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Story Archives for 2004

08 Dec - Five more years! A rose is a rose is a rose, but there’s only one Tedford — and the Bears’ golden boy is firmly committed to Cal
08 Dec - Undergraduate admissions director named: Florida’s Robinson will strive to boost enrollment of underrepresented students
08 Dec - Procurement initiative takes aim at campus buying challenges
08 Dec - Doing his best in the space between life and death: Guy Micco encourages future physicians to contemplate their own mortality
08 Dec - A career spent unearthing ancient history: On the threshold of retirement, classical archaeologist Stephen Miller looks back at the struggles, surprises, and thrills of 33 years of excavations in Nemea, Greece
08 Dec - Study explores impact of U.S. deaths in Iraq on this year’s presidential race
08 Dec - Framing the Questions gets a bright new name
08 Dec - Researchers use ‘econophysics’ to analyze the best-seller list: A mention on MSN might give your book a boost, they find, but it takes more than that to turn an everyday tome into a Ya-Ya
08 Dec - News Briefs: Berkeleyan signs off for 2004, I-House ‘anti-bias’ essay contest, campus pool schedules, and more...
08 Dec - Awards: John Searle
08 Dec - Obituary: Shiing-Shen Chern
08 Dec - Obituary: Martin Malia
08 Dec - Obituary: Norvel Smith
01 Dec - We’re #2! (Now what?): No, it’s not the BCS standings. A new set of university rankings places Berkeley second worldwide. Should we shout the news from the rooftops, or put it gingerly back in Pandora’s box?
01 Dec - Getting to know Mary Catherine Birgeneau: A glimpse at the private side of University House’s newest resident
01 Dec - 25 ways to avoid the mall: Holiday shopping opportunities abound on campus
01 Dec - Red, blue, and shades of gray: Psyching out the electorate, or how we learned to keep worrying and love certainty, closure, and George W. Bush
01 Dec - Lyons named interim dean at business school: Distinguished teacher will serve Haas while Tom Campbell serves the state
01 Dec - Week of Caring serves Bay Area’s neediest
01 Dec - Obituary: George J. Maslach
01 Dec - Obituary: Joan Gruen
01 Dec - News Briefs
17 Nov - Chancellor Birgeneau named to stem-cell oversight committee by Bustamante
17 Nov - Cal receiver is wide open to life’s possibilities: His grandfather is a USF legend. His father was a Golden Bear. Now Burl Toler III looks to Saturday’s Big Game — and beyond
17 Nov - Bullet-point cinémathèque: What to do with a technology that trivializes content and bores people rigid? Make art!
17 Nov - ‘Sitting in the middle of all this richness’: Anne Repp’s ‘long, different life’ has taken her to Pakistan and Namibia (as well as Pasadena and Chapel Hill). Now she’s in Berkeley, helping students compete for prizes, and feeling quite at home
17 Nov - For the sake of the dead, or the living?: Berkeley prof explores the tensions that surface when it comes time to memorialize a war
17 Nov - Dwindling supply of ocean fish linked to increased ‘bushmeat’ hunting in Ghana, says Berkeley researcher
17 Nov - And the Emmy for best use of institutional regalia in a weekly dramatic series goes to…: Any producer who wants to use Berkeley in a film or TV show has to get the campus’s OK ahead of time — and make us look good in the bargain
17 Nov - When it comes to algae, SoCal’s loss is our gain: Kelp is on the way. With 200,000 newly orphaned plant specimens to study, Herbarium curators are up to their ears in dried seaweeds, mosses, lichens, and fungi
17 Nov - A Week of Caring in December: Campus Charitable Campaign officially begins next month
17 Nov - Campus earns an ‘A’ in EPA review: Voluntary self-audit ‘an offer we couldn’t refuse,’ says EH&S
17 Nov - Campanile to re-open on weekends
17 Nov - Worker treatment found to affect product quality: Labor grievances can find tangible expression in tires, tractors, and collars, Haas researcher learns
