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11 Dec - Sustainability: A progress report: Berkeley demonstrates green leadership not just in the UC system but among universities nationwide
11 Dec - BILD-ing toward a more welcoming campus: The Berkeley Initiative for Leadership on Diversity reaches farther in year two
11 Dec - RFK Jr. vs. 'corporate plunder': In his Mario Savio Lecture, Kennedy argues that America's 'environmental destiny' hinges on an energetic democracy and a responsible press
11 Dec - "Well said!": Quotes, bon mots, and noteworthy utterances from the campus and beyond
11 Dec - Letter to the Editor: To the Berkeleyan:
11 Dec - Broccoli compound targets key enzyme in late-stage cancer
10 Dec - EEGs show brain differences between poor and rich kids: Researchers find that the effects of poverty show up in brain patterns that resemble frontal-lobe damage
11 Dec - Nobelist George Smoot to head cosmology center in South Korea: Research center at world's largest women's university will collaborate with Berkeley and Berkeley Lab scientists on understanding the origins of the universe
10 Dec - UC leaders call for new strategies to finance higher education: Christopher Edley, as Obama adviser, vows to advocate expanded federal role in supporting state schools
10 Dec - Three undergrads launch internship-matching site: Nationwide job board assists students in opening the door to their 'dream placement'
10 Dec - The psychology of teleology: To understand public resistance to evolution, it's helpful to think like a child
10 Dec - MBA students partner with national-lab scientists to commercialize clean tech
10 Dec - News Briefs
03 Dec - Where everybody knows your name: CAL Prep gets kids ready for Cal — and Cal ready for those kids
03 Dec - Initiative sets educational standards . . . the Berkeley way : Helping schools and departments think through what their undergrads should know
03 Dec - Economy tanking? Invest in higher ed: To dig out of recession, campus researcher advises, expand access to colleges and universities for tomorrow's 'human capital'
03 Dec - Economist Romer named to Obama's team: She'll be the third female CEA chair in 15 years to be recruited from Berkeley
03 Dec - Your marriage is likely to improve (after the kids leave)
03 Dec - "Well said!": Quotes, statements, bon mots, and noteworthy utterances from the campus and beyond
03 Dec - Grad-student 'lawyers with cameras' help rehabilitate Mexican 'justice': A legal system under which defendants rarely see a judge, or understand the proceedings against them, is ripe for reform
03 Dec - Grant will fund high-precision measurement lab in reconstructed Campbell Hall
03 Dec - Flexibility trumps fitness in sexual reproduction: So says a new theory in evolutionary biology, which emphasizes genes that play well with others
03 Dec - Jupiter's rocky core bigger and icier, model predicts: A new simulation suggests that methane, water, and ammonia ices surround the core, even though the planet's hydrogen-and-helium atmosphere contains hardly any ice
03 Dec - Obituary: Jody Ann Bussell
03 Dec - Obituary: Maurice Holt
03 Dec - Obituary: Frederick Sherman
03 Dec - Obituary: Charles Dekker
03 Dec - News Briefs
20 Nov - Big science and Berkeley's soul: As state funds shrivel, faculty reflect on how to avoid the potential pitfalls of campus's growing dependence on private research dollars
20 Nov - Pete Newell, Cal coaching legend, dies at 93
20 Nov - Guantánamo detainees confirm 'arbitrary and humiliating' treatment by U.S. guards: Excerpts from Guantánamo and Its Aftermath
20 Nov - New report details shattered lives of released Guantánamo detainees: Interviews with dozens of former prisoners, guards, officials, and attorneys confirm 'cruel, inhumane, and degrading treatment'
20 Nov - The 'five W's' go to multimedia boot camp : Film at 11? That's so Old School — try Flash at dawn, streaming video at noon, and enthusiastic local coverage around the clock. Berkeley's first-year journalism students aim to succeed where newspapers have failed
20 Nov - Evolution exhibit honoring F. Clark Howell debuts in VLSB: 'Skeletal tableau' of human ancestors is designed to educate and inspire visitors
20 Nov - It's My Job: Alondra Blandon
20 Nov - "Well said!": Quotes, statements, bon mots, and noteworthy utterances from the campus and beyond
20 Nov - Chemistry Nobelist to assume ICSU leadership
20 Nov - Campus center honors green, effective workplaces
20 Nov - Laurels: Blue ribbons, gold stars, honorable mentions
20 Nov - News Corp.'s Peter Chernin to inaugurate English department's alumni conversations
20 Nov - Vitamin C shown to lower levels of inflammation biomarker
20 Nov - News Briefs
12 Nov - How the governor’s latest budget proposals affect UC and its employees: As Schwarzenegger’s proposals move to the Legislature for consideration, the outcome and impact are still uncertain
12 Nov - Popular spot-award program increases payout for performance: Hundreds of hardworking staff have earned hundreds of dollars apiece this way. For 2008-09, it’s worth even more
12 Nov - UC Retirement Plan update: UC President Mark Yudof has distributed the following message to all members of the University of California community
12 Nov - "Well said!": Quotes, statements, bon mots, and noteworthy utterances from the campus and beyond
12 Nov - Obituary: John Fuller
12 Nov - Obituary: Janet Williams
12 Nov - News Briefs
07 Nov - Staff climate survey launches next week: Feedback to Equity and Inclusion division will help shape future projects
