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Story Archives for 2007

06 Dec - East Bay cities, campus, and LBNL announce ‘green corridor’ ambitions: Berkeley, Lawrence Lab, and four municipalities envision the region’s future as a hub of environmental research and industry
06 Dec - Nobelist George Smoot launches new center for cosmological research: A place for observationalists, phenomenologists, and theorists to study — and perhaps solve — enduring questions about the universe
06 Dec - Taking a bullet for research: To geographer Michael Watts, who made headlines in a summer shootout in the Niger Delta, the real story is the impact of oil development on Nigerians themselves
06 Dec - The most wonderful time of the year?Is it drummer-boy time again? A trio of wise Haas School scholars weighs in on the commercial side of the holidays
06 Dec - Recruitment effort is launched for three dean positions
06 Dec - Would you, like Chicago, want to see Wal-Mart give its workers a 25 percent raise?: The cost of increasing their wages would indeed cost you — but not very much
06 Dec - Laurels: Celebrating Berkeley’s blue ribbons, gold stars, and honorable mentions
06 Dec - Obituary: Joseph Gregory
06 Dec - Obituary: Ralph Rader
06 Dec - News Briefs
28 Nov - A done deal: EBI contract is signed: Stanford’s Somerville joins Berkeley faculty and will direct the institute; evaluation of research pre-proposals is already under way
28 Nov - An EBI FAQ
28 Nov - Black, white, and shades of green: Exploring issues of race, land, and identity, geographer Carolyn Finney finds a place for herself in academia
28 Nov - Shedding light on a cell’s inner dynamics: Researchers use gold nanoparticles, in combination with a relatively small number of molecules, to make possible a ‘real-time view’ of cellular processes
28 Nov - UC’s 2008-09 budget proposal approved
28 Nov - Might as well face it — we’re addicted to oil: The first step in cleaning up the environment is plugging in our cars, said Clintonista-turned-Brookings-scholar David Sandalow during a recent campus visit
28 Nov - Lost 16th-century mass discovered by Berkeley music scholar: Final movement of Striggio’s choral work, for 60 voices, is ‘Florentine art at its most spectacular,’ says music professor Davitt Moroney
28 Nov - A passion for pachyderms: The Tang Center’s Julie Barnett is on a crusade to save Asian elephants
28 Nov - News Briefs
14 Nov - It’s no page-turner, but . . .: Assistive Technology Center gets high marks from students with disabilities
14 Nov - Salary increases take center stage at Academic Senate meeting: Faculty oversight of EBI contract negotiations also addressed
14 Nov - To avoid raising ungrateful kids, just log on: New website encourages emotional literacy in children
14 Nov - StatFinder puts UC admissions information at your fingertips: New interactive Web tool to provide parents, legislators, and others access to wide range of useful data
14 Nov - From their table to yours: Staff and faculty share favorite Thanksgiving dishes
08 Nov - Fifth planet found around nearby star: Senior member of Berkeley team contributing to the discovery believes still more ‘exoplanets’ orbiting 55 Cancri remain to be discovered
08 Nov - Donald Kennedy on the control of scientific knowledge: The editor-in-chief of Science last week delivered the first of three 2007 Clark Kerr Lectures
08 Nov - Nanoradio gives researchers excitationsWorld’s smallest radio is ‘ridiculously simple.’ (Batteries not included)
08 Nov - Robert Hass: Eight years of activism, writing, and reflection: The National Book Award finalist talks about big dams, martial bravery, and the color of flowers
08 Nov - A cool, green place to be: The UC system is the top public university in a Sierra Club survey of the greenest U.S. campuses
08 Nov - Haas School launches Center for Energy and Environmental Innovation
08 Nov - The 10-year-old ‘jewel in the crown’: Scholars of African diaspora find themselves in high academic demand
08 Nov - Saluting buildings that comfort and conserve: ‘Livable buildings’ honored by the Center for the Built Environment all ‘went the extra mile’ in green design
08 Nov - World Bank, in report co-authored by UC economists, urges more agricultural investment
08 Nov - Obituary: Robert Mortimer
08 Nov - News Briefs
31 Oct - Steps you can take to protect your home during wildfire season: There’s a lot you can do, the experts say, besides worry
31 Oct - In Burma, repression — and rebellion — are linked to healthcare crisis: Months before September’s uprising, Human Rights Center researchers warned of a “gathering storm” of deadly diseases
31 Oct - Hungry elephants know that status matters: Social standing influences how far they must travel to find food
31 Oct - November is Open Enrollment month: One health plan is discontinued, another is introduced, and further highlights of the benefits season
31 Oct - Career Compass responds to feedback
31 Oct - Ten Berkeley scientists named fellows of AAAS
31 Oct - Bunnies, boring objects, and the guilt-free zone: Squeak Carnwath celebrates symbols, colors, and the transformative power of art