17 Nov - News Briefs: Open Enrollment, Career Development program, and more...
17 Nov - Obituary: George J. Maslach
10 Nov - Haas School’s Campbell to head state Department of Finance: The moderate Republican will oversee two budget cycles for Schwarzenegger before returning to the business school
10 Nov - Economic growth, deficit disasters, and public floggings: On the day he was named to his new state post, Tom Campbell spoke to alumni on California finances and the election’s outcome
10 Nov - From Kurdistan to Berkeley . . . and back: In Shayee Khanaka’s past is a world where libraries were neglected and books either censored or burned as fuel. The Kurdish staffer recently returned to the Middle East, on a mission to help Iraq’s librarians rebuild
10 Nov - Grant boosts diversity program for undergraduate science students: Biology Scholars Program (BSP) receives $5.6-million, five-year grant to increase the number of Berkeley students from underserved communities who are admitted to medical schools and graduate science programs throughout the country
10 Nov - Berkeley’s 2004-05 curricular cohort: Profiles of four of this year’s 77 new Berkeley faculty members
10 Nov - Fifty-nine outstanding staff receive their just rewards: Chancellor’s Outstanding Staff Awards presented at Nov. 3 ceremony
10 Nov - Ethnic staff welcome Chancellor Birgeneau: First official staff reception for Chancellor Birgeneau sponsored by the Coalition of Ethnic Staff Organizations
10 Nov - New NSF center to study the fundamentals of nanostructures: Center of Integrated Nano-mechanical Systems (COINS) starting up this fall on the Berkeley campus
10 Nov - Stellar survivor supports supernova theory: Astronomers identify probable surviving companion star to titanic supernova explosion witnessed in year 1572
10 Nov - Letter to the Editor
10 Nov - News Briefs
10 Nov - Awards
10 Nov - Obituary: Donald Noyce
04 Nov - Getting positive about depression on campus: The stresses of life, study, and work can trigger dark thoughts and moods. Some here hope to see increased focus on mental-health concerns among students, staff, and faculty
04 Nov - Fighting apartheid Tooth and Nail: South African work on the Durham Theater stage probes the challenges and ambiguities of reconstruction
04 Nov - CITRIS building now under construction: New campus headquarters to foster innovative technological research
04 Nov - Air Force Two long behind him, Al Gore eyes the stratosphere: The former vice president visited Berkeley last week with a knock-’em-dead PowerPoint presentation — and a chilling message on global warming and the prospects for U.S. democracy
04 Nov - Bits ’n’ pieces from Election Day
04 Nov - New gift-management system designed to stanch paperwork flow: Fundraisers, praising ease of use, see more rapid flow of donations to campus units
04 Nov - On economics and aging: Nobel laureate Robert Fogel to deliver this year’s Hitchcock Lectures, on the past century’s improvements in health and longevity
04 Nov - Fellowships in hand, five postdocs pursue varied research interests: Program to foster academic diversity is accepting applications
04 Nov - News Briefs: Argentine first lady to speak, Lange photo fellowship entries due, and more...
04 Nov - Awards: Five faculty members named AAAS Fellows
04 Nov - Obituary: Lawrence W. Stark
27 Oct - Collaborating on community: Whether restoring marshland or bridging the digital divide, the campus and its East Bay partners work closely together
27 Oct - Berkeley’s cradle of conversation: How do you get to the Townsend Center? Climb down from the ivory tower and start talking
