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2008 Releases

22 Dec - Snails and humans use same genes to tell right from left
19 Dec - White House presents three UC Berkeley faculty with prestigious early career awards
18 Dec - In new book, Alvarez switches from dino extinction to Italy's geology
18 Dec - Eleven faculty members named AAAS Fellows
16 Dec - Anxious? Do a crossword puzzle
11 Dec - Neuroanatomist Jeffery Winer has died at 63
10 Dec - Nobelist George Smoot to direct Korean cosmology institute
09 Dec - Media Advisory: Dec. 11 panel and wine tasting to address winemaking on a warming planet
03 Dec - Media Advisory: U.S.-Japan baseball symposium
03 Dec - Marriage improves after kids fly the coop, study suggests
02 Dec - December graduates to attend convocation ceremony this Sunday
02 Dec - Broccoli compound targets key enzyme in late-stage cancer
02 Dec - EEGs show brain differences between poor and rich kids
01 Dec - MBA students partner with national lab scientists to commercialize clean tech
26 Nov - Media Advisory: Robert F. Kennedy Jr. to give Mario Savio Memorial Lecture, receive Young Activist Award in Berkeley Dec. 4
25 Nov - NIST funds new high-precision, quantum measurement lab
25 Nov - Maurice Holt, expert in fluid dynamics, dies at 90
25 Nov - Media Advisory: All-star panel of university leaders to discuss future of public higher education
25 Nov - Jupiter's rocky core bigger and icier, model predicts
24 Nov - Christina Romer named top U.S. economist
24 Nov - Flexibility trumps fitness in sexual reproduction, says a new theory in evolutionary biology
21 Nov - Frederick Sherman, leading expert on high altitude gas dynamics, dies at 80
14 Nov - Awards for green, effective workplaces
13 Nov - Final fall enrollment data shows increase in students
13 Nov - Hubble snaps first optical photo of exoplanet
12 Nov - Vitamin C lowers levels of heart disease biomarker, finds study, adds to debate of health benefits
12 Nov - New report details shattered lives of released Guantanamo detainees
06 Nov - Media Advisory: Nov. 15 symposium explores human history in whole genomes
06 Nov - UC Berkeley and Nokia turn mobile phones into traffic probes with launch of pilot traffic-monitoring software
30 Oct - Research finds cross-race friendships can lower stress
29 Oct - Social sciences dean and American history scholar dies at 55
29 Oct - Media Advisory: Campus to host Election Night Watch
27 Oct - Experts to gather this week for UC Berkeley-UCLA symposium on mortgage meltdown
27 Oct - Inland ants prefer salty snacks to sweet
23 Oct - Media Advisory: UC Berkeley experts available to discuss presidential election
22 Oct - EBI named tech-transfer "Deal of Distinction"
22 Oct - Denser, more powerful computer chips possible with plasmonic lenses that "fly" above high-speed spinning disk
21 Oct - Police arrest two suspects in Sept. 30 Clark Kerr Campus robbery
20 Oct - Geologist Walter Alvarez receives top earth sciences award
20 Oct - Noted statistician David Freedman has died at 70
20 Oct - Study links higher risk of adult obesity with extra cash from government program
09 Oct - Yosemite resurvey shows small mammals moving up in world
06 Oct - Iconic Sather Gate to be restored to its former majesty
06 Oct - Asian Americans could play key role in presidential race, study shows
02 Oct - PACE studies offer recommendations for California schools
02 Oct - Sharper Jupiter images from next-generation adaptive optics
01 Oct - UC Berkeley study tests impact of terrorism threats on presidential race
01 Oct - Media Advisory: Key poll on Asian Americans and presidential election to be released
30 Sep - Robert Tjian to head Howard Hughes Medical Institute
29 Sep - Media Advisory: Top economic and business experts to discuss the financial crisis
29 Sep - Vice presidential debate watch to take place Thursday
29 Sep - Media Advisory: College Information Day approaches
24 Sep - Professor and landscape architect Robert Royston dies
22 Sep - Media Advisory: "Food Agenda for the Next Administration"
22 Sep - NIH gives New Innovator Award to bioengineer who studies cellular mechanics
19 Sep - UC Berkeley launches major multi-year campaign to raise $3 billion
19 Sep - Robert Briggs, director emeritus of UC Berkeley marching band, dies at 81
17 Sep - Paola Timiras, researcher on aging, dies at 85
15 Sep - Bancroft exhibit focuses on SF Examiner Archive
15 Sep - Media Advisory: Political strategists, experts to discuss America at war
11 Sep - Media Advisory: Campaign for Berkeley kickoff
10 Sep - Media Advisory: Experts to discuss courts, media, politics
10 Sep - Media Advisory: Linda Greenhouse to discuss Guantanamo Bay
10 Sep - 1843 stellar eruption new type of star explosion
10 Sep - Engineers create new gecko-like adhesive that shakes off dirt
10 Sep - March 19 gamma-ray burst was first visible to naked eye
09 Sep - Michael Baxandall, noted art historian, dies at 74
05 Sep - Researchers showcase automated bus that uses magnets to steer through city streets
02 Sep - Media Advisory: Sept. 4 NSF roundtable on sustainable energy
02 Sep - Media Advisory: Sept. 5 automated bus demo to showcase magnetic vehicle guidance on city streets
02 Sep - Coming attractions at UC Berkeley for fall 2008: Power and politics at home and abroad