31 Oct - Of space, time, and flag-waving goatherds: Learning the laws of physics from the belly of a Humvee can be an ‘otherworldly’ experience for a knowledge-hungry serviceman
31 Oct - College students take to the K-12 classroom: Cal Teach program promotes the development of badly needed science and math teachers
31 Oct - Student wins environmental-leadership award
31 Oct - Laurels: Blue ribbons, gold stars, honorable mentions…
31 Oct - Obituary: Frederick Balderston
31 Oct - News Briefs
24 Oct - East Asian Library dedicated: A hub for researchers and students: ‘With effort, a dragon; without effort, a worm’ said a key donor of the effort to construct a home for the campus’s far-flung holdings
24 Oct - Burma’s ‘transformative moment’: Southeast Asia scholar Darren Zook thinks the junta is no match for the Internet, and may not outrun the 2008 Olympics, either
24 Oct - ‘We had the vision, but not the opportunity’: Ten grassroots plans for fostering diversity at Berkeley get the fiscal go-ahead to realize their goals
24 Oct - Gentleman and scholar, academic leader and diplomatThis week, Karl Pister will receive the Clark Kerr Award from the Academic Senate for a career (still going strong) of service, leadership, and advancing higher education for all
24 Oct - Graduate Council Lectures showcase Freeman, Heilbron, and Dretske
24 Oct - Draft report on People’s Park study is open for comment
24 Oct - As Shakespeare might say: To not sleep, perchance to wig out?: Berkeley study provides first evidence of neural link between sleep loss and psychiatric disorders
24 Oct - Researchers caution against genetic-ancestry testing: Popular services that promise insight into your racial makeup suffer from technological weaknesses
24 Oct - Obituary: Virgil Schrock
24 Oct - News Briefs
17 Oct - Huzzahs at Hat Creek: Hip-hip array!: The dishes of the Allen Telescope Array will play a major role in the ongoing search for extraterrestrial life
17 Oct - At Zellerbach, visions of the technological: Charlie Rose, Laura Tyson, and some of Silicon Valley’s best and brightest chart a high-tech path to increased competitiveness and greener energy
17 Oct - Berkeley’s claim to a soupçon of Nobel pride
17 Oct - On track and going strong: The George A. Miller Scholars Program provides a hand up — not a handout — to transfer students
17 Oct - Research subjects were asked to be afraid — very afraid: Marketing professor explores viewers’ mixed responses to scary movies
17 Oct - Good morning, Saturn! The current forecast on Titan calls for widespread methane drizzle off Xanadu . . .: Astronomers reveal global cloud cover over the ringed planet’s largest moon
17 Oct - News Briefs
10 Oct - Three campus career counselors’ nonlinear path to authorship: With a series of guidebooks under their belts, three staffers prove that careers — including their own — can lead to unexpected places
10 Oct - Come home (and visit the kids): Homecoming and Parents Weekend draws fall crowds to campus events
10 Oct - Mental-health priorities: increasing awareness, decreasing stigma: A full week of activities is on tap to boost awareness of mental-health issues on campus, among sufferers and the sympathetic alike
10 Oct - Dynes, in campus forum, sounds a cautionary note: The ‘power of 10’ keeps the university resilient in the face of ‘dark forces,’ outgoing UC president tells faculty
10 Oct - Largest-ever gift to Haas School of Business is announced$25 million gift from real-estate mogul Gerson Bakar will add five new faculty members. Dean Campbell calls it ‘a powerful boost’
10 Oct - Straddling the divide between the barrio and the seminar room: From defending leaf-blowers to researching the ‘invisible economy,’ recipient of the campus’s first Yamashita Prize understands activism ‘at ground zero’
10 Oct - Berkeley on YouTube — a public window on university life: Most viewed today: Britney’s kids, Family Guy . . . and AST 210/EE 213??
10 Oct - The fight-or-flight response, undeniably useful at times, is ‘heavy baggage’ for some caught in a negative cycle: New study finds primitive neural link between low self-esteem and rejection
10 Oct - Migrating squid drove evolution of sonar in whales: Many cephalopods descend into darkness during the day and return to surface waters at night. Evolutionary biologists argue that whales developed echolocation to follow squid into the depths
10 Oct - News Briefs
03 Oct - Stanley Hall: Cutting-edge by design: The first phase of a large-scale effort to modernize teaching and research in the health sciences, it’s a building intended to foster interaction
03 Oct - Subatomic particles and giant magnets: New NMR facility in Stanley Hall helps ‘physics and chemistry push into biology’
03 Oct - A building with its own fan club
03 Oct - Seven score and four years ago …: Garry Wills, at Zellerbach, on Lincoln, Bush, arrogance, and wisdom
03 Oct - Thoroughly modern — and steps ahead of her timeCal Performances offers a master class (or three) in the seminal work of choreographer Twyla Tharp
03 Oct - It’s a perfect day to ask the boss for a raise: Just make sure she doesn’t know that you know that she’s in a good mood. Got that??