27 Oct - Bancroft Library exhibit highlights half a century of regional oral history
27 Oct - Edifying the body through the decades: Online photo gallery showcases history of physical education at Berkeley
27 Oct - Chancellor Birgeneau brings upbeat message to Academic Senate
27 Oct - Writing again, after many changes: Frank Paino will read at next week’s Lunch Poems
27 Oct - Slavery expert to deliver Jefferson Memorial Lecture
27 Oct - News Briefs: Open enrollment, technology and aging symposium, and more...
27 Oct - Publication: Close Encounters of a Cross-Cultural Kind: Seventy-five years at International House, Berkeley
27 Oct - Awards: Michael Marletta, Herbert Thier, Eileen Gambrill
20 Oct - Whether it’s panthers or pollution, faith-based science isn’t enough: Current federal science policy suggests that not all data are created equal
20 Oct - Looking eastward: Library exhibit celebrates Berkeley’s long tradition of Southeast Asia scholarship
20 Oct - ‘The music is what it is’: Myra Melford on inspiration and the compositional process
20 Oct - A far from laborious celebration: LOHP marks 30 years of public service
20 Oct - The ‘Athens of the West’: Latest Chronicle of UC edition highlights history of campus arts and culture
20 Oct - News Briefs
20 Oct - You’re either on the bus or off the bus: And the Bear Pass will help make that decision a simple one
20 Oct - Campus animal-care and -use program earns stamps of approval
20 Oct - Want to see U.S. political issues discussed in depth? Sit back and think of Britain, then — American media has ‘no stomach’ for it
14 Oct - FSM vets urge students to change the world: Inveighing against cynicism and apathy, speakers at last week’s FSM@40 rally in Sproul Plaza endorsed activism and involvement
14 Oct - For some, the free-speech battle isn’t over yet: The FSM Cafe as a ‘device of oppression,’ and other observations
14 Oct - Molly Ivins said that? The liberal pundit, ‘serious as a stroke,’ holds forth at Zellerbach
14 Oct - Spilling scary secrets: Seymour Hersh talks, rapidly, on the Iraq quagmire and Bush’s war on terror
14 Oct - No. 1 approach fuels No. 8 Bears: With ambition for his players on the field and in class, Jeff Tedford asks, ‘Why couldn’t you be successful here?’
14 Oct - Achievement: It’s not all on the field
Grad students apply sports experiences to their research on athletes and academics
14 Oct - Lighting Garbo’s cigarette: Kissing, once the sex act for all occasions, is today's foreplay and afterplay, says film-studies professor Linda Williams.
14 Oct - In it for the long haul: Event honors staff who have logged 10 years or more of service
14 Oct - Options abound at Homecoming
14 Oct - Gravity’s passé in RSF’s ‘SkyZone’: Basketball-court-sized trampoline at Rec Sports
14 Oct - Obituary: Anne Lipow
14 Oct - News Briefs: Academic Senate, CSAC seeking new members, and more...
08 Oct - Faculty ‘climate survey’ — the results are in: Findings shed light on faculty experience, and suggest need to better include women, minorities, those in middle ranks
08 Oct - Berkeley alumnus David Gross shares physics Nobel Prize
08 Oct - Do we need a new president? Yes and no . . .
Conservative editor William Kristol and Berkeley journalism professor Mark Danner square off on Bush’s record
08 Oct - Honoring a public-health legend: SPH library takes name of Sheldon Margen, renowned professor emeritus, bibliophile, and co-founder of the Wellness Letter
08 Oct - A glimpse of Gates: He highlights key role of university research in maintaining U.S. lead in tech innovation
07 Oct - Researching the Free Speech Movement: Digitized leaflets, speeches, and oral histories are among the primary sources accessible to any scholar with curiosity and a dial-up account
07 Oct - News Briefs: Flu shots, Homecoming, Cal for the Cure, and more...
30 Sep - Bringing sociology home: Striving to engage the public is a tradition among Berkeley sociologists. A critical study focusing on the campus’s lowest-paid workers is squarely in that tradition, its authors say
30 Sep - History professor Maria Mavroudis receives MacArthur fellowship
30 Sep - On/scenity: She knows it when she sees it: Film studies professor Linda Williams discusses the democratization of pornography
30 Sep - A magazine about goodness and compassion: Twice-yearly publication hopes to divert the academic spotlight from anger, shame, and embarrassment
30 Sep - At IGS, friendly fire over Iraq, national-security issues: Non-debate features Boalt’s Yoo, Goldman School’s Nacht on presidential candidates’ positions and strategies
30 Sep - Humans and climate change: A one-two punch
A revised view of the Pleistocene extinction, which wiped out numerous ‘megafauna’ species, implicates homo sapiens and warming temperatures together
30 Sep - The Free Speech Movement at 40: Greybeards join with today’s ASUC in planning a weeklong commemoration of 1964-65’s watershed events
30 Sep - Berkeley economists, Nobelist launch journal journal
30 Sep - Like water for chocalatyl: Through October, Botanical Garden visitors can see — and taste — traditional preparations of potatoes, acorns, soap root, and other foods of the Americas
