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2001 releases

20 Dec - Former Mercury News publisher joins UC Berkeley faculty at Graduate School of Journalism
20 Dec - World's smallest laser caught in act of lasing by UC Berkeley chemists
19 Dec - UC Berkeley professor heading research in Hawaii in search of clues to sustainability questions
17 Dec - Neurologist Robert Knight named director of neuroscience center at UC Berkeley
13 Dec - Shaking the foundations of the building industry: UC Berkeley engineers test retrofitted woodframe structure
10 Dec - MEDIA ADVISORY: Shake test of a three-story woodframe apartment building on the nation's largest earthquake simulator.
05 Dec - MEDIA ADVISORY: Peter Chernin of News Corporation to address December UC Berkeley graduates
04 Dec - UC Berkeley graduate students' Sept. 11 anthology helps teachers, generates worldwide interest
03 Dec - UC Berkeley researcher says war unlikely to create major shifts in K-12 schools' core programs

30 Nov - Lobster sniffing: how lobsters' hairy noses capture smells from the sea
29 Nov - UC Berkeley professor Michael Rogin, political scientist and influential teacher, dies following short illness
29 Nov - Transgenic DNA discovered in native Mexican corn, according to a new study by UC Berkeley researchers
27 Nov - UC Berkeley expert on head impacts sets out to change way society deals with possible shaken baby syndrome
27 Nov - MEDIA ADVISORY: Debate competition
20 Nov - Triangular-flapped aircraft wing designed by UC Berkeley researchers significantly reduces wake turbulence
19 Nov - UC Berkeley Announces Final Enrollment Figures for Fall 2001
19 Nov - UC Berkeley Experts On Topics Relating To Nov. 12 Crash Of American Airlines Flight 587 In New York
19 Nov - MEDIA ADVISORY: Engineering graduate students to demonstrate prototypes of high-tech products
19 Nov - UC Berkeley's Lawrence Hall of Science leaps into retail toy market and garners "Toy of the Year" award
16 Nov - Orpheus Chamber Orchestra to hold teaching residency at UC Berkeley's Haas School of Business
15 Nov - MEDIA ADVISORY: Piping online college courses to high schools
13 Nov - MEDIA ADVISORY: Adjusting to the New Economic and Real Estate Realities
09 Nov - UC Berkeley neuroscientist receives 2001 Ameritec Prize for research that could help cure paralysis
09 Nov - Physics, astronomy departments welcome seven new theorists
08 Nov - UC Berkeley researchers find 17 states still offer no Medicaid coverage for smoking cessation treatments, despite overall increase nationwide
08 Nov - New drug policy study reveals legalization is not the only alternative to America's "war on drugs"
07 Nov - MEDIA ADVISORY: Conservation lecture by former Forest Service Chief Michael Dombeck
06 Nov - MEDIA ADVISORY: "The Daily Lives of Poor Families," a conference at the University of California, Berkele
02 Nov - UC Berkeley's Map Library guides students and public, stages annual sale Saturday
02 Nov - Have a new baby, get a free kit: Education package UC Berkeley researchers helped develop goes to California parents
01 Nov - Fundamental changes in math education goal of new program of UC Berkeley Education School

31 Oct - MEDIA ADVISORY: Siemens Westinghouse Science & Technology Competition's Western regional finals
31 Oct - UC Berkeley officials taking action to halt spread of tree-killing pathogen found on campus
30 Oct - MEDIA ADVISORY: Chancellor's Forum on Nuclear Danger and Global Survival
25 Oct - UC Berkeley's Davitt Moroney shares abiding love of music through teaching and performing
24 Oct - UC Berkeley expert on insect flight receives prestigious MacArthur "genius" award
23 Oct - MEDIA ADVISORY: Levantando la abogacía: la presencia latina en la judicatura
23 Oct - MEDIA ADVISORY: Raising the Bar: Latino and Latina Presence in the Judiciary and the Struggle for Representation
19 Oct - MEDIA ADVISORY: SEMINAR: "Update on Bioterrorism: Challenges to Public Health"
18 Oct - MEDIA ADVISORY: The Great Globalization Debate
18 Oct - Molecular motor powerful enough to pack DNA into viruses at greater than champagne pressures, researchers report
17 Oct - MEDIA ADVISORY: Structural test of new siesmic, bomb resistant building design
16 Oct - UC Berkeley students launch political publication, inaugural issue devoted to aftermath of Sept. 11 attacks
15 Oct - Soy protein prevents skin tumors from developing in mice, UC Berkeley researchers find
11 Oct - UC Berkeley professor shares 2001 Nobel Prize in economics, university's second win in a row
10 Oct - MEDIA ADVISORY: UC Berkeley professor shares 2001 Nobel Prize in Economic Sciences
10 Oct - UC Berkeley Nobel Prize winners in economic sciences
04 Oct - UC Berkeley hires prominent researcher with passion to improve lives through new technology
03 Oct - New multi-drug resistant strain of E. coli emerges in three distinct regions, new UC Berkeley study finds
03 Oct - Iron-deficient children at risk for higher levels of lead in their blood, says new UC Berkeley report
03 Oct - Memo To Technology Editors, Writers, Producers
01 Oct - Newest and oldest UC campuses team up on innovative technology venture to help California students
01 Oct - Officials should move from punch card ballots to electronic and optical scan systems, UC Berkeley research shows

