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2003 releases

23 Dec - Contrary to USDA findings, California has high rate of food stamp participation, says UC Berkeley study
23 Dec - New study looks at Bush administration school reforms
22 Dec - Noted vitamin researcher Esmond Snell, former biochemistry chair at UC Berkeley, has died at 89
18 Dec - UC Berkeley student wins prestigious Marshall Scholarship
18 Dec - More than 33,000 students are enrolled at UC Berkeley, official fall data show
17 Dec - Bancroft Library kicks off renovation campaign
15 Dec - Single gene plays key role in neural tube defects
11 Dec - Berkeley names new law school dean
10 Dec - Radioactive potassium may be major heat source in Earth's core
08 Dec - Gene mutation leads to super-virulent strain of TB, finds new study
08 Dec - Shifting responsibility for public services from state to counties led to decreased health spending in California, finds new analysis
08 Dec - Media Advisory: A public talk at UC Berkeley about scientific research that questions the biotechnology industry
08 Dec - Berkeley Scholars to Cal program teams current students with area youngsters
05 Dec - UC Berkeley unveils its first Berkeley Book List for readers everywhere
04 Dec - Media Advisory: UC Berkeley fire science expert to testify at congressional hearing on California wildfires
03 Dec - Stormy Space Weather Slips Through The Cracks
02 Dec - Former UC President Clark Kerr, a national leader in higher education, dies at 92
02 Dec - Twain Project, English novel in India win MLA prizes

26 Nov - What makes volcanoes explode? It's the bubbles
21 Nov - Media Advisory: UC Berkeley graduate students to demonstrate high-tech prototypes
20 Nov - Media Advisory: "edBlog SF 2003," a roundtable discussion
18 Nov - Smallpox selected for genetic mutation that today confers resistance to HIV
18 Nov - Media Advisory: Big Game chemistry show
18 Nov - T.Y. Lin, world renowned structural engineer, dies at age 91
14 Nov - Mantis shrimp fluoresce to enhance signaling in the dim ocean depths
14 Nov - Friendly rivalry in music and sport mark days leading up to UC Berkeley-Stanford "Big Game" on Nov. 22
13 Nov - Chemistry professor James Cason has died at 91
10 Nov - Richard Wollheim, professor emeritus and authority on art and psychoanalysis, dies
06 Nov - Media Advisory: High schoolers compete in Siemens science event
05 Nov - "Dark matter" forms dense clumps in ghost universe
04 Nov - Nuclear physicist A. Carl Helmholz, former physics chair, has died
04 Nov - Scavengers benefit by dining with the wolves, find new UC Berkeley-led studies

31 Oct - Rain is more lethal for drivers after a long dry spell, says new study
30 Oct - Microbes can shorten shelf-life of non-incubated eggs in the wild, finds new study
30 Oct - AAAS announces 2003 fellows, including six UC Berkeley faculty scientists
30 Oct - Accurate mapping of plant genome could lead to new generation of hybrid plants
29 Oct - Flares near our galaxy's central black hole indicate rapid spin
29 Oct - UC Berkeley study assesses"second wave" of outsourcing U.S. jobs
28 Oct - Federal, academic scientists partner to streamline environmental research
28 Oct - Amount of new information doubled in last three years, UC Berkeley study finds
27 Oct - Roger Montgomery, former UC Berkeley dean, professor emeritus and architect, dies
27 Oct - Media Advisory: "East Asia at Berkeley," a three-day event
27 Oct - New briefs find relatively few hospitals providing bulk of charity health care in the state
23 Oct - Media Advisory: Profiles of freshmen with SATs 1000 or below may illuminate admissions process
23 Oct - Frank Pitelka, professor emeritus of zoology who studied bird behavior, dies at age 87
23 Oct - Car sharing spurring fundamental travel changes, says UC Berkeley study
23 Oct - Peace Pole to be planted Friday in People's Park
21 Oct - Colorado cave yields million-year-old record of evolution and climate change
20 Oct - Sniff and smell are equally important in the brain's perception of odor
16 Oct - Dangerous herbal readily available through Web despite FDA import ban
16 Oct - Radar and Fine Wine: Innovative research uses radar to map soil moisture, create better wine grapes
15 Oct - NSF awards $5.46 million to UC Berkeley and USC to build testbed for cyber war games
14 Oct - Charles Wilke, co-founder of UC Berkeley's Department of Chemical Engineering, dies at age 86
13 Oct - U.S. has higher birth, marriage rates than Western Europe, despite lack of family-friendly policies
13 Oct - Recall news focused primarily on Schwarzenegger's campaign
08 Oct - Media Advisory: UC Berkeley professor has data on punch card performance
07 Oct - The 7th annual spoonbill migration
07 Oct - Scholars from around the world heading to UC Berkeley to discuss the history of children and issues facing them
03 Oct - Energy and resources professor and former UC Santa Cruz Chancellor Mark Christensen has died
02 Oct - New treatment for Sudden Oak Death approved based upon research by UC Berkeley plant pathologist
02 Oct - Media Advisory: Demonstration of application methods for new Sudden Oak Death treatment
01 Oct - Media Advisory: UC Berkeley Police Department to remove hazardous trees
01 Oct - Media Advisory: The Cal Can Creation Competition