30 Sep - UCTV’s October schedule features programs of interest to voters
30 Sep - News Briefs: IGS website on state propositions, nominations due for Haas Award, and more...
30 Sep - Awards: James O’Brien, Richard Saykally
23 Sep - News Briefs: Hargrove Music Library, KQED's Michael Krasny, Canadian Ballet discounts, and more...
23 Sep - ‘Hot button’ issues dominate Birgeneau’s first Cabinet meeting
22 Sep - Expectations, hopes are high for Cal athletics and its new director
22 Sep - Letters to the Editor: Readers respond to Lakoff
22 Sep - Camejo: America can do better than ‘anybody but Bush’: Nader's running mate speaks on campus
22 Sep - Who are empty-nesters gonna call? Cal Parents is the one-stop resource for concerned moms and dads
22 Sep - A poser to ponder: When is a padlock not a padlock?
22 Sep - Study finds little union impact on company survival, wages
22 Sep - Awards: Professor wins German economic prize
22 Sep - Obituary: Pete Cutino
22 Sep - Obituary: William C. Reeves
22 Sep - Birgeneau's on the job: Berkeley's ninth chancellor takes the helm
16 Sep - Honoring those we've lost: Berdahl to speak at campus memorial
16 Sep - At home among the rushes and roses: For peripatetic curator of western plants, it's all botany, all the time
16 Sep - Pols, polls, and Yoo, too: IGS hosting pre-election events in runup to November 2
16 Sep - 'Who's going to believe us?': Richard Clarke, in campus appearance, continues to fault Bush team's post-9/11 policies
16 Sep - Notre Dame's Sandy Barbour named new director of athletics
16 Sep - Empedocles, Plato, et al. offer insight into a question of moment: Sather Lectures will trace the creationist debate back to ancient Greece
16 Sep - Coming through in the clutch: European frog found to use novel mating strategy
16 Sep - Center for New Media boots up
16 Sep - Berkeley student selected for new 'green' intern program
16 Sep - There are simply no words (yet) to describe this ‘Triumph’: Cal Band launches competition for lyrics to new fight song