29 Aug - Media Advisory: Talk on crisis in Georgia next Thursday
28 Aug - Morrison Library revives Graphic Arts Loan program
27 Aug - Media Advisory: Panel to assess "Slow Food Nation" conference
27 Aug - Journalism school hosts "American President" photo exhibit
26 Aug - Genome sequence deepens mysteryof inconspicuous sea creature
25 Aug - New alerting and warning system launches today
25 Aug - Heading back to campus
25 Aug - Media Advisory: Labor Day briefing
22 Aug - Faculty election experts
22 Aug - National magazines tout two chemists and two astronomers as top innovators in their fields
21 Aug - Students find roommates through profiling software
20 Aug - New studies assess impacts of "No Child" reforms
14 Aug - Media Advisory: Wenchuan Earthquake Seminar Monday
13 Aug - New book distills essential physics for next president
12 Aug - Neil Bartlett, emeritus professor of chemistry, dies at 75
12 Aug - Dying frogs sign of a biodiversity crisis
11 Aug - Invisibility shields one step closer with new metamaterials that bend light backwards
06 Aug - Recipients announced for Chancellor's Community Partnership Awards
06 Aug - Jupiter and Saturn full of liquid metal helium

30 Jul - Media Advisory: "The future of biofuels?" panel discussion
30 Jul - New technique to compress light could open doors for optical communications
29 Jul - University virologist named Keck Distinguished Young Scholar
24 Jul - THEMIS mission identifies power behind northern lights
24 Jul - Girls' and boys' math performance now equal
21 Jul - Outdoor enthusiasts scaring off native carnivores in parks
18 Jul - Beware the superstar CEO, says economist
18 Jul - New deans appointed to campus posts
16 Jul - Professor explores social behavior and business misdeeds
14 Jul - New light shed on how intracellular pathogens trigger the immune system
11 Jul - Poet Alfred Arteaga, professor of Chicano and ethnic studies, dies at 58
10 Jul - Genes could solve pollution mysteries
07 Jul - Open clusters like Orion have low fertility rate
03 Jul - Nature reserves attract humans, but at a cost to biodiversity, says study
02 Jul - First images of solar system's invisible frontier
02 Jul - Parasite vaccines within reach
01 Jul - Clay Felker, legendary editor and founder of UC Berkeley's Felker Magazine Center, dies

30 Jun - Genetic study reshuffles bird family tree
26 Jun - Harry Le Grande named vice chancellor for student affairs
25 Jun - Mars air once had moisture, new soil analysis says
24 Jun - Climate change could severely impact California's endemic plants
24 Jun - Tom Lantos archive donated to The Bancroft Library
23 Jun - Campus rolls out red carpet for veterans
20 Jun - Joseph Frisch professor of mechanical engineering and pioneer in computer-aided design, dies at 87
20 Jun - Richard Karp, renowned computer theorist, wins 2008 Kyoto Prize
18 Jun - Campus officials declare 'a major victory for our students' in judge's ruling on student-athlete center
18 Jun - Lancelet genome shows how genes quadrupled during vertebrate evolution
17 Jun - Biologist Gunther Stent has died at 84
16 Jun - Old muscle gets new pep in UC Berkeley stem cell study
16 Jun - International investment banker Frank Yeary joins UC Berkeley as new vice chancellor
13 Jun - CITRIS co-sponsors Copenhagen climate and energy conference as lead-in to 2009 UN meeting
10 Jun - Astrophysicist Reinhard Genzel wins million-dollar Shaw Prize
09 Jun - Chilean president to talk about new Chilean-California pact
09 Jun - Javan mud volcano triggered by drilling, not quake
06 Jun - Breath of Life for California's native languages
03 Jun - Students win $180,000 to tackle world's problems
02 Jun - Personal genomes may lead to personalized vitamin supplements
02 Jun - Media Advisory: Experts to discuss impacts of Prop. 13
02 Jun - Mathematician Murray Protter has died at 90
02 Jun - Low-cost EUV satellite shut down