05 Nov - What’s in that stuff? Ask GoodGuide: Fretting over the hidden health, environmental, and social costs of the things you buy? Professor-cum-entrepreneur Dara O’Rourke felt a need, and filled it
05 Nov - Do babies matter in science?: A true measure of gender equity in academia would look at both the career and family outcomes of female Ph.D.s
05 Nov - Putting people before profits: The way this year’s Weinstock lecturer, Amory Lovins, crunches the numbers, the bottom line — for capitalists as much as for conservationists — depends on taking nature into account
05 Nov - A Bay Region master: The architecture of Joseph Esherick finally gets its due
05 Nov - The meetings are virtual, the savings are real: Campus’s videoconferencing service provides a cost-effective, greener way to bring people together
05 Nov - "Well said!": Quotes, statements, bon mots, and noteworthy utterances from the campus and beyond
05 Nov - Cross-race friendships can lower stress: Subjects with racial biases relaxed — and made friends — with social exposure, interactions, and communication
05 Nov - Six Berkeley faculty members among new Fulbright Scholars for 2008-09
05 Nov - Ants who crave the salt of the earth: How can you identify the researchers who discovered that Pecan Sandy cookies really bring ants running? They’re the ones with little bees up their noses
05 Nov - Obituary: Jon Gjerde
05 Nov - Obituary: Sharon Harvey
05 Nov - News Briefs
29 Oct - In what ways is Obama ‘different’? : Twenty-five years after he first measured the so-called Bradley effect, Charles Henry weighs in on race, unity, and the perspicacity of Chris Rock
29 Oct - Birgeneau: Prepare for worsening budget picture: Temporary solution spares units from the brunt of a state-mandated midyear cut, but chancellor calls on campus to curb spending now and brace for the future
29 Oct - November is Open Enrollment month: UC steps in to shield employees from increasing costs; few changes will be made to healthcare plans
29 Oct - He who steals my artwork steals . . . what, exactly?: One side in this debate claims that appropriating visual imagery in the digital age is a legitimate artistic enterprise; the other insists it’s the illegal use of another’s intellectual property. It’s one question among many to be considered at a campus conference next week
29 Oct - "Well said!": Quotes, statements, bon mots, and noteworthy utterances from the campus and beyond
29 Oct - Homeland insecurity: Storyteller and musician Laurie Anderson on art and technology
29 Oct - EBI named tech-transfer ‘Deal of Distinction’
29 Oct - Denser computer chips possible with plasmonic lenses that ‘fly’
29 Oct - This is your brain on adolescence: MRI studies of young people’s brains show why kids often act before they think
29 Oct - News Briefs
22 Oct - Regents approve final budget for 2008-09: Budget reductions and unfunded cost increases for the current year add up to tough times for UC campuses and UCOP
22 Oct - Geologist Walter Alvarez receives top earth-sciences award: His pioneering work on mass-extinction events helped change our view of evolution
22 Oct - Cracking the chronic-poverty code: Living in housing projects for nearly a decade, Berkeley ethnographer Martín Sánchez-Jankowski discovered a ‘subculture of scarcity’ that resists middle-class values but makes the lives of the poor richer
22 Oct - An online resource for resourceful voters: Polls, endorsements, analysis: Public Affairs’ election website pulls it all together
22 Oct - Did Earl Warren wink?: There are some parallels between the GOP’s 1948 vice-presidential candidate and this year’s ... but the differences are what’s striking
22 Oct - ‘Moving forward against strong opposing forces’ : Choreographer Sue Li Jue, who teaches at Berkeley, produces an evening of dance and live music
22 Oct - Warming in Yosemite sends small mammals packing to higher, cooler elevations: Resurvey of Grinnell’s famed transect through the park shows ‘what has changed and why.’ Climate is part of the answer
22 Oct - Counting kangaroo rats from space: Using a borrowed spy satellite to spot this species’ distinctive burrow entrances, researchers track their numbers in hopes of protecting biodiversity on the Carrizo Plain in south-central California
22 Oct - It's My Job: Ben Hubbard
22 Oct - Higher risk of adult obesity linked to extra cash from government program
22 Oct - Obituary: David Freedman
22 Oct - News Briefs
15 Oct - UC holds the line on health costs for 2009: Most employees will pay less in premiums than in 2008, or only slightly more, thanks to the UC system’s infusion of cash support
15 Oct - Dozens of East Bay climate-change researchers to gather at I-House: Some 2,000 scientists contributed to the Nobel Peace Prize-winning IPCC report on global warming. Next week, the local contingent will be honored
15 Oct - What Haruki Murakami talks about when he talks about writing: Popular Japanese author is awarded the first Berkeley Japan Prize during campus visit
15 Oct - News Briefs
09 Oct - Greyhounds and bloodhounds: At a forum on the U.S. financial collapse, campus experts follow the trail to the roots of the crisis, hold their noses for a hard-to-swallow $700 billion bailout
09 Oct - Repairs to Sather Gate, a true campus icon, to start this week: Campus’s south portal is showing its age. But by next spring it will be ‘ready to weather another 100 years’
09 Oct - Smashing the Berkeley myth: Participatory democracy, individualism, the good life — what could be more all-American?