30 Sep - Nobelist James Watson headlines celebration of DNA & biotech
29 Sep - Media Advisory: Robert Thomas to read for Lunch Poems
29 Sep - Media Advisory: CDC official to give Oct. 1 talk on West Nile Virus
25 Sep - Pioneering vision researcher Russell De Valois has died at 76
25 Sep - UC Berkeley extends public comment period on land use plan
25 Sep - UC Berkeley chancellor announces he'll step down in June 2004
25 Sep - Media Advisory: UC Berkeley Robert M. Berdahl announces he will leave his post in June, 2004
25 Sep - Computer model clears up immunological conundrum
25 Sep - Home-treated water no better than plain tap in preventing gastrointestinal illness, finds new study
24 Sep - Berkeley students to hold their first campus-wide homecoming since 1964
24 Sep - Professor emeritus Patrick Wilson, librarian and philosopher, dies at 75
23 Sep - Homeland Security names Berkeley students to fellows and scholars program
23 Sep - Media Advisory: NY Times columnist Paul Krugman on the "War in Iraq and the U.S. Economy"
22 Sep - Media Advisory: Student political groups to discuss gubernatorial debate
19 Sep - Theater professor stages adaptation of J.M. Coetzee's "Foe"
19 Sep - Four young scientists lauded by national magazines
18 Sep - UC/Cal State project promotes using waste heat from power generation to heat and cool buildings
18 Sep - Save the Dirt: Researchers find pristine soils losing out to farming and development
18 Sep - New center to improve technology-enhanced teaching and learning of science
16 Sep - Economic stress in Germany linked to decline in male births
16 Sep - UC Berkeley chancellor to announce university/community partnership awards
15 Sep - Korean satellite to measure galaxy's UV glow
15 Sep - Media Advisory: The Bay Area Indian Relocation Conference
15 Sep - Media Advisory: UC Berkeley Professor Henry Brady to discuss court's recall decision
11 Sep - Using packed silver nanowires as sensitive explosives detector
11 Sep - UC Berkeley's Greek Theatre turns 100 years old this month
11 Sep - Bancroft Library adds photo archives of Michelle Vignes
10 Sep - Donald Dahlsten, leading expert in biological control and forest entomology, dies at 69
10 Sep - Retired professor Jesse Rabinowitz dies at 78
10 Sep - UC Berkeley project focuses on information technology, homeland security
10 Sep - UC Berkeley survey finds business support for health insurance reform
10 Sep - Student-initiated effort will combat harassment and hate
10 Sep - Physicist Frank Crawford, who worked on bubble chambers, supernovas and adaptive optics, has died at 79
09 Sep - Media Advisory: The Chancellor's Task Force on Hate and Bias
04 Sep - Media Advisory: Water policy conference to analyse the impact of the landmark Central Valley Projest Improvement Act of 1993
04 Sep - Renowned UC Berkeley professor and philosopher Donald Davidson dies at 86
04 Sep - Media Advisory: 9/11/01 - A Look Back and A Look Ahead
03 Sep - Media Advisory: California Secretary of State Kevin Shelley to join students in voter registration drive
03 Sep - Dr. Frank Falkner, world-renowned child growth expert, dies at 84
02 Sep - RHESSI satellite offers clues about how solar explosions act as particle accelerators
02 Sep - Media Advisory: Panel discussion on California gubernatorial recall debate
02 Sep - Three of a kind in the freshman class: triplets enter UC Berkeley
02 Sep - Public comments sought for Long Range Development Plan