27 Sep - Rolling right through campus: UC police to start safety education program at Berkeley on Monday
27 Sep - Jobs and sales double when trash is recycled instead of disposed, UC Berkeley report finds
26 Sep - MEDIA ADVISORY: Glenn Seaborg: Perspectives of a Son Turned Colleague
25 Sep - UC Berkeley-led initiative to promote societal benefits of information technology wins $7.1 million grant from NSF
24 Sep - Innovative "town and gown" partnerships receive high honors from UC Berkeley chancellor
24 Sep - Cal alumni from "The War Classes" to the 1990s to gather at UC Berkeley for homecoming and parents weekend
20 Sep - Positive emotions, including laughter are important paths out of trauma, according to UC Berkeley psychologist
20 Sep - Better pay for airport screeners improves job performance, reduces turnover, say UC Berkeley researchers
19 Sep - American Ballet Theater's West Coast tour begins tonight at UC Berkeley, is dedicated to terrorist victims, relief
19 Sep - UC Berkeley Chancellor Robert M. Berdahl has issued the following statement on freedom of speech and expression
18 Sep - MEDIA ADVISORY: 4th Annual Leading Edge Technology Conference
17 Sep - Lyman Glenny, UC Berkeley professor emeritus and higher education authority, dies at 83
17 Sep - MEDIA ADVISORY: MEDIA ADVISORY: Campus-wide memorial service
12 Sep - Research finding could lead to vaccines effective against a range of cancers, UC Berkeley researchers report
12 Sep - UC Berkeley professor, students, create Web site to help public know if loved ones are safe following today's terrorist attacks
05 Sep - Doris Calloway, pioneering nutritional scientist and UC Berkeley professor emerita, dies at 78
04 Sep - National Social Venture Competition created by UC Berkeley and Columbia's business schools, with The Goldman Sachs Foundation
04 Sep - MEDIA ADVISORY: Law and Technology Forum

30 Aug - MEDIA ADVISORY: 50 years of Denial: Japan and its Wartime Responsibilities
30 Aug - Cancer-detecting microchip - a micromachined cantilever - is sensitive assay for prostate cancer and potentially other diseases, researchers report
27 Aug - UC Berkeley puts a hold on dances this fall as it works to improve venue safety, operations
24 Aug - UC Berkeley study finds no lasting harm among adolescents from moderate spanking earlier in childhood
23 Aug - UC Berkeley, Princeton team demonstrates cheap way to reduce toll of respiratory illness from indoor cooking fires in Third World
23 Aug - Millie Almy, UC Berkeley professor and leader in early childhood education, dies at the age of 86
23 Aug - MEDIA ADVISORY: Lunch Poems kicks-off fifth year
23 Aug - UC Berkeley's new ASUC executive vice president strives to inspire students, whether they're disabled or not
23 Aug - UC Berkeley welcomes back students who can linger longer in the library or learn about our love affair with the car
15 Aug - UC Berkeley astronomers find Jupiter-sized planet around nearby star in Big Dipper
14 Aug - UC Berkeley students mentor community college students from Vista, encouraging transfer to university
13 Aug - Laura Tyson to resign as dean of UC Berkeley's Haas School of Business in December for new position in London
07 Aug - Impact of global warming on U.S. agriculture larger and more negative than expected, say UC Berkeley resource experts