03 Oct - Kevin Consey to step down as BAM/PFA director
03 Oct - Letter to the Editor
03 Oct - News Briefs
26 Sep - Conservation biologist Claire Kremen wins MacArthur ‘genius’ award: Building portals, studying pollinators pays off with a surprise phone call
26 Sep - Three-year plan for professional-school fees fixed: Increases for 2008-09 budget year set the stage
26 Sep - For service above and beyond . . .: Spot Award Program rewards employees — in cash —for exemplary effort
26 Sep - Tracing a spidery family tree: Insect biologist Rosemary Gillespie’s research has taken her from Scotland to Hawaii to Berkeley. Here, at least, she doesn’t have to capture specimens with a tuning fork
26 Sep - A life in theater, sans histrionics: Whether crafting faux shrubbery from scratch or building a bridge held up by nothing, TDPS’s Stan Kramer has always ‘given the play its due’
26 Sep - A pastrami sandwich by any other name?: Researchers determine that pleasant odors are perceived the same by different cultures
26 Sep - Ancient whale fall found on Año Nuevo Island: Small, but with oil-rich bones, the long-dead whale likely sustained a community of tiny mollusks for decades
26 Sep - Salary-increase pool for 2007-08 determined
26 Sep - Midanik appointed dean of School of Social Welfare
26 Sep - Young cancer-research innovator chosen for NIH award: Michael Rape’s ‘high-risk/high-payoff research’ focuses on blocking cancer-cell proliferation in non-targeted tissues
26 Sep - Mellon grant to enhance arts and humanities research
26 Sep - Haas students to manage socially responsible fund
26 Sep - Laurels: Blue ribbons, gold stars, honorable mentions…
26 Sep - Obituary: John Chemsak
26 Sep - News Briefs
19 Sep - L’affaire Chemerinsky: One to remember?: Two views from here
19 Sep - New report highlights campus’s impact on the Bay Area: Alumni and faculty are cited as key players in the region’s
19 Sep - A half-century of China scholarship at Berkeley: Born at the height of the Cold War, the Center for Chinese Studies remembers the days of Mao and Sputnik — and sees big things ahead
19 Sep - Next assignment: Lincoln at Gettysburg: Historian Garry Wills is the centerpiece of this year’s “On the Same Page” program
19 Sep - What’s modern planning theory got to do with my day hike?: Geography professor Richard Walker calls the Bay Area ‘the leading edge of modern environmentalism.’ Much of what it stands for today, he adds, ‘came right out of Berkeley’
19 Sep - Campus to honor those it has lost
19 Sep - Put down that iPod and listen up!: Campus police urge late-night scholars to keep their eyes and ears open, and to take advantage of shuttle and escort services
19 Sep - Obituary: John Gofman
19 Sep - Obituary: Norman Jacobson
19 Sep - News Briefs
12 Sep - Berkeley announces largest-ever gift: $113 million: Chancellor Birgeneau points to Hewlett Foundation gift, which will help create 100 endowed faculty chairs, as emblematic of 'the importance of private funding to realize our public purpose'