29 May - Geographer David Hooson dies at age 82
27 May - 5 new HHMI investigators to be announced May 27
22 May - Job outlook for graduates sunnier than expected
22 May - Rapid escalation characterizes virus/host arms race
22 May - New Hubble, Keck images show turbulent Jupiter
21 May - X-ray outburst leads to all-out study of supernova
13 May - Journalism student wins Lange Fellowship for "California's Main Street"
12 May - Media Advisory: Craig Newmark to address graduating seniors Tuesday
08 May - New campus-wide alliance for global health launches May 14
08 May - More focus needed for effective HIV prevention strategies in Africa, says new policy paper
08 May - Craigslist founder to give commencement speech
08 May - Top graduating senior an infectious disease detective
07 May - Technology, biotech ventures tie for first in Business Plan Competition
07 May - Media Advisory: May 9 public forum to address global hunger and agricultural development
07 May - Egyptologist Cathleen Keller dies at age 62
07 May - CIRM awards $20 million for stem cell research facilities
06 May - New study analyzes why endangered parrot population isn't recovering
02 May - Two profesors elected to American Philosophical Society
02 May - Media Advisory: Fisher Center's annual real estate update
02 May - Glowing sugars light up zebrafish
01 May - $2 million for sustainability projects designed by students and faculty

29 Apr - Engineers harness cell phone technology for use in medical imaging
29 Apr - High environmental certification for Haste Street Center
29 Apr - Three faculty members elected to National Academy of Sciences
28 Apr - Five faculty elected to American Academy of Arts & Sciences
24 Apr - Media Advisory: Celebration for eco-friendly child development center
24 Apr - Refining the date of dinosaur extinction
23 Apr - Clean energy plans dominate 2008 Global Social Venture Competition
23 Apr - Media Advisory: Conference takes on "Islamophobia"
22 Apr - Media Advisory: April 27 Berkeley Nanotechnology Forum to address transition from labs to the real world
21 Apr - Low cortisol levels found in kids whose mothers who show signs of depression
17 Apr - Energy expert Alex Farrell has died
16 Apr - Panel to explore U.S. universities' role in global development
16 Apr - Distinguished Teaching Award 2008 winners
16 Apr - Chancellor, student leaders sign new plan for multicultural center
16 Apr - Sudden Oak Death pathogen is evolving, says new study that reconstructs the epidemic
15 Apr - Media Advisory: Global Social Venture Competition
15 Apr - More clues to midlife dementia that erases personality
14 Apr - Campus releases freshman admission data
10 Apr - Unprecedented conservation map maximizes species protection on biodiversity hot spot
09 Apr - Medieval history professor, devoted to students, dead at 79
09 Apr - English Professor Robert Hass wins Pulitzer Prize for Poetry
09 Apr - Media Advisory: Cal Day explores election issues
08 Apr - Six professors win prestigious Guggenheim fellowships
08 Apr - Media Advisory: Expert panel to discuss 2008 presidential campaign
08 Apr - Media Advisory: Cal Day open house on Saturday
07 Apr - Media Advisory: Experts to discuss Bush presidency, presidential candidates
03 Apr - Conference on California climate change politics, prospects
02 Apr - Dr. Robert Mishell, professor emeritus of immunology, dies at age 73
02 Apr - Cal Day annual open house
02 Apr - Media Advisory: April 3 talk on national and global health by Dr. Richard Carmona, U.S. Surgeon General (2002-2006)
01 Apr - New study finds glamorization of drugs in rap music jumped dramatically over two decades