31 Jul - UC Berkeley students to be among 100 first-generation undergraduates presenting research as McNair Scholars
31 Jul - President Clinton's former science and technology advisor, Thomas Kalil, takes up post at UC Berkeley
27 Jul - UC Berkeley-led initiative to bring information technology to the service of society survives state budget process; receives $20 million in first year
25 Jul - UC Berkeley students set up clinic to help Telegraph Avenue homeless youth, a population that doubles in summer
25 Jul - NASA's Wind spacecraft flies through Earth's magnetic tail and captures rare event in action
24 Jul - CAA appoints new executive director, Randy Parent
23 Jul - MEDIA ADVISORY: Crews Will Thin Eucalyptus Grove
18 Jul - UC Berkeley eye researchers may be able to predict retinal changes leading to vision loss in diabetes, resulting in early treatment
18 Jul - $390,000 grant to help UC Berkeley create Web site on evolution for teachers, students and parents
13 Jul - $500,000 grant to UC Berkeley will help teachers turn school gardens into science classrooms
12 Jul - UC Berkeley professor's research says individual need for positive self image impedes AIDS efforts
11 Jul - UC Berkeley/Paleoanthropologists find oldest human ancestor in Ethiopia
05 Jul - Quantum interference demonstrated for first time in liquids as physicists make superfluid analog of super- conducting SQUID, a potential ultrasensitive gyroscope

28 Jun - DNA analysis of salamanders turns up new species under almost every log, UC Berkeley zoologists find
27 Jun - UC Berkeley's School of Optometry gets new dean, Dennis M. Levi, a vision scientist from Houston
21 Jun - MEDIA ADVISORY: Archaeology students discover artifacts from historic fraternity
20 Jun - American ideas of love contradict each other, which is a good thing, according to new research by UC Berkeley sociologist
20 Jun - UC Berkeley releases draft EIR on state-of-the-art, seismically secure science and technology buildings
20 Jun - Quantum spin probe able to measure spin states at individual atoms; could have application in quantum computing
20 Jun - MEDIA ADVISORY: HESSI shuttle launch delay
19 Jun - UC Berkeley economists find no shortage of culprits to explain California's high gasoline prices
15 Jun - Lincoln Constance, patriarch of botany at UC Berkeley and long-time administrator, has died at 92
11 Jun - Mark Richards, an expert on the Earth's deep mantle, to take helm as dean of physical sciences at UC Berkeley
11 Jun - New "Huckleberry Finn" by UC Berkeley's Mark Twain Project reflects recovered manuscript, original art, new research
11 Jun - MEDIA ADVISORY: Awards ceremony to honor high school students who have overcome disadvantaged backgrounds to emerge as community leaders and top scholars
08 Jun - Noted authority on reading joins UC Berkeley as new dean of Graduate School of Education
07 Jun - Scientists at UC Berkeley and LBNL create world's smallest laser
06 Jun - UC Berkeley researcher discovers what young children are learning as they race around the yard in fantasy games
05 Jun - Memo: Delays in HESSI satellite launch
05 Jun - UC Berkeley's 2001 Summer Reading List recommends books that change young people's lives
04 Jun - MEDIA ADVISORY: Test of a new technique to make buildings bomb resistant
01 Jun - UC Berkeley urban design students study SF's Mission, Japantown neighborhoods, will offer design and planning solutions
01 Jun - MEDIA ADVISORY: Coverage events for the launch of UC Berkeley/NASA's HESSI satellite
01 Jun - UC Berkeley/NASA satellite set to launch June 7 on two-year mission to study solar flares