09 Oct - Faculty Program for Engaged Scholarship prioritizes service: For many, making a difference begins in the classroom and extends to the community
09 Oct - Impact of terror threats on electorate studied: Political moderates found less likely to tilt rightward
10 Oct - PACE studies offer recommendations for California schools: Status report from multi-campus center for education-policy research coincides with celebration of its first 25 years
09 Oct - Campus, LBNL partner to address India’s energy, economic priorities
10 Oct - Asian Americans could play key role in the presidential race, study shows: America’s fastest-growing ethnic grouping may spell the difference in swing states
10 Oct - Barbara Boxer pays a call
09 Oct - News Briefs
02 Oct - Band on the run marks its 50th reunion: The Cal Band of ’58 was all over the map: from Berkeley to Brussels and back, with a quick detour to the Russian pavilion
01 Oct - Why is Wall Street in shambles?
01 Oct - Nuclear weapons: Countdown to zero?: Berkeley experts join George Shultz, others on Commonwealth Club panel
01 Oct - Berkeley’s Tjian to head Howard Hughes Medical Institute, top provider of private funds for biomedical research
01 Oct - Karl Kasten keeps his hand in: The emeritus professor of art practice — a member of the famed Berkeley School — remains active and energetic. So does his art, now on display in a campus retrospective
01 Oct - NIH honors Berkeley bioengineer: New Innovator Award, with its $1.5 million payout, goes to Sanjay Kumar, investigator of cellular mechanics
01 Oct - Modern China defies Western notions, says journalist James Fallows: Nation is ‘fractured’ and contradictory, but neither a military nor an economic threat . . . if handled properly
01 Oct - What’s up when stars glow but don’t blow?: Scientists aren’t sure what force can cause a star to brighten almost to supernova intensity without destroying it in the process
01 Oct - Governor signs bill to protect academic researchers
02 Oct - Haas' Karlene Roberts studies asteroid-defense strategy
01 Oct - Obituary: Robert Royston
01 Oct - Letters to the Editor
01 Oct - News Briefs
24 Sep - ‘Thanks to Berkeley’ rings out across campus: The curtain goes up on a $3 billion fundraising effort, with a bevy of public and private events — and one grand unveiling
24 Sep - Courts reporter supreme on the law and the press: In two campus appearances, former New York Times correspondent Linda Greenhouse looks back on three decades at the Court
24 Sep - Politics and Pipelines: If it’s relevant to California’s water history, past or present, it’s on the shelves of Berkeley’s Water Resources Center Archive
24 Sep - ‘An outflowing of love’ for the Cal Band’s emeritus director: Robert O. Briggs, dead at 81, ‘understood, nurtured, tolerated, and instructed’ generations of band members
24 Sep - Obituary: Paola Timiras
24 Sep - News Briefs
18 Sep - Revisiting the human-rights horror in Cambodia: It’s taken this long to bring just five likely Khmer Rouge killers before a tribunal. Wouldn’t it be easier simply to ‘bury the past’ and move on? Sophal Ear isn’t sure
18 Sep - Charting China’s post-Mao history through its art: Berkeley Art Museum’s “Mahjong” takes visitors on a 40-year tour of Chinese creativity
17 Sep - What we don’t know (yet) about biofuels: EBI director Chris Somerville on the quest to create next-generation fuels
17 Sep - San Francisco Examiner archive offers a glimpse of local history
17 Sep - It's My Job: Karyn Houston
17 Sep - March 19 gamma-ray burst was first ever visible to the naked eye: Berkeley researchers burned the midnight oil to generate the first published report of the phenomenon
17 Sep - Berkeley engineers create new gecko-like adhesive: Imagine a sticky tape that not only doesn’t gather dirt like a magnet, but shakes the stuff off like . . . well, like a gecko’s foot
17 Sep - Genome sequence deepens mystery of inconspicuous sea creature: Once thought, by virtue of its simplicity, to be the oldest ancestor of all animals, Trichoplax adhaerens has been shown to be younger than the sponges, but still a potential key to our understanding of early life
17 Sep - News Briefs
12 Sep - Campus honors those it has lost
12 Sep - Events mark countdown to campaign kickoff: Largest-ever campus fundraising drive will be launched next week
11 Sep - None dare call them foodies: As an audience with an insatiable appetite for sustainability listened, an expert panel picked over the appetizing carcass of Slow Food Nation
11 Sep - With creative thinking from all, at Berkeley there will be blood: Federal rules prohibit gay men from donating blood, so campus health officials consider alternative approaches
11 Sep - Tree-sitters’ last stand
11 Sep - A week of Constitutional conversation: Journalists, judges, politicos, and scholars share the spotlight as the campus observes Constitution Day
11 Sep - Laurels: Blue ribbons, gold stars, honorable mentions
11 Sep - Automated bus uses magnets to steer through city streets: Researchers now ‘a step closer’ to readying system for urban rollout, as a lower-cost alternative to light rail
11 Sep - Studies assess impacts of Bush administration’s No Child Left Behind reforms: ‘Implementation breakdowns’ occur as schools wrestle with accountability requirements
11 Sep - Campus hosts federal task force on sustainable energy: Decades of potential progress have been “frittered away,” said Berkeley’s Dan Kammen