12 Sep - Sustainability 101: Why the Hewlett gift holds the key to Berkeley’s future
12 Sep - Faculty concur: What a difference a chair makes!
12 Sep - Birgeneau: ‘A quantitative and qualitative change for us’: In this fall’s Berkeleyan interview, the chancellor speaks about the great promise of the Hewlett matching gift, touching on other campus priorities as the academic year gets under way
12 Sep - Down from the mountains: Having braved Everest and Annapurna, biochemist Arlene Blum is back on a trail she blazed 30 years ago — conquering the toxic dangers in our living rooms
12 Sep - It's My Job
12 Sep - News Briefs
05 Sep - Black workers face a two-dimensional crisis: Labor Center report shows that neither full-time employment nor any specific labor sector offer a reliable path to life above the poverty line
05 Sep - Coming attractions for Fall 2007: Celebration of new East Asian Library prominent in landscape of events
05 Sep - Lunch Poems kickoff features faculty and staff
05 Sep - Obituary: Alexander Scordelis
05 Sep - News Briefs
29 Aug - A meeting with the media: At his annual press conference, Chancellor Birgeneau briefs local reporters on the biggest campus stories of the year ahead
29 Aug - Tom Campbell to step down as Haas School dean: Former legislator to leave the highly ranked business school after a five-year stint
29 Aug - Governor signs 2007-08 state budget: Funding for Helios, EBI research initiatives is included, along with a 5 percent pool for employee salary increases
29 Aug - As the Bears head onto the field . . .: . . . the campus hopes to keep its plans for a new student-athlete training facility out of court
29 Aug - New interdisciplinary minor, Global Poverty and Practice, is launched
29 Aug - Former street tough takes miraculous route to Berkeley: ‘Education is the key’ to success, says Derick Brown, who speaks with rare authority for someone who barely graduated from high school. Now he’s continuing his own, while looking forward to spreading the message
29 Aug - Harassment, predatory behavior spell trouble at River High: Doing sociological fieldwork, C.J. Pascoe infiltrated the macho, homophobic world of adolescent boys
29 Aug - Keck, Hubble provide new view of Uranus’ rings: It’s a once-every-42-years event as astronomers worldwide peer at the distant planet’s rings, which are swinging edge-on to Earth for the first time since their discovery in 1977
29 Aug - Yeah, but how much seltzer can a fly drink?: The old joke takes on new meaning as researchers discover a taste for carbon dioxide among discerning fruit flies
29 Aug - Opinion: Katrina is not over!
29 Aug - Laurels: Blue ribbons, gold stars, honorable mentions…
29 Aug - News Briefs
22 Aug - It's My Job
22 Aug - Gibor Basri starts work as campus’s new vice chancellor for equity and inclusion: As the position’s first incumbent, he’ll ensure that those crucial values are reflected in every top-level management decision
22 Aug - Basri: Working for all — not some — of the people: Berkeley’s newly appointed vice chancellor for equity and inclusion avoids grand rhetoric while thinking big about diversity and the future
22 Aug - Daniel Koshland: 1920-2007 : Biologist/editor/administrator/philanthropist was a visionary supporter of Berkeley’s excellence
22 Aug - Letter to the Editor
22 Aug - Berkeley’s Perlmutter shares Gruber Cosmology Prize: Prize committee takes care to recognize most of the contributors to the work of both honored teams — many of whom have studied or worked at Berkeley
22 Aug - Chancellor’s Fund lends a helping hand — or hundreds of them — to campus neighbors: Whether campus funding is for high-school students or historic paths, winning projects reflect Berkeley’s ‘deep commitment to serving our community’
22 Aug - Effort to back federal math-and-science-education bill succeeds: Birgeneau contributes to higher-ed lobbying effort in days leading up to passage
22 Aug - UC experts detail new standard for clean transportation fuels: ‘Low-carbon fuel standard’ points way to a 10 percent reduction in warming-related gas emissions by 2020
22 Aug - New findings in the Sierra’s fungus/frog faceoff: Killer fungus could be a greater threat to the mountain yellow-legged frog’s survival than previously realized
22 Aug - Though cell-phone use may go up when rates go down . . .: ... there’s no corresponding increase in nighttime auto accidents, Berkeley economists discover
22 Aug - Grad students pitch in to make NRC rankings reflect their experience
22 Aug - Obituary: R. Brady Williamson
22 Aug - Obituary: George Barlow
22 Aug - News Briefs
11 Jul - Campus, LBNL, and partners get $125 million for biofuels research: Department of Energy grant to establish one of three planned national bioenergy research centers near Berkeley
11 Jul - Birgeneau: ‘The state of the campus is good’ : In annual staff chat, chancellor addresses issues of campus worklife — equity, pensions, and paychecks
11 Jul - Leave no mom behind: Mothers are barred from influential jobs, says social-welfare prof
11 Jul - Berkeley alumnus to lead campus fundraising operations: Wellesley College administrator David Blinder selected as University Relations AVC
11 Jul - Ken Goldberg named director of Center for New Media
11 Jul - Berkeley students bloom inside the Beltway: Undergrads participating in the campus’s Washington program get a taste of life and work in the nation’s capital
11 Jul - Making the connections: In the College of Letters and Science, creating opportunities for undergraduate research engages a committed cadre of staff
11 Jul - It was a very good year — again: Cal wraps up 2006-07 with another Top 10 finish in the closely watched Directors’ Cup rankings
11 Jul - Haas researcher identifies book-cooking tipoffs: Building on her previous work, prof’s analysis of SEC documents points out characteristics common to companies that get dinged for accounting fraud
11 Jul - Laurels: Blue ribbons, gold stars, honorable mentions…
11 Jul - Obituary: Peter Lyman
11 Jul - Obituary: Leonard Nathan
11 Jul - Obituary: Martin Meyerson
11 Jul - Obituary: Anthony Brennan
11 Jul - Obituary: William Pritchett
11 Jul - News Briefs
06 Jun - No active faults exist under site planned for new student-athlete training center: Shaking from a major quake won't be any worse there than it will be miles away, says civil-engineering chair
06 Jun - Career Compass website is launched; HR rolling out new staff job structure
06 Jun - Two top campus administrators named
06 Jun - Piggy's got the conch . . . plus, he's made the list: This year's Summer Reading List, which focuses on survival, can fill in while Reality TV is on hiatus
06 Jun - Punching a clock into the golden years: Berkeley's Retirement Center lands a national award for its Retiree Work Opportunities program
06 Jun - 'The university is a subversive force' (and other wisdom from the podium)
06 Jun - Activism, service, and engagement recognized at first annual Chancellor's Public Service Awards ceremony: Campus-community members involved in service and public partnerships are honored at event
06 Jun - Campus managers honored for leadership
06 Jun - Seventeen junior faculty receive Hellman Family funding
06 Jun - Awards
06 Jun - Obituary: Donald Minkler
06 Jun - News Briefs
02 May - Recognizing the signs of student depression and distress: Multi-pronged effort to train campus community involves Grad Divison, Tang Center, and a chancellor's advisory committee
02 May - Faculty's NRC input is ready for grading: But will their high response rate translate into coveted high rankings??
