau: Responding to media coverage of executive compensation at UC, the chancellor speaks out about the competitive realities the system – and the Berkeley campus – must address
18 Jan - Surfing is safer — and smarter — with flotation devices: In Wikipedia's wake, two SIMS researchers assess the quality of online information, and find it strained
18 Jan - Online tools for every stage in career growth
18 Jan - Letters to the Editor
18 Jan - Obituary: Henrik Blum
18 Jan - News Briefs
12 Jan - Former Chancellor Berdahl returns (briefly) to Berkeley: Later this spring, he'll assume helm of higher-ed advocacy org in D.C.
12 Jan - Nathan Brostrom selected to fill key vice-chancellorial slot: Specialist in public finance is Birgeneau's choice to replace the departed Horace Mitchell and James Hyatt in expanded role
12 Jan - America's wildest videos — coming to a monitor near you?: CONE technology aims at helping biologists monitor animal behavior from the comfort of their keyboards
12 Jan - Sleuthing out Bay Area mystery novels: Bancroft librarian tracks down suspects for ambitious online bibliography
12 Jan - ../../images of catastrophe, a century on: The Bancroft Library, celebrating its own centennial, limns the faults in the earth, the stars, and ourselves with '1906: The Great Quake — The History of a Disaster'
12 Jan - Voter-approved boost in the minimum wage shown to add little to the cost of living well in San Francisco: Restaurant employment unaffected; menu prices increased only slightly during survey period
12 Jan - Berkeley economist proposes Choose-Your-Charity policy : A change in regulations governing charitable giving could yield enough money to pay for a wealth of social programs
12 Jan - Annual $30,000 grant established for faculty whose research or service contributes to diversity and equal opportunity
12 Jan - Governor appoints energy professor emeritus Robert Sawyer to chair Air Resources Board
12 Jan - Awards
12 Jan - Obituary: Heinz Heinemann
12 Jan - Obituary: Barbara Shearer
12 Jan - Obituary: Charles Shain
12 Jan - Letter to the Editor
12 Jan - New Briefs