30 May - UC Berkeley hosting "Tempo" festival featuring new technology, live performance as counterpart of biennial early music program
30 May - AIDS in Africa has potential to affect human evolution, UC Berkeley scientists report
25 May - Brainy buildings using "smart dust" can keep soaring energy costs in check, say UC Berkeley researchers
22 May - Drive for managed health care has lost the war; proponents in full-scale retreat, says UC Berkeley authority
22 May - MEDIA ADVISORY: "Smart dust" demonstration
21 May - UC Berkeley, USDA biologists to release imported beetle to control saltcedar, an alien tree invading river bottoms throughout Western U.S.
18 May - Internships give UC Berkeley students rare chance to learn ins and outs of high tech start-ups from Silicon Valley CEOs
17 May - UC Berkeley report explores future of California as state's prosperity begins to fade
16 May - "100 Scholars" plan gives teachers from select districts big breaks in UC Berkeley's Summer Sessions
14 May - MEDIA ADVISORY: Ten Years into Term Limits, Academic Findings and the View from Sacramento
14 May - MEDIA ADVISORY: Scarcity and Regulation: The Future Course of Water in Agricultural California
11 May - UC Berkeley's social work students help bring change to area schools where youth suffer from societal problems
09 May - Eleven UC Berkeley faculty members elected to American Academy of Arts and Sciences
09 May - Financial problems triggered most hospital closures from 1995-2000, according to UC Berkeley report requested by California attorney general
07 May - MEDIA ADVISORY: Janet Reno to speak at UC Berkeley's upcoming Commencement Convocation
03 May - City planners need to focus on recycling the nation's vast urban wastelands, says UC Berkeley professor
03 May - MEDIA ADVISORY: Beowulf Marathon
02 May - May graduation ceremonies at UC Berkeley begin Saturday, Janet Reno to speak at May 9 convocation
02 May - UC Berkeley's top graduate excels in non-traditional field of civil engineering, with environmental emphasis
02 May - High-flying UC Berkeley students ride "vomit comet" in search of better way to cut bone loss in space
02 May - MEDIA ADVISORY: The Changing World of University Governance
01 May - Eight UC Berkeley faculty members elected today to prestigious National Academy of Sciences
01 May - New UC Berkeley study center to be named in honor of former chancellor Chang-Lin Tien

30 Apr - Stephen C. Gladstone, Cal's winning crew coach, is appointed new athletic director at UC Berkeley
30 Apr - MEDIA ADVISORY: New Cal athletic director to be announced today
30 Apr - Rabin latest UC Berkeley economist to win coveted John Bates Clark Award
30 Apr - Physicists find further evidence for inflationary universe
29 Apr - New study by UC Berkeley, Washington, D.C., researchers confirms loss of child care center workers due to low pay, turnover
27 Apr - UC Berkeley's Corey Goodman, whose work has changed the understanding of how the brain is wired, wins March of Dimes Prize
26 Apr - Semiconductor technology takes first place in UC Berkeley business plan competition
24 Apr - MEDIA ADVISORY: Reading Technologies
23 Apr - Egor Popov, UC Berkeley professor and structural engineering pioneer, dies at age 88
23 Apr - Four UC Berkeley faculty members to receive coveted Distinguished Teaching Award on April 25
23 Apr - MEDIA ADVISORY: Take Our Children To Work Day
23 Apr - William Hambrecht to receive Lifetime Achievement Award in entrepreneurship from UC Berkeley
23 Apr - MEDIA ADVISORY: DNA and Human Rights Conference
19 Apr - MEDIA ADVISORY: The UC-Stanford Medical Marriage and Divorce
18 Apr - MEDIA ADVISORY: Conference to serve as forum for Bay Area educators
18 Apr - Graduate School of Journalism at UC Berkeley awarded Bloomberg grant for business reporting center
17 Apr - Six teams advance to final round of UC Berkeley Business Plan Competition
16 Apr - UC Berkeley professor, friend recount boyhood lives and horrors on opposite sides of Holocaust's great human divide
16 Apr - Winners announced in Haas School's annual Social Venture Competition
16 Apr - Cal Day's "Kindergarten to College"event on Saturday, April 21, will providecollege tools to youngsters and others
13 Apr - International accrediting organization gives UC Berkeley's animal care program enthusiastic thumbs up
12 Apr - MEDIA ADVISORY: Sociologist tells why current family income is up and poverty is down
12 Apr - UC Berkeley reports 14 percent drop in crime, continuing 11- year decline in violent offenses
10 Apr - Janet Reno to be keynote speaker at UC Berkeley's May 9 commencement convocation
10 Apr - Victor Jones, UC Berkeley professor emeritus and pioneer in regional government studies, dies at age 92
10 Apr - Figurative painter Wendy Sussman, UC Berkeley professor of art practice, dies at age 51
10 Apr - MEDIA ADVISORY: Education for Foster Youth
10 Apr - MEDIA ADVISORY: Facing Russia and China: Foreign Policy Options for the Bush Administration
09 Apr - MEDIA ADVISORY: Taking Part: FSM and the Legacy of Social Protest
09 Apr - Four California initiatives from the 1990s are hobbling Latino and African American progress, says UC Berkeley professor
09 Apr - MEDIA ADVISORY: Annual Review of the Presidency
05 Apr - Hitchhiking molecules could have survived fiery comet collisions with Earth, UC Berkeley experiment shows
03 Apr - UC Berkeley offers admission to 8,707 high school seniors for fall 2001 freshman class
03 Apr - UC Berkeley group finds first prostate cancer antigen, providing hope for an eventual vaccine against the tumor
02 Apr - Classes start today at UC Berkeley for new master's of financial engineering degree at Haas School of Business
02 Apr - UC Berkeley researchers create world's smallest rotary internal combustion engine
02 Apr - California is unprepared to care for its aging baby boomers, UC Berkeley/UCLA report warns
02 Apr - UC Berkeley researchers trace ancient migration of Valley Fever from Texas to South America
02 Apr - UC Berkeley opens its museums, labs and offers a host of activities for the public on Cal Day, the campus' annual open house