02 May - Greenhouse-gas emissions: How low can we go?: Campus sets new goal, and honors its green leaders, at Sustainability Summit
02 May - Benefiting faculty into the future: Vice Provost Jan de Vries, who steps down June 30, set the bar for programs to support faculty
02 May - When is a University Medalist like a tomato?: Top graduating senior can juggle multiple dimensions, feminist theory, and organic gardening
02 May - Self-study affirms Cal's commitment to NCAA's principles: Peer-reviewed reports focus on governance/compliance, academic integrity, and student-athlete welfare, equity
02 May - Birdwatching enters the 21st centuryWith a new robotic camera (perched on Craig Newmark's deck) at their control, game players can spot birds online
02 May - MBA team Revolution Foods wins Haas social-venture competition: They finish first in a best-ever field of 157 teams from 80 universities
02 May - Awards: Eight faculty members elected to top academies
02 May - Campus responds to roadway disaster with engineering expertise; employees encounter few commute woes
02 May - News Briefs
25 Apr - Opting for advisory role, Academic Senate resolves to back EBI
25 Apr - Jimmy Carter to speak at Zellerbach on May 2: Free tickets available for students on Thursday; limited faculty and staff tickets to be distributed via lottery
25 Apr - Everyone's got an opinion …: But not everyone — even in today's freewheeling media environment — can get people to listen. That's where academics with Berkeley-bred expertise enjoy an advantage
25 Apr - Four faculty win 2007 Distinguished Teaching Award: A linguist, a literature prof, a biologist, and a Latin-poetry specialist receive Berkeley's highest honor for instruction
25 Apr - Clover, Kay honored with 2007 Faculty Service Awards
25 Apr - Leaving no Pop-Tart unscrutinized: University Health Services work group aims to make campus snacking, dining options healthier for everyone
25 Apr - Journal focuses on 'transitional justice'
25 Apr - News Briefs
18 Apr - Chancellor expresses campus's sorrow over Virginia Tech tragedy
18 Apr - Rating system for biofuels would help consumers: Motorists might respond well to a Michelin-style 'star system' identifying the greenest fuels, researchers say
18 Apr - The promise of higher education at San Quentin: Haas Public Service Award recipient Jody Lewen to deliver Cal Day lecture
18 Apr - Lura Dolas: Helping hearts 'shine hugely' : Theater lecturer shares stage skills with aspiring thespians — and those who 'perform' in other walks of life
18 Apr - Beth Luke makes a graceful exit: For almost two decades, HR program director has done the right thing for campus staff
18 Apr - The 'undisputed leader' among students of children: A pioneer in exploring the history of children, Paula Fass began to examine American culture as a child herself. Today, she leads Berkeley students in considering this population once overlooked by historians
18 Apr - What does it mean to be present?: A cross-disciplinary performance uses dance and technology to explore this provocative question
18 Apr - Dance takes center stage in 2007-08 Cal Performances season
18 Apr - Awards
18 Apr - News Briefs
12 Apr - Energy Biosciences Institute timeline
12 Apr - Energy Biosciences Institute Q&A
12 Apr - EBI: Taking a closer look: Questions answered, issues explored surrounding the Energy Biosciences Institute
12 Apr - Cal Day to hum with (sustainable) energy
12 Apr - Profs reap Chancellor's Awards for diversity-related contributions
12 Apr - Cal Dining wins the Oscar of eateries : Top food-industry honor puts the campus in rareified company
12 Apr - More than 10,000 students offered fall 2007 freshman admission
12 Apr - Contemporary world cinema, right on Bancroft Way: PFA curator Susan Oxtoby shares her picks from the 2007 San Francisco International Film Festival