11 Sep - Georgia, Russia, and Ukraine on their minds: A panel of campus experts found consensus in their views of recent events in the former Soviet Union
11 Sep - Obituary: Michael Baxandall
11 Sep - News Briefs
03 Sep - Coming attractions at UC Berkeley for fall 2008: Power and politics at home and abroad
03 Sep - Getting graphic: Morrison Library revives artwork-lending program begun in 1950s: Faculty and staff can borrow framed prints from the comfort of their cubes
03 Sep - EBI launches fall biofuels seminar series
03 Sep - Clark Kerr campus to host all-day energy roundtable: Thursday, Sept. 4, task-force meeting will address challenges facing researchers
03 Sep - Obituary: Alice Taylor
03 Sep - News Briefs
27 Aug - WarnMe system designed to notify you of emergencies quickly: Stay connected to the campus while staying safe, as emergency alerts reach you by phone, e-mail or text
27 Aug - For the press, Birgeneau lays out fall priorities: Bolster the budget, protect the academic program, and make all students feel welcome
27 Aug - What Biden brings to the party: As the Democrats convene in Denver, Berkeley’s top pundits and political handicappers assess Barack Obama’s choice for veep
27 Aug - Berkeley’s online calendar wins UC’s top technology award: Innovative portal, the product of a combined student/staff effort, puts hundreds of campus events at your fingertips
27 Aug - All that glitters
27 Aug - Four young scientists touted as top innovators: National magazines declare two chemists and two astronomers from Berkeley to be outstanding in their fields
27 Aug - A preview of poetry and prose readings: For literature lovers, Lunch Poems and Story Hour deliver the goods
27 Aug - U.S. News again declares Berkeley the nation’s top public university: Undergrad engineering, business programs do well in latest rankings
27 Aug - FASDI helps Berkeley get its facts together: It’s a system focused on integrating data from all over campus into maps, websites, and other platforms that make information — currently lodged in dozens of silos — more available to all
27 Aug - To preserve, protect, defend, and hang out: Presidents keeping busy are the focus of this photo exhibit
27 Aug - Obituary: Elizabeth "Betsy" Badè Bacon
27 Aug - Obituary: Raymond Kent
27 Aug - News Briefs
21 Aug - From the Bronx to Berkeley: After a summer of study funded by a generous alum, nine sharp city kids wound up feeling that college might be in their futures after all
21 Aug - Building an energy 'cathedral': Local high-schoolers, some without a Bunsen burner to their names, explored cutting-edge science at Berkeley this summer
21 Aug - Chancellor's Community Partnership Fund grants awarded: Campus partners help support Berkeley projects promoting neighborhood improvement and other local goals
21 Aug - Startling amphibian decline a sign of larger biodiversity crisis: The sixth in a series of global extinction events is decimating populations that survived the dinosaurs
21 Aug - Berkeley virologist named a Keck Distinguished Young Scholar
21 Aug - Beth Burnside, campus's research chief, to step down
21 Aug - A bill to protect animal researchers: Measure passed by state Senate committee may be voted on soon
21 Aug - It's my job: Darin Jensen
21 Aug - Screening for diabetes in an emergency setting: At Highland Hospital in Oakland, a UC student tests the ER’s capacity to address an epidemic
21 Aug - A natural talent: Be it with camera or paintbrush, Administration's Rita Gardner gets the picture
21 Aug - New book distills essential physics for the next president: Who should teach him to predict the course of a rogue asteroid — Dr. Strangelove or Richard Muller??
21 Aug - A residential scholar is in the house: Geography's Paul Groth explores the many ways in which Americans inhabit their homes
21 Aug - Obituary: Neil Bartlett
21 Aug - News Briefs
17 Jul - Summer shines on a bumper crop of new deans: Appointments—at Haas, Goldman, Extension, Chemistry, L&S, CED, and CNR—await formal approval this week
17 Jul - Campus rolls out red carpet for returning troops: New GI Bill provides substantial financial aid; expect to see ‘some pretty happy veterans’ here soon
17 Jul - Chancellor Birgeneau honored with Academic Leadership Award: Carnegie Corporation recognizes ‘leading spokesman’ for higher ed
17 Jul - Two recently named to vice-chancellorial posts: Harry Le Grande to head student affairs permanently; Yeary will help guide campus planning and finances
17 Jul - A champion of equity and fairness: Ombudsperson Carmen McKines retires after four decades at Berkeley
17 Jul - Richard Karp, computer theorist, awarded 2008 Kyoto Prize
17 Jul - Astrophysicist Reinhard Genzel wins million-dollar Shaw Prize: Few have spent more time pondering the nature of our galactic center
17 Jul - Research Roundup
17 Jul - Research Roundup
17 Jul - Obituary: Alfred Arteaga
17 Jul - Obituary: Clay Felker
17 Jul - Obituary: Joseph Frisch
17 Jul - Obituary: Gunther Stent
17 Jul - News Briefs
04 Jun - Stepping down, but staying the course: Caroline Kane is retiring after a quarter-century of biochemical research and full-bore activism on behalf of student diversity
04 Jun - PG&E incentives lead to significant savings: Energy conservation on campus profits from partnership with utility