16 Sep - Hint: only one swings from a lanyard: Differentiating among the various Cal IDs
16 Sep - Fitness is just steps away: For many sedentary types, pedometers provide an incentive to get into shape
16 Sep - News Briefs: 2020 LRDP presentation postponed, CDOP funding extended to CUE workers, and more...
16 Sep - Research Roundup
16 Sep - Awards: Five UC researchers win president's 'early career award', and more...
09 Sep   Berkeley linguist analyzes the rhetoric at GOP convention, where 'strict fathers' stayed strictly on message
09 Sep   Eat, drink, and be civil as Ombuds Office turns 20
09 Sep   An eBay item in the making: Class schedule's last print edition signals success of online version
09 Sep   World Bank taps economics prof Paul J. Gertler
09 Sep   Campus thermometer exchange begins Sept. 20
09 Sep   E.T., your book has come in: Inflatable extraterrestrials at the Interlibrary Borrowing Service
09 Sep   Letter to the Editor about Czeslaw Milosz
09 Sep   News Briefs: Extra paid leave for staff, new retirement-savings plan, and more...
02 Sep - Smallest-yet planets found around nearby stars
02 Sep - Books in chains (and we don’t mean Borders)
02 Sep - Novartis agreement became ‘lightning rod’ for debate
02 Sep - Celebrating Sagehen
02 Sep - A high-resolution view of Sproul Plaza — and its denizens
02 Sep - Cal athletes set off medal detectors
01 Sep - Lucky species queue up to have their genomes sequenced
01 Sep - A cohort to envy
01 Sep - A mutually beneficial partnership
01 Sep - Research Roundup: Cowbirds, worms and oxygen
01 Sep - Awards: APHA, Faculty Research Fund, and more
01 Sep - Obituary: William Olson
25 Aug - New climate-change study predicts hotter summers, water shortage
25 Aug - Chain reaction
25 Aug - Helter-shelter? Far from it...
25 Aug - Link suggested between maternal diet and childhood leukemia risk
25 Aug - UC Dining Hall goes green
25 Aug - Getting ultimate satisfaction
25 Aug - The secret lives of faculty
25 Aug - Administrative changes coming as searches for vice chancellors begin
25 Aug - Lunch Poems Redux
25 Aug - News Briefs: Cal athletes at the Olympics, online music service for students, and more...
25 Aug - Research Roundup: Bay area landslides, fruit fly taste receptors, and more...
25 Aug - Awards: Hellman Family Faculty Fund, CASE awards, Scott Saul, and more...
19 Aug - News Briefs: CDOP benefit reduced, Wellman Courtyard project, Policies website revamped, and more...
19 Aug - Cal Olympians show their colors in Athens
19 Aug - Publications: Hard Work: Remaking the American Labor Movement
19 Aug - Publications: Modern Peoplehood
19 Aug - Publications: Green Wheat: A Novella by Colette
19 Aug - Publications: Paradise in Ashes: A Guatemalan Journey of Courage, Terror, and Hope
19 Aug - ‘Re-directed’ freshmen now Berkeley-bound
19 Aug - Obituary: Linda Hawn
19 Aug - Obituary: Grace Katagiri
19 Aug - The Birgeneaus come to Berkeley
19 Aug - Letter to the Editor
19 Aug - Haas professor punctures myth of scarce CEO talent
19 Aug - ROHO launches disability-movement website
19 Aug - Newly open: 28,775 sq. ft., lots of shelving, great views
19 Aug - It’s beginning to look a lot like Berkeley
19 Aug - Nobel laureate Czeslaw Milosz dies
19 Aug - Six-percent cut for UC in final state budget
27 Jul - What Birgeneau believes
27 Jul - A warm welcome from Chancellor Berdahl
22 Jul - Summer dispatches from far and near
22 Jul - A dim bulb . . . and darned proud of it, too
22 Jul - Awards
22 Jul - A move too big for Bekins
22 Jul - Obituaries: Charles Susskind, William Kornhauser, Carol Fischer, Gillian Brown, Ronni Gravitz
22 Jul - UCTV highlights new Lawrence Berkeley Lab chief
22 Jul - Nobel laureate named director of LBNL
22 Jul - New deans appointed for College of Chemistry and IAS
22 Jul - Online science magazine debuts
22 Jul - What’s up, Doc? Not the number of physicians serving rural California
22 Jul - News briefs
22 Jul - Haas School’s high-tech research facility tests social-science theories
22 Jul - New Bear Pass to help underwrite the costly campus commute
22 Jul - Free (or nearly free) tuition available for many campus employees