12 Apr - Obituary: Richard Meier
12 Apr - News Briefs
12 Apr - What is EBI?
12 Apr - Shifting to a biofueled world: Research aims for wide social and economic benefits
12 Apr - An intellectual-property primer: The role of IP in transferring technology to benefit society
12 Apr - Senate wrestles with industrial alliances
04 Apr - A match to spark student support: Chancellor's new program will match gifts for student aid from faculty, emeriti, staff, and students
04 Apr - Now we know the rubble they've seen: Amateur and professional astronomers combine their observations to resolve image of twin asteroids
04 Apr - Wheels of good fortune: Cal junior and her fellow AIDS LifeCyclists face down their first challenge
04 Apr - Bellah, Scheper-Hughes to receive initial Sloane Coffin award: Named for longtime activist chaplain, award recognizes those who exercise moral leadership tied to the campus community
04 Apr - Litwack: 'These are the awards that really matter': Retiring historian, a favorite of students for years for his 'contagious enthusiasm,' wins their Golden Apple Award
04 Apr - In search of a dancing elephant?: In his keynote address at the recent systemwide diversity conference on campus, Troy Duster cast a sociologist's eye on the dynamics of challenging, and defending, the traditional curriculum
04 Apr - Campus animal-care program earns three-year accreditation: Half a dozen campus units cooperate to ensure program's success
04 Apr - Raises authorized for lower-paid UC workers
04 Apr - UC joins higher education's efforts to curb global warming
04 Apr - Joshua Cohen to present Tanner Lectures: Political philosopher, a specialist in democratic theory now teaching at Stanford, currently focuses on questions of global justice. His Berkeley lectures on 'Power, Reason, and Politics' will take place next week
04 Apr - Stories in the Time of Cholera wins top book prize for anthropologist and public-health researcher
04 Apr - Obituary: Wilson Combs
04 Apr - News Briefs
21 Mar - Center for Studies in Higher Education marks its half-century milestone: Established 50 years ago to look at higher-ed policy issues, it thrives today as an interdisciplinary center where 'the future is always arriving'
21 Mar - UC Regents approve 2007-08 student fees: 'Regrettable' increases of between 7 and 10 percent to be offset, in part, by financial aid and Cal Grants, notes UC President Dynes
21 Mar - 'If we all develop our employees, we all benefit,' says HR's top manager: Looking at Berkeley's current job structure as well as its future needs, Jeannine Raymond sees opportunities for employees to grow and advance
21 Mar - Religion, cartoons, and the law: Legal scholar Robert Post says publication of Muhammad cartoons, while 'a provocative act,' should be protected
21 Mar - The responsibility to protect: Roméo Dallaire, a witness to genocide in Rwanda, argues for a new international principle known as R2P
21 Mar - Horizontal gene transfer is now better understood: Conservation of genetic resources may pay off in improvements to human health, advances in bioremediation
21 Mar - The case for immediate action against Delta urbanization: There's still a basis for hope, say Delta Initiative principals, if political will and resources can be mustered
21 Mar - Mark your calendars for Cal Day 2007
21 Mar - Obituary: John Thow
21 Mar - Obituary: F. Clark Howell
21 Mar - News Briefs
14 Mar - Fiat Lunch: Berkeley staff and faculty, we've long known, are a well-read bunch. Turns out they're well-fed too
14 Mar - Moving forward on equity and inclusion: As the search for a new vice chancellor progresses, diversity-related efforts on campus continue on multiple fronts
14 Mar - This galaxy strip will blow your socks off: Full-spectrum study of small patch of sky yields portrait of maturing universe
14 Mar - Smoking increases risk of tuberculosis infection, according to new Berkeley study: Researchers emphasize prevention in addition to treatment, saying that reducing incidence of smoking would help stanch spread of the disease
14 Mar - A grand stage for our lives and times: The National Mall is the focus of this year's Jefferson lecture
14 Mar - Learn about UC summer trips to China at March 28 brown-bag session
14 Mar - Obituary: Martin Trow
14 Mar - News Briefs
07 Mar - Campus will grant paid maternity leave to women doctoral students: Berkeley is again 'on the cutting edge' of family-friendly benefits with this new policy, of special interest to an aging grad-student cohort
07 Mar - Berkeley foodies enter 'the ecological era': It may not have been the 'smackdown' that the growing cadre of food-politics activists anticipated, but there were still sparks — and insights — aplenty at last week's Whole Foods/Omnivore talkfest
07 Mar - Faculty and undergrads get on the same page: New L&S program has encouraged freshmen to grapple with legendary cosmologist Stephen Hawking's 'more accessible' work. His lecture next week will draw capacity crowds to two campus venues