04 Jun - Where Were You in ‘68?: Faculty and staff memories conjure a tumultuous decade’s most eventful year.
04 Jun - ‘An inch of time should be highly prized’: (and other wisdom from the podium)
04 Jun - Historian Stovall is new L&S undergraduate dean
04 Jun - Howard Hughes Medical Institute names five Berkeley faculty as investigators
04 Jun - Charles Henry receives Chancellor’s Award: Professor of African American Studies receives kudo for advancing institutional excellence
04 Jun - Obituary: Murray Protter
04 Jun - Obituary: David Hooson
04 Jun - Obituary: Don Rogers
04 Jun - News Briefs
08 May - On sexual and gender diversity: A statement of principle from Chancellor Birgeneau
08 May - Graduation season gets under way: Words of wisdom to flow from faculty and off-campus speakers
08 May - Top senior wants ‘to be happy and help others be happy’: Infectious-disease detective and champion of Chinese orphans overcame shyness to achieve her goals
08 May - Games aside, the real Olympic challenge is engaging with China: Scholars and artists depict a race against the Asian nation’s rising carbon emissions and unsustainable development
08 May - Energy Biosciences Institute funds 49 first-year projects: Work will focus on cellulosic biofuels — their development, production, and impacts
08 May - Two learned societies elect five Berkeley faculty: NAS taps Botchan, Rine, and Smoot; APS welcomes Rochberg, Schekman
08 May - Berkeley Citations awarded to Cummins, SPH’s Spear
08 May - Clean-energy ventures dominate 2008 Global Social Venture Competition
08 May - Chemical giant Dow funds 23 sustainability projects: Designed by faculty and students, most of the funded innovations address such global needs as clean drinking water and resource-efficient cookstoves — though one will help grantees market their products
08 May - A stove created at Berkeley to help refugee women survive the dinner hour
08 May - Research Roundup
08 May - Obituary: Cathleen Keller
08 May - News Briefs
30 Apr - John Cummins puts controversy behind him : As chief of staff to four chancellors, he’shandled protests, hostage crises, bomb threats, evacuations, town-gown disputes, and whatever else came his way
30 Apr - Quok Shee on Angel Island: A new book by Haas administrator Robert Barde tells a sorry tale of immigration, American-style
30 Apr - Cell-phone video: It’s not just for YouTube anymore: Researchers harness ubiquitous technology to bring medical imaging to underserved populations
30 Apr - For a beloved maestro, a very grand finale: Cal Performances’ 2008-09 season will be an extended sendoff for its longtime director, Robert Cole
30 Apr - Lawrence Rinder named to helm BAM/PFA: He returns to the museum after a decade away to oversee its new-building campaign and expanded programming
30 Apr - A new leader named for university communications: Holmes to play key role in advising chancellor, campus leaders
30 Apr - Campus receives coveted ‘green’ certification for Haste Street child center : Facility provides an environmentally friendly framework for young Golden Bears, and makes protecting the planet a part of their daily lives
30 Apr - A snapshot of student reading habits over two decades: Surveys identify ephemeral, and enduring, choices — from Austen to Obama
30 Apr - Laurels: Blue ribbons, gold stars, and honorable mentions
30 Apr - News Briefs
24 Apr - Understanding Underhill: Completed projects help meet a range of campus needs
23 Apr - Bottom line on the Berkeley budget: With the UC system facing a $417 million shortfall from the state, the campus strives to keep the pain to a minimum
23 Apr - Sustainability Summit: A coming of age?: Students, staff, and faculty pitched in, prodded, and preached the green gospel
23 Apr - Low cortisol levels found in children of mothers with depressive symptoms
23 Apr - Sudden Oak Death pathogen is evolving, says new study: Conditions favorable to the pathogen have led to rapid spread of SOD to areas distant from its sites of origin in Northern California
23 Apr - Obituary: Alex Farrell
23 Apr - News Briefs
16 Apr - Setting minds ablaze since 1959: For half a century, the campus has honored its top teachers with the Distinguished Teaching Award. Four new recipients carry on the tradition
16 Apr - This year’s Sustainability Summit definitely has an agenda: It just isn’t printed on paper. Walking the walk, organizers plan for the day’s big events to make a minimal mess