29 Mar - MEDIA ADVISORY: Science, Policy and Public Attitudes: Conducting the Dialogue about Risk, Scientific Uncertainty and the Public
28 Mar - MEDIA ADVISORY: Berkeley's prestigious Faculty Research Lectures for 2001 to be held in April
28 Mar - Eye strips images of all but bare essentials before sending visual information to brain, UC Berkeley research shows
27 Mar - UC Berkeley researchers recommend changes to boost state's affordable housing
26 Mar - New Mark Twain luncheon club being organized at UC Berkeley to help fund Mark Twain Project
22 Mar - Spring break takes UC Berkeley students on exploration of migrant labor, Cesar Chavez
22 Mar - MEDIA ADVISORY: Charter Day Festivities 2001
22 Mar - Astronomers at UC Berkeley, Edinburgh, Cambridge, Vanderbilt report first direct detection of dark matter in galactic halo, part of universe's missing mass
21 Mar - Long-term care insurance for older adults works - with exceptions, according to UC Berkeley study of consumer protections
19 Mar - UC Berkeley chemists detail secrets of ionization, reasons behind water's central role in chemistry of life
19 Mar - Nobel laureates, pomp, awards, birthday cake - UC Berkeley celebrates Charter Day on March 23
16 Mar - Regents select Thomas Leonard, of UC Berkeley's journalism school, to head campus library system
16 Mar - Visiting art professor at UC Berkeley creates works in response to state energy crisis
15 Mar - UC Berkeley and California Department of Health Services Convene Childhood Obesity Conference
15 Mar - Cal to play Fresno State in NCAA Tournament's first round
14 Mar - A list of UC Berkeley Census Experts
14 Mar - MEDIA ADVISORY: Nobel Laureate to deliver keynote address at UC Berkeley's annual Charter Day
13 Mar - MEDIA ADVISORY: Photo exhibition of animal life in the treetops of the rain forest
13 Mar - UC Berkeley School of Public Health honors year 2001 public health heroes
12 Mar - MEDIA ADVISORY: Seductions, Pressures, Identities and Transformations: Perspectives on Work
12 Mar - Six teams advance to final round of Haas Social Venture Competition at University of California, Berkeley
12 Mar - One-year-old IMAGE satellite snaps first pictures from space of Earth's double aurora, UC Berkeley team reports
08 Mar - MEDIA ADVISORY: UC Berkeley researcher to present potential treatments for Sudden Oak Death
08 Mar - San Jose tech expo to feature UC Berkeley's latest research
08 Mar - MEDIA ADVISORY: Humanities and the Blues
08 Mar - UC Berkeley fundraising campaign raises $1.44 billion, the most ever collected by a public university
07 Mar - MEDIA ADVISORY: Symposium on information technology and its impact on the law and society
06 Mar - Jumping genes ease perceived safety concerns, promote stability in genetically modified cereals, UC Berkeley researcher finds
06 Mar - MEDIA ADVISORY: Fifty Years in the Making: World War II Reparation and Restitution Claims
05 Mar - UC Berkeley scholars help translate poems of high priestess whom assyriologists identify as the first named author in history
02 Mar - UC Berkeley architecture student designs and constructs large, Lego-like objects for National Dance Lab pilot project
02 Mar - Is Life Digital or Analog? How Life Might or Might not Survive in a Cold Expanding Universe
01 Mar - Social Venture Competition at UC Berkeley's Haas School attracts MBAs nationwide whose business plans have financial, social return