07 Mar - Keeping Native tongues out of the pickling jar: After decades devoted to breathing life into dying California languages, linguist Leanne Hinton views her profession's value as far more than academic
07 Mar - Is there life on Jupiter's third-largest moon?: For some organisms, at least, ice can be nice. A Berkeley paleobiologist argues that Europa's freezing oceans may be more hospitable to life than Mars' cold, dry plains
07 Mar - New study finds use of ADHD medications has soared internationally: Evidence mounts that the disorder is 'not just a figment of U.S. doctors' imaginations'
07 Mar - A goodwill ambassador steps down: After 44 years and 680,000 hugs, Pat Perkins has bid adieu to the Educational Opportunity Program
07 Mar - Preventing the unthinkable: 'Stopping mass atrocities' is focus of human-rights conference
07 Mar - School of Public Health to honor its 'heroes'
07 Mar - News Briefs
28 Feb - In the event of an actual disaster…: … a new virtual bulletin board will help the campus take roll. It will also let community members send messages to co-workers, friends, and loved ones
28 Feb - Feinstein's pitch for cap-and-trade legislation: Speaking at a campus forum, she urges 'decisive action' to deal with climate change
28 Feb - It's Bob Reich's story, and he's sticking to it: The Berkeley professor, former Cabinet member, and sometime playwright outlined 'four narratives of American public life' in last week's Townsend Center appearance
28 Feb - What's the frequency, Bill?: Journalism-school professor William Drummond tunes in to satellite radio, and likes what he hears
28 Feb - On the trail of the ivory-billed woodpecker: Robotic cameras are searching for the elusive Holy Grail of birdwatching, and it makes a lot of sense: They're cheaper than humans, aren't afraid of snakes, and don't disturb the local environment
28 Feb - Mathematician Vaughan Jones to discuss 'a new kind of algebra' in next Faculty Research Lecture
28 Feb - Chemist Paul Alivisatos named Lawrence Award winner
28 Feb - Journalism students win Polk Award for climate reporting: From Kilimanjaro to Bangladesh, the Andes to Hudson Bay, students ventured to global warming's front lines — and brought the human stories back
28 Feb - First Terner Prize for affordable housing awarded
28 Feb - Heart-starting news from UCPD
28 Feb - Research Roundup
28 Feb - News Briefs
21 Feb - Berkeley, we have no problems!: Successful launch of THEMIS satellites positions NASA mission to answer key questions about Earth's auroras
21 Feb - What has to go right for a crime wave not to happen?: Great strides can be taken by cities willing to 'tinker around the edges' of policing and policy, says Boalt Hall professor
21 Feb - Faculty Research Lecturer Martin Jay to speak Feb. 28 : His subject: 'The Virtues of Mendacity'
21 Feb - National Academy of Engineering elects three Berkeley faculty
21 Feb - Awards
21 Feb - Obituary: Thomas Rosenmeyer
21 Feb - News Briefs
14 Feb - Free-science movement gains a foothold at Berkeley: Mega-publishers still control most research, but authors, librarians, and politicians are calling for change
14 Feb - A plant-based diet for small-planet diplomats: Can botanical exchanges between the U.S. and Iran play the peacemaking role that ping-pong did 30 years ago??
14 Feb - A breakthrough treatment for tumors?: New medical technique uses electrical pulses to punch holes in target-cell membrane
14 Feb - Nelson Polsby, leading expert on American politics, dies at 72: A widely admired mentor, adviser, and colleague, he helped make the Institute of Governmental Studies a national center for the scholarly investigation of U.S. politics
14 Feb - The real cost of a café latte: Black Gold exposes the bitter grounds at the bottom of your cup
14 Feb - News Briefs
08 Feb - Berkeley, LBNL, Illinois join forces with BP: Energy giant selects research partners to identify and develop carbon-neutral fuel sources in a multidisciplinary challenge Chancellor Birgeneau calls 'our generation's moonshot'
08 Feb - '. . . fatiguing and inspiring all at the same time . . .': Work on the BP proposal was fueled by Berkeley's scientific and technical expertise, a large number of take-out sandwiches, and just enough printer toner
08 Feb - Birgeneau: 'This is going to be a phenomenal place…': Chancellor sees the broad dimensions of energy research at Berkeley, and its promise of a transformational impact on society
08 Feb - Explaining an endangered species' decline: Birth rates for the marbled murrelet — the focus of much conservationist concern — were higher a century ago than they are today, Berkeley researchers find in examining museum specimens
08 Feb - Lange photography fellowship awarded to J-School student
08 Feb - Poetry's 'inherited and inexhaustible mystery' : Robert Pinsky's Favorite Poem Project celebrates the human scale of verse
08 Feb - Chancellor's Community Partnership Fund gears up for a second year of grantmaking