31 Mar - Media Advisory: "Alternative Energy and the Americas"
31 Mar - Octopus lovemaking more sophisticated than previously assumed
26 Mar - Growth hormone also guides brain wiring
19 Mar - Folate intake linked to genetic abnormalities in sperm, says new study
18 Mar - UC Regents review preliminary conceptual design for new BAM/PFA
18 Mar - Mathematician, puzzle lover David Gale has died
18 Mar - Intel and Microsoft launch parallel computing research center at UC Berkeley
17 Mar - Gecko's tail key to preventing falls, aerial maneuvers
14 Mar - C.V. Starr East Asian Library to open March 17
13 Mar - New oak woodland reserve near San Jose
13 Mar - New oak woodland reserve near San Jose
12 Mar - UC Berkeley and Stanford University launch joint stem cell research initiative
10 Mar - New analysis finds alarming increase in expected growth of China CO2 emissions
07 Mar - Media Advisory: Mar. 11 discussion of science and politics
07 Mar - John H. Freeman, business professor and entrepreneurship pioneer, dies
07 Mar - Media Advisory: Media tours of new East Asian Library
06 Mar - Extra cash from government program linked to better child development, new study says
04 Mar - Campus and new Saudi university announce partnership
03 Mar - A century of Cal student fashion to be displayed
03 Mar - Media Advisory: Experts to discusss criminalization of the poor
03 Mar - Media Advisory: Energy Symposium focuses on "clean tech"
03 Mar - Media Advisory: Survey experts to discuss challenges of cell phone and privacy age

29 Feb - Bancroft Library archiving works of pioneering artist Gus Arriola
28 Feb - Carbon calculator provides personalized footprint
28 Feb - Media Advisory: Schelling symposium panel to explore "scary stuff"
27 Feb - More public health professionals needed to avert crisis, warns new report
27 Feb - Small "helper" stars needed for massive star formation
27 Feb - PACE reports says state's schools holding steady or improving
26 Feb - Strong community networks linked to fewer recurring heart problems, new study finds
25 Feb - Media Advisory: Conference on redrafting human rights law takes place Friday
25 Feb - New digital projects teach English in India, monitor air pollution
20 Feb - New Asia business center to bolster UC Berkeley's offerings in Asia
20 Feb - Study finds cloudy outlook for solar panels
19 Feb - Media Advisory: Web summit on aging to launch tomorrow
19 Feb - Media Advisory: Panelists to discuss next president's looming court cases
19 Feb - Chancellor's chair in equity and inclusion announced
14 Feb - Genome of marine organism tells of animals' one-celled ancestors
12 Feb - Three faculty elected to National Academy of Engineering
12 Feb - Media Advisory: MBA education competition focuses on rebuilding New Orleans schools
12 Feb - Web conference takes on "silver tsunami"
11 Feb - Media Advisory: Hearst Museum hosts "World in a Teacup"
08 Feb - Joint Nokia research project to capture traffic data using GPS-enabled cell phones
07 Feb - Tracking gliding behavior in the "flying" lemur
06 Feb - Jorge Liderman, award-winning composer and music professor, dies at age 50
04 Feb - Media Advisory: Students, experts will gather to watch election returns

31 Jan - Media Advisory: Haas School Feb. 5 teach-in on economic slowdown
31 Jan - Statistician's new method will test election outcomes
31 Jan - Media Advisory: 100 cars to hit the road for field test using Nokia cell phones to monitor traffic
30 Jan - Applications sought for Chancellor's Community Partnership Fund
30 Jan - Faculty, students available for presidential campaign interviews
30 Jan - Anna's hummingbird chirps with its tail
29 Jan - Engineers create new adhesive that mimics gecko toe hairs
29 Jan - Media Advisory: Experts examine Kenya crisis
29 Jan - Media Advisory: Public talk on Barack Obama and "Blackness of the Political Stage"
29 Jan - Media Advisory: Conference on "aneuploidy" cancer theory
28 Jan - New fund to help recruit top graduate students in the humanities
28 Jan - Campus joins national Focus the Nation "teach-in" with Jan. 31 global warming symposium
24 Jan - Youngest student to publish ADHD memoir
23 Jan - Students' political leanings and other factors explored
22 Jan - Albert Bowker, innovative chancellor, dies at age 88
22 Jan - Antoni K. Oppenheim, world expert on combustion and heat transfer, dies at 92
22 Jan - Rich nations' environmental footprint falls on poor
17 Jan - UC Berkeley: Craigslist to establish first endowed faculty chair in new media
17 Jan - UC policy report says chemical exposures cost state estimated $2.6 billion
16 Jan - Parasite morphs ant into ripe red berry
14 Jan - Teen pregnancy the norm among dinosaurs
10 Jan - New Web site highlights campus's 2008 election experts
10 Jan - Experts available regarding presidential campaign
03 Jan - Orphaned bear cub snuggles into new home at UC Berkeley's Sagehen reserve
03 Jan - Professor wins Mellon prize for influential unconventional research
02 Jan - SETI@home looking for more volunteers