28 Feb - Former UC Berkeley fencing coach and physical education supervisor dies at 93
28 Feb - Memo To Reporters Covering The Northwest Earthquake
28 Feb - Streb dancers, collaborating with UC Berkeley physical sciences professors, experiment with movement in pilot project
26 Feb - UC Berkeley study, first of its kind, finds predictable price patterns around Internet firms' earnings reports
26 Feb - 30 teams move into semi-finals of Business Plan Competition at UC Berkeley's Haas School
26 Feb - Adequate folic acid in the diet may be important for both men and women of reproductive age, new UC Berkeley study suggests
26 Feb - UC Berkeley submits completed report to the Pacific-10 Conference
23 Feb - Celebration to Honor Berkeley Olympians
22 Feb - Rising Asia: A New Chapter of Opportunity
20 Feb - UC Berkeley's Gerald Rubin shares AAAS prize with Celera's Craig Venter for sequencing genome of the fruit fly
19 Feb - Finding the looking glass: researcher uncovers barrier between quantum and classical world
18 Feb - How harmful are dioxins and other pollutants? Berkeley professor demonstrates a new way to estimate harm.
16 Feb - Sculptor, UC Berkeley scientist, fuse math and art with help of soap bubbles, computers
16 Feb - Deep Green spawns Deep Gene and Deep Time to continue work toward a complete tree of life for the green plants
13 Feb - Efforts aimed at improving fire safety for UC Berkeley students renting houses in the East Bay
12 Feb - UC Berkeley students, faculty experimenting with e-books through new library project
12 Feb - Early Greek temple found in Israel by UC Berkeley archaeologist; it opens window on Jewish history
09 Feb - Eliminating "standby" electricity loss from home appliances could save up to 25 percent on electrical bills, study shows
08 Feb - Superconducting SQUID microscope makes immunoassays easier, faster and more sensitive, scientists at UC Berkeley and LBNL report
07 Feb - After the break-up, your "first love" never really leaves you, according to student research at UC Berkeley
06 Feb - Technological makeover scheduled for UC Berkeley seismic testing facility
01 Feb - Finnish Researchers Join with International Computer Science Institute (ICSI) and UC Berkeley to Study Technology and the Information Society

30 Jan - MEDIA ADVISORY: Collaboration to advance research in computer science, commerce, intellectual property rights and the sociology of the information society
30 Jan - UC Berkeley archaeologist finds Arizona's ancient Hohokam was complex, advanced culture that may have reached the West Coast
30 Jan - Record number of applicants apply to UC Berkeley for fall 2001 freshman class
29 Jan - MEMO TO REPORTERS Re: Fatal house fire that claimed the life of UC Berkeley student Bradley Evans
29 Jan - New bus services link UC Berkeley with Rockridge BART, encouraging commuters to leave cars at home
26 Jan - MEDIA ADVISORY: A talk about reducing human hunger by George McGovern
25 Jan - MEDIA ADVISORY: Manifesto on the California energy crisis
24 Jan - Cancer's penchant for developing drug resistance is a result of chromosome reassortment, UC Berkeley scientist proposes
22 Jan - Glitches in the Earth's wobble help geophysicists probe the planet's core
22 Jan - To protect computerized documents from power blackouts, store them on Internet, says UC Berkeley researcher
22 Jan - Advocate for Internet privacy to head UC Berkeley law school's high-tech, public policy law clinic
18 Jan - MEDIA ADVISORY : Gwendolyn Brooks Poetry Reading
17 Jan - New traffic monitoring system could reduce commute times, says UC Berkeley researcher
17 Jan - UC Berkeley business student wins Dorothea Lange fellowship for photos taken in Mission District
16 Jan - Edmund Laitone, UC Berkeley professor emeritus of mechanical engineering, dies at age 85
12 Jan - Gov. Davis's proposed budget includes funds for UC Berkeley Seismological Laboratory to improve northern state's earthquake monitoring system
11 Jan - Personal papers of Pulitzer-winning poet Gwendolyn Brooks join archives at UC Berkeley's Bancroft Library
11 Jan - Pioneering planet hunters Geoffrey Marcy and Paul Butler awarded prestigious Draper Medal from the National Academy of Sciences
10 Jan - UC researchers announce results that could complicate measures to halt spread of Sudden Oak Death
09 Jan - Two new planetary systems are the most bizarre yet found, planet-hunting team reports
08 Jan - Biochemist, National Medal of Science winner and retired UC Berkeley professor Horace A. Barker dies at 93
04 Jan - International environmental management program created at UC Berkeley, thanks to $1 million alumni gift
04 Jan - UC Berkeley School of Law announces establishment of new law clinic, program to assist California inmates on death row
02 Jan - Henry James Vaux, an innovator of forestry policy and UC Berkeley professor emeritus, dies at 88