08 Feb - Campus public-service programs live (virtually) under one roof
08 Feb - News Briefs
01 Feb - Tribe of ancients: From prehistoric predators to modern poachers, the UC Botanical Garden's cycad species have seen it all
31 Jan - Campus will continue its planning for new student-athlete center : Monday's court ruling is 'a temporary setback,' campus leaders say. Ensuring 'life safety of our students' remains a top priority
31 Jan - Lessons from the bogs: When time and chemistry interact just so, the remains of those long dead can serve as 'human time capsules'
31 Jan - THEMIS mission to field five made-in-Berkeley space probes : The goal: to solve the mystery of the auroral 'substorms' that cause majestic cosmic light shows
31 Jan - Atkins Foundation's $10 million bequest to campus weight and health center will aid in fight against obesity: Fund praises the work of center's researchers 'out in the trenches'
31 Jan - What books are to be found on the 'Faculty Nightstand'?: When one more journal article is just one too many, a drowsy academic is likely to reach for something without footnotes
31 Jan - Coming attractions for spring 2007: From stormwater to air power, Buddhist humor to modern dance ... it's all happening at Berkeley
31 Jan - Hey, where are the big ideas?: Online marketplace lets students raise funds for projects tackling global issues
31 Jan - Obituary: Rodney Friedman
31 Jan - Obituary: Donald Hanson
31 Jan - Obituary: Kaye Bock
31 Jan - Obituary: Ronald Murillo
31 Jan - News Briefs
26 Jan - Exploring the stigma of mental illness: In his new book, psychologist Stephen Hinshaw details the hurdles facing those sufferers, who are often viewed as 'outsiders' unworthy of help
26 Jan - 'There is no time' — a global call to action: Six Nobelists say that averting the climate crisis requires immediate energy research, conservation, and regulation
26 Jan - Stephen Smale awarded Wolf Prize in mathematics: His research has advanced thinking on a wide range of topics, from topology to equilibrium theory
26 Jan - Nobel laureate Kahneman to deliver Hitchcock Lectures
26 Jan - Regents approve two permanent staff advisers: Program aims to strengthen inclusion of employees' views in board decisions
26 Jan - News Briefs
25 Jan - Psych department's RSVP program invites scientists and subjects to join in demographically diverse exploration: New registry of volunteer subjects is a no-brainer that, somehow, nobody thought of before
25 Jan - From Calcutta to Barrows Hall: Drawn to the academic life, sisters Isha and Raka Ray traveled halfway 'round the world to end up working under one roof at Berkeley
25 Jan - News Briefs
25 Jan - Making the case for the humanities: Anthony Cascardi, the Townsend Center's new director, thinks it's time for humanists to move from the wings of academia to center stage — and he's doing something about it
25 Jan - New apparent patterns in campus crime 'alter perception of safety': Even as it deploys more officers and closes more cases, UCPD urges caution and awareness as a first defense
17 Jan - The NRC's 10-year report card: Faculty participation in survey deemed crucial as influential National Research Council ranking of doctoral programs gears up
17 Jan - Governor's UC budget supports enrollment growth, includes funding for salary increases: Last year's tuition 'buyout' will not recur; students face a sizable increase in fees
17 Jan - A single window onto all that happens at Berkeley: New online calendar network keeps everyone current while fostering information-sharing among units
17 Jan - Getting serious about hip-hop studies: Seeking a bridge between the academy and the 'real world,' grad students urge recruitment of faculty mentors
17 Jan - California Newspaper Project — read all about it!: For ambitious UC collaboration, Golden State journals are a resource to preserve and protect
17 Jan - What are they building over there?: Construction and landscaping updates from Capital Projects and Physical Plant – Campus Services
17 Jan - Filippenko the latest Cal figure to receive high AAPT honor
17 Jan - Research Roundup
17 Jan - Obituary: Allan Pred
17 Jan - Obituary: Sandra Camillo
17 Jan - Obituary: Ben Gerwick Jr.
17 Jan - News Briefs
10 Jan - College of Engineering dean A. Richard Newton dies at 55: The visionary technologist, his colleagues recall, was an astute businessman as well as a brilliant academician
10 Jan - Matsui's official papers and a new research center come to Berkeley: The long-serving legislator was a Cal grad whose accomplishments in the House included trade pacts and Japanese reparations
10 Jan - Before buying a car, be sure to cruise the Web: Knowledge is power in this confusing arena, says Haas prof, especially for those who shy away from showroom bargaining
10 Jan - Le Grande selected as interim head of Student Affairs
10 Jan - Obituary: William M. Meredith
10 Jan - Obituary: Cadet H. Hand Jr.
10 Jan - News Briefs