16 Apr - UC researchers uncover new clues to a hidden dementia: FTLD affects the sufferer’s emotions, which makes it easy to overlook
16 Apr - Bush under fire, friendly and otherwise: President gets low marks at a campus retrospective, and his former re-election strategist is the toughest grader of all
16 Apr - Sights, sounds, and stories from around the world : PFA curator Susan Oxtoby shares her picks from the San Francisco International Film Festival
16 Apr - Obituary: Gerard Caspary
16 Apr - News Briefs
09 Apr - Honoring those who keep the place running: Annual day of recognition for top-flight staff was April 3
09 Apr - A chronicle of Berkeley: Nut Hill, chained suffragettes, and all: The town and the campus are joined at the historical hip, says Berkeley City College prof Charles Wollenberg
09 Apr - Pulitzer for a poet: Berkeley’s Robert Hass shares 2008 award for his collection Time and Materials
09 Apr - Fruit and flowers honor a teacher who ‘knows her stuff’: This year’s student-initiated Golden Apple Award goes to Ananya Roy
09 Apr - A snapshot of diversity, Berkeley-style: In a two-day photo session, hundreds of staff, faculty, and students line up to say ‘cheese’ . . . . and ‘thank you’
09 Apr - For men’s basketball program, new hire’s nothing but net: Mike Montgomery, who led Stanford (yes, Stanford) to four Pac-10 titles and a tournament crown, takes the reins as Cal’s head coach a quick week following Ben Braun’s departure
09 Apr - Shades of gray . . . with a touch of black-and-blue: In her first novel, English lecturer Melanie Abrams takes a literary yet erotic approach to dominant/submissive sex
09 Apr - Chancellor speaks truth to power in D.C.: At Senate hearing on greenhouse-gas emissions, Birgeneau outlines campus’s leadership, calls for tighter restrictions to curb global warming
09 Apr - Experts’ guesstimate: Cal Day could reach SPF30
09 Apr - Latest U.S. News graduate rankings spotlight Berkeley’s breadth
09 Apr - Obituary: Robert Mishell
09 Apr - News Briefs
02 Apr - Regents pick University of Texas chancellor to lead UC system: A legal scholar who’s headed two major public universities, Mark Yudof stresses accountability, vows to ‘earn the confidence of the people of California every day’
02 Apr - Meet the (flesh-eating) beetles — performing one day only: That would be Cal Day, naturally, a multi-species extravaganza of science, art, awesomeness, and just plain fun for the whole Cal family
02 Apr - Opening up, or dumbing down?: Web 2.0 ‘creates an environment where anyone can say anything.’ That’s either the beginning of wisdom, the end of civilization as we know it, or something in between
02 Apr - All keyed up: 25 students vie for an 80-year-old Steinway: Generosity and serendipity both play a part in the first Berkeley Piano Competition
02 Apr - It's My Job
02 Apr - Rap music’s growing addiction to drugs: Decades after Public Enemy warned of the dangers of crack, a new study raises public-health concerns over today’s artists’ linking of drugs to creativity, wealth, and status
02 Apr - Wrapping our arms around octopus love: Biologists find the secretive sea creatures’ mating behavior is surprisingly complex, featuring gender-bending, flirting, and, yes, plenty of hand-holding
02 Apr - Literary scholar Annabel Patterson to deliver Tanner Lectures: Talks to range from Bacon and Locke to American values
02 Apr - Laurels : Celebrating Berkeley’s blue ribbons, gold stars, and honorable mentions
02 Apr - Research Roundup
02 Apr - Obituary: David Gale
02 Apr - Letter to the Editor
02 Apr - News Briefs
20 Mar - Migrating to El Norte: Opinion by Alvaro Huerta
19 Mar - East Asian Library is open for business: The campus's far-flung collections have a stunning new home
19 Mar - A new honor for indefatigable former faculty: The first Dickson Emeriti Professorship recognizes the ongoing work of Joseph Duggan<
19 Mar - Faculty and student scholars ponder a world on the move: Sociologist Irene Bloemraad seeks to raise the profile of migration studies at Berkeley, where a new generation of students from immigrant families is coming of age
19 Mar - Understanding the Middle East, or not: In separate Nimitz lectures, a retired top general and the former head of the CIA’s bin Laden desk offer sharply conflicting views of al Qaeda, Iraq, and U.S. foreign policy
19 Mar - Anniversary of a rebellion: What veteran of ’60s protests can view Serge Hambourg’s photos and not murmur, ‘We’ll always have Paris’?