22 Jul - Dozens of Berkeley employees pursue their college dreams, hitting the books after punching the clock
03 Jun - Obituaries
03 Jun - Awards
03 Jun - Red Power on ‘The Rock’
03 Jun - Words of wisdom: passion, fruition. . .shpilkes?
03 Jun - Undergraduate researchers and their instructors honored
03 Jun - Physical Plant’s ‘Mustang Debra’ claims her free dream machine
03 Jun - Managers honored in campus event
03 Jun - Staff initiative builds new personnel programs
03 Jun - News briefs
02 Jun - VC Horace Mitchell to lead CSU Bakersfield
02 Jun - Students, faculty, parents rail against cuts to higher education at Berkeley event
02 Jun - Faculty calls for resistance to federal PATRIOT Act’s ‘infringement’ of rights
05 May - Awards
05 May - Compass Points to BAM’s MFA exhibition
05 May - New program offers secure parking for bicycle commuters
05 May - Graduate-student teaching takes center stage
05 May - International trade in human organs shown to thrive on contributions by living donors
05 May - Who doesn’t need a weatherman?
05 May - News briefs
05 May - Let the speechifying commence!
05 May - The dangers of media lite
05 May - UCTV’s May schedule showcases Berkeley events
05 May - Berdahl rallies Sacramento support in daylong visit
05 May - Obituaries: Thom Gunn, Leo Postman
05 May - Graduate dorm named for a woman of many firsts
29 Apr - Obituary
29 Apr - Make May the fittest month of all
28 Apr - Awards
28 Apr - All she asked was why his character took four years to graduate
28 Apr - Educational Initiatives Award presented
28 Apr - Campus dedicates site for Tien Center
28 Apr - It’s cold out there, say foreign students and scholars
28 Apr - Avoiding ‘the Berkeley shuffle’
28 Apr - News briefs
28 Apr - New award honors faculty who mentor graduate students
28 Apr - Make the campus ‘feel like home’
28 Apr - Sustainability Summit honors campus’s environmental innovators
28 Apr - Norman Myers to lecture on species extinction, consumerism’s perils
28 Apr - Investment in renewable energy better for jobs, environment alike
28 Apr - Five new members of the five-percent club
22 Apr - Wigging out on Cal Day
21 Apr - Tough merge
21 Apr - Campus libraries seek a more perfect union
21 Apr - Good news, bad news … and a lot of laughs
21 Apr - The science and personality of J. Robert Oppenheimer
21 Apr - Oppenheimer opportunities
21 Apr - Three Berkeley faculty are new Guggenheim fellows
21 Apr - News briefs
21 Apr - Gearing up to gear down
21 Apr - Tears, tots, and some serious talk
21 Apr - Freshman admits down sharply systemwide
21 Apr - Admissions data a source of pride — and disappointment
21 Apr - The high cost of competing for top scholars
15 Apr - News briefs
15 Apr - Confused about Cal Day choices?
15 Apr - Letter to the Editor
15 Apr - When a Bear sits in the woods . . .
15 Apr - Competition for national lab contracts concerns Berkeley scientists
14 Apr - Best practices make, if not perfect, pretty darn close
14 Apr - New executive director heads QB3
14 Apr - Webster’s unabridged farewell
14 Apr - Campus releases visionary land-use plan
14 Apr - Making Cal’s case in Sacramento
14 Apr - All-too-human resources
08 Apr - Charter Day commemorates a university’s founding . . . and a chancellor’s departure
08 Apr - On salamanders, species formation, and biodiversity
08 Apr - PBS documentary on Emma Goldman based on Berkeley’s extensive archival holdings
08 Apr - News briefs
08 Apr - Waw-wah? Yea yea!
08 Apr - Let the New Nemean Games begin!
08 Apr - Opening the ‘gateway’ to talented grad students
08 Apr - April features three Graduate Council Lectures
08 Apr - A status report on graduate education at Berkeley
08 Apr - UC joins effort for access to scholarship
08 Apr - Obituaries:Dow Votaw, Charles West Churchman, Frances Brown
08 Apr - Awards
07 Apr - Publications
31 Mar - Two Faculty Research Lectures set for April
31 Mar - Campus’s chief budget officer steps down
31 Mar - Campus, LBNL sign partnership agreement
31 Mar - Cal Day gambolers can wager with statistics prof
31 Mar - News briefs
31 Mar - The 2004-05 budget: A work in process
17 Mar -

What's not cooking in Berkeley?
Story | Recipe | Photos