29 Aug - Professor emeritus and mechanics of collision expert Werner Goldsmith dies at 79
28 Aug - Balancing Earth's hydrogen budget
27 Aug - Nanometer-sized particles change crystal structure when wet
26 Aug - Anthropology professor John Ogbu dies at age 64
22 Aug - Science and art in "Gene(sis)"exhibition
21 Aug - Students urge reuse over recycling, plan giveaway of used readers and notebooks
20 Aug - Fall semester 2003 arrives at UC Berkeley, where classes for most students start Aug. 25
20 Aug - Students warned of copyright issues, possible subpoenas, as file sharing enforcement increases
19 Aug - UC Berkeley expands its sexual harassment prevention and training
14 Aug - Media Advisory: New Student Convocation welcomes new undergrads
11 Aug - Mark Twain Letters go online
05 Aug - Professor Emeritus Kenneth Weisinger dies at age 60 after battle with cancer
05 Aug - Museum scientists to repeat 80-year-old Yosemite wildlife survey
05 Aug - Study finds new evidence that vitamin C helps reduce oxidative stress in passive smokers
04 Aug - UC Berkeley arborist launches new Tree Fund to encourage campus planting
01 Aug - A breakfast of meat and eggs or nothing at all linked to extra weight, finds new study

28 Jul - Redwoods go high tech: Researchers use wireless sensors to study California's state tree
28 Jul - Students patrol hills above campus, check for fire dangers and other hazards
24 Jul - New study challenges prevailing theory of microbial diversity
23 Jul - Physicists build world's smallest motor using nanotubes and etched silicon
22 Jul - Researchers help define what makes a political conservative
21 Jul - RHESSI satellite finds tiny microflares on sun are smaller versions of normal flares; could heat corona
21 Jul - Stars rich in heavy metals tend to harbor planets, astronomers report
21 Jul - UC Berkeley students enrolling in Arabic classes in record numbers
17 Jul - Hydrogen-fueled cars not the best way to cut pollution, greenhouse gases and oil dependency, says expert
14 Jul - Demography study: Caring for the next generation will keep you living longer.
09 Jul - NIH funds powerful magnet for protein studies
08 Jul - Media Advisory: Nobel Peace Prize Laureate Norman Borlaug to speak on agriculture technology and combating hunger
03 Jul - Mike Koll, California Alumni Association leader and summer camp founder, dies at age 86
02 Jul - Experts from around the world convene to discuss war, poverty and the environment

30 Jun - Media Advisory: Media briefing on rip currents at Ocean Beach
26 Jun - "Sneaky Pete Alley" comes alive in student opera production
25 Jun - Study links extreme weather, poverty and witch killings
24 Jun - Joseph A. Pask, professor emeritus and a ceramic engineering pioneer, dies at 90
23 Jun - Chancellor's statement on Supreme Court's affirmative action decisions
23 Jun - Media Advisory: U.S. Rep. Ellen Tauscher on current U.S. foreign policy
23 Jun - Researchers develop technique that could open doors to faster nanotech commercialization
20 Jun - Study looks at top minority student college applications
19 Jun - Researchers warn that AIDS in India could become as dire as in Africa
18 Jun - Professor Ned Johnson, a renowned ornithologist who specialized in Western North American birds, dies at age 70
18 Jun - Media Advisory: Open house for Observatory Hill archaeological dig
18 Jun - Study finds unequal preschool access across Los Angeles County
16 Jun - Can money buy happiness? UC Berkeley researchers find surprising answers
16 Jun - Theatre Rhinoceros treasures at Bancroft
12 Jun - How great was Alexander?
12 Jun - Aggressive response lowers SARS mortality rate
12 Jun - Unofficial 2003 summer reading list includes unusual picks about war and peace
11 Jun - 160,000-year-old fossilized skulls uncovered in Ethiopia are oldest anatomically modern humans
09 Jun - Researchers create potential toxic sensor chip by combining electronics with living cell
09 Jun - Close communication helps twins live longer
05 Jun - UC Berkeley composer Jorge Liderman wins Guggenheim award
05 Jun - Producing ethanol from corn drains resources, says new report by UC Berkeley researchers
04 Jun - Researchers create wireless sensor chip the size of glitter
02 Jun - Researchers help bring clean water to households in developing nations
02 Jun - Cheap, simple microbial factories for antimalarial drug