19 Mar - Fun and enlightenment for 35,000 will be the order of the day : Cal Day, the campus’s annual open house, is April 12
19 Mar - Daniel Boyarin will deliver Faculty Research Lecture: His April 1 talk on Plato and the Talmud is the second of two lectures in the 2008 series
19 Mar - Berkeley and Stanford to conduct joint stem-cell research
19 Mar - Research Roundup
19 Mar - New Briefs
12 Mar - A peer-to-peer-support resource is born: The Disability Staff Resource Network aims to empower employees seeking workplace accommodations
12 Mar - Alarming increase in growth of China’s CO2 emissions anticipated: Now the top emitter of carbon dioxide worldwide, China is especially culpable, researchers say, for its tolerance of provincial pollution during its rush to development
12 Mar - Human trafficking steps from the shadows: On the eve of International Women’s Day, attention turns to the largely invisible issue of modern-day slavery
12 Mar - Chemist to deliver year’s first Faculty Research Lecture
12 Mar - A handout to help break the cycle of poverty: Extra cash given to low-income Mexican families is linked to better child development. Based on its success, a similar program is underway in New York City
12 Mar - Accrediting commission notes UC compensation and governance reforms
12 Mar - School of Public Health to honor its ‘heroes’ in annual ceremony
12 Mar - Laurels : Celebrating Berkeley’s blue ribbons, gold stars, and honorable mentions
12 Mar - Obituary: John Freeman
12 Mar - News Briefs
05 Mar - Online calculator yields a personal carbon footprint: By enabling household-to-household comparisons, it helps users better estimate the impact of their energy-saving actions
05 Mar - Prime-time torture gets a reality check: Jack Bauer, the hero of 24, is an unalloyed force for truth, justice, and the American way — at least on the tube. The real world is more complicated
05 Mar - All in the job family: Tips to help managers, supervisors, and staff navigate the next phase of Career Compass
05 Mar - Berkeley to partner with new Saudi university: Department of Mechanical Engineering to receive $28 million over five years for its role in establishing a counterpart in the desert kingdom. Assurances are offered regarding the rights of women and other participants
05 Mar - ¡Caramba! Gordo comes to Berkeley: Gus Arriola’s much-loved comic strip, published almost continuously from 1941 until 1985, brought Mexico to millions of readers north of the border. Now his chubby tour guide’s archives have found a home at the Bancroft
05 Mar - UC to offer admission to all eligible undergraduates for 2008-09: California’s budget challenge deepens; enrolling additional students in the future without state funding is ‘not sustainable,’ says Provost Hume
05 Mar - Public-health worker shortage will leave the nation vulnerable, according to new ASPH report: Experts at the School of Public Health confirm that the crisis will have an impact on California
05 Mar - Public schools in California are performing better, says PACE policy brief, though ‘rough edges’ persist: Despite insufficient resources and increasing diversity, schools are ‘generally moving in the right direction’
05 Mar - Exhibit to depict a century of student fashion on the Berkeley campus: From the plugs of a century ago to the fauxhawks of today, campus couture has tracked larger social influences
05 Mar - News Briefs
27 Feb - Keeping the fruits of knowledge within reach: The Berkeley Research Impact Initiative explores alternatives to traditional publishing models
27 Feb - Milquetoasts need not apply?: As demonstrators targeted the moderator, a panel of legal experts discussed the next president’s role in shaping the federal judiciary
27 Feb - Solar panels ‘a loser’ in the search for affordable energy: Solar-photovoltaic systems not only cost four times as much money as they ‘save,’ says Haas School researcher Severin Borenstein, but they’re installed in the wrong places
27 Feb - The Promise of Berkeley: Keeping the Cal family in touch
27 Feb - Bigfoot casts a philosophical shadow: On the heels of Darwin Day, the Hearst Museum displays plaster casts of alleged Sasquatch footprints — and ponders the nature of evidence and truth
27 Feb - Digital-media grants will fund new projects: By exploring air pollution in Cairo and Los Angeles, and teaching English via cell phone in India, two Berkeley researchers will advance the development of digital media for learning
27 Feb - Strong community and social networks may do an ailing heart good, new study finds : High levels of ‘social capital’ in communities linked to reduced occurrence of acute coronary syndrome
27 Feb - New business center to bolster Haas School’s Asia offerings
27 Feb - Faculty Nightstand: For fun, lit prof Vicky Kahn turns to modern-day fiction
27 Feb - It's My Job
27 Feb - News Briefs
20 Feb - Top UC administrator coming to Berkeley as associate chancellor: UC Associate President Linda Williams joins the chancellor’s office, as John Cummins retires after 36 years on campus
20 Feb - New endowed chair is named to honor longtime campus supporter Robert Haas: Funding for Robert D. Haas Chancellor’s Chair in Equity and Inclusion comes from Levi Strauss & Co., supported by the recent Hewlett Challenge grant
20 Feb - Ang Lee’s films to be focus of ‘On the Same Page’ program
20 Feb - National Academy of Engineering elects three from Berkeley
19 Feb - 2008 UC summer programs for children
13 Feb - What do we mean when we talk of love?: Just in time for Valentine’s Day, psychologist Dacher Keltner demystifies the biological manifestations of everyone’s favorite heartfelt emotion
13 Feb - General says Abu Ghraib scandal will resonate ‘for years to come’: Even in retirement, Antonio Taguba, whose report on inmate abuse shed new light on the U.S. ‘war on terror,’ remains the good soldier and reluctant critic