17 Mar - Obesity conference to focus on science/society nexus
17 Mar - Use of psychostimulants to treat ADHD will be examined
17 Mar - Awards
17 Mar - Section Club to host intercampus open house
17 Mar - Study of Americans’ energy expenditure isa ‘wake-up call,’ say Berkeley researchers
17 Mar - Development team named for proposed hotel
17 Mar - Nosing around campus is their job
17 Mar - Sproul Plaza renovation project to begin during spring break
17 Mar - Photography prize launched in memory of Matt Lyon
17 Mar - Letter to the editor
17 Mar - News briefs
17 Mar - Making the most of their commute
17 Mar - Raising disability awareness
10 Mar - Fauna man in a flora world
10 Mar - Democracy begins at home, chides George Soros
10 Mar - News briefs
10 Mar - Martin Goldsmith to kick off new L&S series
10 Mar - Campus researchers developing robotic exoskeleton that can enhance human strength and endurance
10 Mar - Berkeley grad students to receive Fulbright funding
10 Mar - Say hello to 2003-04’s new faculty
10 Mar - Obituary: William J. Bouwsma
10 Mar - Copping a ride
10 Mar - Chewing on a fossil find
10 Mar - UC President visits the system’s ‘mother lode’
04 Mar - Nearest, youngest star with a dusty debris disk found
04 Mar - News briefs
04 Mar - Computing visionaries sell out the house at EECS celebration
04 Mar - Former Boalt dean Herma Hill Kay examines same-sex marriage
04 Mar - Nearest, youngest star with a dusty debris disk found
04 Mar - Letter to the editor
04 Mar - ‘Principles of Community’ up for your consideration
04 Mar - New tools to teach evolution proactively
03 Mar - Making size matter less
03 Mar - Awards
03 Mar - The Kabuki way of death
03 Mar - Fabilli-Hoffer judges honor five essayists
25 Feb - Bye-bye, ‘Berzerkeley’: Surveys reveal what students really think
25 Feb - News briefs
25 Feb - Reducing fire hazards in the East Bay hills
25 Feb - Letter to the editor
25 Feb - Clark Kerr remembered
25 Feb - Design at Ground Zero
25 Feb - Do you believe in miracles?
25 Feb - Awards
25 Feb - A constant focus on prevention, protection, and promotion
25 Feb - Hail the healthy heroes!
25 Feb - Santa Cruz chancellor appointed UC provost
25 Feb - Bond measure on March 2 ballot would help renovate Giannini Hall
18 Feb - News briefs
18 Feb - The world of Shirley Wong
18 Feb - Facing up to new technology
18 Feb - Photo fakery ‘at its worst’ riles Ken Light
18 Feb - Warren Court’s 50th the focus of Boalt Hall conference
18 Feb - New Boalt dean meets, greets
11 Feb - Aggressive advocate for Berkeley’s benefit
11 Feb - Taking pride in their language, finding uses for everything
11 Feb - DeCal helps students teach one another
11 Feb - Rosen: The governor’s budget fails to address state’s biggest problems
11 Feb - Reconstructing Sproul Plaza
11 Feb - News briefs
11 Feb - Climate change threatens California bighorn sheep
11 Feb - If Malcolm met Martin . . .
11 Feb - Three-day celebration for EECS
11 Feb - Fulbright compromise reached
11 Feb - 2004 UC summer programs for children
04 Feb - At the Berktown strutters’ ball
04 Feb - Publications
04 Feb - Awards
04 Feb - Influential legislator visits campus, LBNL
04 Feb - Why Extension will end English Language Program
04 Feb - Eat smart, get fit
04 Feb - Straw bales may aid in rebuilding Iranian town
04 Feb - A mitzvah for Jewish Studies
04 Feb - News briefs
04 Feb - Sharing a Vietnamese classic with the West
04 Feb - Public Policy’s David Kirp on marketing higher education
04 Feb - Campus inkslingers reveal trade secrets
04 Feb - BSA rolls out staff mentorship program
04 Feb - Time among the Romans
04 Feb - Fraternity-life witness wins Dorothea Lange Fellowship
04 Feb - Mountain-hut design contest draws avalanche of entries
02 Feb - UC Administrative staff to vote on union representation
29 Jan - The SPRG report: Much ado about ... something?
28 Jan - In defense of outreach: ‘Could they know and not care?’
28 Jan - Outreach is essential to the research enterprise
28 Jan - Farewell to a marvelous idea?
28 Jan - News briefs
28 Jan - Health spending in California decreased when control shifted from state to counties, study finds
28 Jan - U.N. at a ‘critical juncture,’ says Aguilar Zinser
28 Jan - Remembering Alisa
28 Jan - The campus’s next-door neighbor, Stiles Hall, turns 120
28 Jan - Scholars to Cal program teams current UC students with area youngsters
28 Jan - Can leadership be cultivated?
28 Jan - Research Roundup
28 Jan - Internet voting system may not be reliable, researchers say
28 Jan - Publications
28 Jan - Obituary
28 Jan - Awards
21 Jan - Advisory committee named in chancellor search
21 Jan - New science for an age-old ill
21 Jan - Forum on faculty equity and diversity set for Feb. 5
21 Jan - Social work in the real world
21 Jan - Improving undergraduate research skills
21 Jan - ‘I have the best job in the world:' Academic Senate Chair Ron Gronsky gave up rock 'n' roll for scholarship
21 Jan - CNR researcher helps communities challenge polluters
21 Jan - News briefs
21 Jan - AnnaLee Saxenian appointed dean of SIMS
21 Jan - Bancroft Library kicks off renovation campaign
21 Jan - Obituaries
21 Jan - (art)ists@library: staffers’ work on view
21 Jan - Awards
14 Jan - News briefs
14 Jan - Retirement calls to a Public Affairs stalwart
14 Jan - January brings e-mail ‘migration’ to UCLink users
14 Jan - New dean selected for Boalt Hall
14 Jan - State budget proposal extends UC’s misery