13 Feb - So an EECS prof and an undergrad walk into a computer lab...: Jester 4.0 may seem like a lot of laughs, but to Ken Goldberg and Tavi Nathanson, jokes about dumb blondes and Chuck Norris are merely the setup for adventures in higher math
13 Feb - Campus to conduct first online conference on aging: Seniors and scholars alike can participate in real time, or view archived presentations later. It’s all in preparation for the upcoming ‘silver tsunami’ of aging Boomers
13 Feb - National Academy of Sciences hosting art-practice prof Katherine Sherwood’s ‘Golgi’s Door’ show
13 Feb - Somewhere on I-880, between Hayward and Fremont, they drove into the future (then came right back)
13 Feb - Tracking gliding behavior in the ‘flying’ lemur: The airborne critter maneuvers through forests and around obstacles, propelling itself on wind currents caught by its membranous skin
13 Feb - News Briefs
06 Feb - Berkeley joins the nation in turning the spotlight on climate change: Last week the campus participated with other colleges and universities across America to ‘Focus the Nation’ on global warming
06 Feb - Statistician’s new method will test election outcomes: ‘Auditing for confidence’ on the basis of observed discrepancies
06 Feb - Who goes here? The undergrad lowdown: Latest survey data offers a 360-degree view of the Berkeley student body — its social and study habits, political leanings, and academic inclinations
06 Feb - Rewriting history and poking fun at the powers that be: BAM/PFA opens a 25-year retrospective of Enrique Chagoya’s audacious artwork
06 Feb - Anna’s hummingbird chirps with its tail: What sets the tone for hummer romance? A high climb, a steep dive — and just the right vibration
06 Feb - Engineers create new adhesive that mimics a gecko’s super-sticky toe hairs: It’s directional, relieving the lizards — and, perhaps someday, even robots — of the need to apply pressure to adhere to a surface
06 Feb - Freshman publishes memoir of his life with ADHD: Two years after starting to write, his hope remains to humanize a misunderstood disorder
06 Feb - It's My Job
06 Feb - Laurels : Celebrating Berkeley’s blue ribbons, gold stars, and honorable mentions
06 Feb - Obituary: Jorge Liderman
06 Feb - News Briefs
30 Jan - Chancellor Birgeneau on keeping public universities affordable: ‘We have to start now’
30 Jan - ‘Green chemistry’ promoted as a sustainable approach to managing the manufacture and use of toxics: Chemical exposures cost California an estimated $2.6 billion, says new policy report endorsed by 127 UC faculty
30 Jan - When environmental footprints land on the neighbors’ doorsteps: The wealth of (some) nations is often built on the damage they impose on others
30 Jan - Campus issues statement of environmental commitment: An expression of our role as university citizens
30 Jan - New director in place to coordinate campus sustainability efforts: A résumé that includes natural-resource management and climate-change study
30 Jan - First endowed faculty chair in new media funded by craigslist: Thanks to matching funds from the Hewlett Foundation’s 2007 challenge grant, income from more than $3 million will be available to support the chairholder’s work
30 Jan - Mellon Foundation grant will help the humanities compete: Endowment establishes new fund to aid Berkeley’s recruitment of top graduate students
30 Jan - For Obama, the act’s the thing: Theater prof Shannon Steen peers into the candidate’s political persona and finds Horatio Alger, Abe Lincoln, and Stanislavski looking back at her
30 Jan - Coming attractions for spring 2008: Global warming, rebellion, and redemption top a lineup of events at Berkeley this sememter that will challenge the mind, entertain the senses, and depart from the conventional
30 Jan - News Briefs
23 Jan - Albert Bowker, fifth chancellor at Berkeley, dies at 88: During the 1970s, he ‘paved the way’ for the campus of today
23 Jan - Campus to remove diseased Monterey pines from Gill Tract in Albany: Infection, pests, and high winds have all taken their toll on the aging stand of trees, posing danger to the driving and pedestrian public
23 Jan - Frances Allen: A pioneer in high-performance computing: The explorer, adventurer, and renowned computer scientist delivers a Regents’ Lecture for EECS on Jan. 31
23 Jan - News Briefs
16 Jan - Governor’s budget proposes cuts to address deficit: UC’s compact with the state will still be honored — but 10 percent must then come off the top of the new total, Schwarzenegger says
16 Jan - New life for the New Deal: Revered, reviled, and largely forgotten, the public-works legacy of the FDR era is all around us — and the Living New Deal Project is drawing the map
16 Jan - Historian Thomas Laqueur receives Mellon Foundation award for distinguished achievement: ‘Depth and liveliness’ characterize the noted scholar’s enquiries into religion, death, and sex
16 Jan - Fiction readers get their moment in the campus spotlight: Story Hour in the Library series debuts next week
16 Jan - Neil Henry to lead journalism school in 2008: He’ll serve until a permanent head is appointed
16 Jan - It's My Job
16 Jan - Discover magazine cites Berkeley research among 2007’s top stories
16 Jan - Ant parasite turns its host into something resembling a ripe, red berry: The better to facilitate parasite population growth through consumption of avian droppings, researchers conclude
16 Jan - Stem-cell grant to Berkeley bioengineer will spur research on rejuvenating muscle: Irina Conboy looks ahead to a time when, like now, many of us are falling apart . . . but we’ll be able to do something about it
16 Jan - Research Roundup
16 Jan - Obituary: Donald Kaplan
16 Jan - Obituary: Andrew Imbrie
16 Jan - Obituary: VèVè Clark
16 Jan - Obituary: Paul Plouffe
16 Jan - News Briefs