30 May - Beats go on in the archives of UC Berkeley's Bancroft Library
30 May - Gov. Davis to help break ground on new bioscience, bioengineering research building
29 May - 3-D map of local interstellar space shows sun lies in middle of hole piercing galactic plane
28 May - RHESSI uncovers secret to cataclysmic explosions known as gamma-ray bursts
23 May - State budget crunch prompts fee hike for summer classes
21 May - Memo to Reporters: Profiles available of six students graduating this month
21 May - Memo to Reporters: Highlights of upcoming graduation speakers
20 May - Five spacecraft join to solve auroral puzzle
20 May - PACE survey finds most Americans prefer smaller federal tax cut, more school and state aid
19 May - UC Berkeley announces new lifelong learning institute
15 May - Study finds new clues to the fate of smog in Sierra Nevada forests
13 May - Media Advisory: Leon Panetta, former White House chief of staff, to speak at Convocation
13 May - Leonard Michaels, acclaimed writer and former professor, dies at age 70
12 May - UC Berkeley Will Honor Three Southern California Graduates at May 15 Commencement Convocation
12 May - Chemical in Broccoli Blocks Growth of Prostate Cancer Cells, New Study Shows
10 May - UC Berkeley lifts some limits it had placed on summer attendance by students from SARS-affected areas
10 May - Text of Chancellor Robert Berdahl's May 10 announcement modifying campus SARS policy for international summer school students
08 May - Leon Panetta to speak at 2003 Commencement Convocation
06 May - Academy of Arts and Sciences elects twelve from UC Berkeley
06 May - Clay cuneiform tablets from ancient Mesopotamia to be placed online
06 May - Awareness of racial stereotypes happens at an early age, has consequences
05 May - Innovative engineering and business graduate Ankur Luthra named University Medalist
05 May - Law students draft Internet privacy bill
05 May - Media Advisory: A Roundtable Discussion on SARS
02 May - Center for Peace and Well-being marks first anniversary with symposium on equality

29 Apr - New National Academy members elected today
29 Apr - State Sen. Vasconcellas Honored with UC Berkeley Chancellor's Community Service Award
28 Apr - Media Advisory: "Weapons of Mass Destruction in an Age of Terror," a forum
25 Apr - Microgel beads fool immune system, show promise as new method of vaccination, gene therapy
24 Apr - Three UC Berkeley faculty members to be honored with elite Distinguished Teaching Award
23 Apr - Media Advisory: "Citizenship, Education, and Public Accountability," a one-day conference
23 Apr - College of Environmental Design sponsors mountain hut design contest
22 Apr - Media Advisory: Former chair of the Congressional Committee on Foreign Relations to speak at I-House
22 Apr - Media Advisory: "New Voices in Indigenous Research," a Native American graduate student conference
22 Apr - "Rotten Trade" conference examines global organs trafficking
21 Apr - Media Advisory: April 26 fair stresses healthy aging
21 Apr - Professor Awarded Guggenheim Fellowship
21 Apr - Media Advisory: Advances in Genomic Research: Implications for Science & Society
17 Apr - Media Advisory: USGS seismologist to release new quake estimates
17 Apr - Media Advisory: "The New Nuclear Danger: George W. Bush's Military-Industrial Complex"
17 Apr - Media Advisory: Chief of U.S.D.A. Forest Service to give policy address on forest management issues
17 Apr - Continental roots go deep, but not as deep as some people thought
16 Apr - New fall 2003 freshman class from among record number of applicants
16 Apr - Media Advisory: "Islam and Muslims in America," a three-day conference
15 Apr - Forum: "The Cultural Heritage of Iraq and the Impacts of the War"
15 Apr - Media Advisory: "Living Peacefully in a Time of Turmoil," a scholarly discussion
11 Apr - Memo To War Editors: Two-war related events on campus next week
11 Apr - White-collar criminal to speak April 16 about business ethics
10 Apr - "Skinny" galaxy harbors massive black hole at core
10 Apr - Media Advisory: Cal Day 2003, the University of California, Berkeley's annual open house
09 Apr - UC Berkeley's portrait of Plato is ancient artifact, not a fake, professor says
09 Apr - Media Advisory: Former U.S. Census Bureau director to discuss ethno-racial classification, public policy
09 Apr - Building nanotubes of gallium nitride rather than carbon yields optically active nanotubes
09 Apr - Nobel Laureates will appear Friday on Telegraph Avenue, on dozens of new street banners
08 Apr - Charter schools suffer from ill-prepared teachers, unequal funding, says PACE study
07 Apr - MEMO TO REPORTERS: Update to CDC Director's talk at UC Berkeley
07 Apr - Immune therapy shows potential against melanoma, ovarian cancer
03 Apr - Hour-by-hour highlights for Cal Day 2003
03 Apr - Cal Day will offer free, close-up look at campus for thousands of visitors
03 Apr - Professor Enrico Jones, an expert in minority mental health, dies at 55
02 Apr - Media Advisory: CDC Director gives talk on health preparedness at School of Public Health
02 Apr - Media Advisory: Mock trial arising from an actual libel case v. the LA Times
02 Apr - Cosmic chemistry inside interstellar clouds points to galactic wind of low-energy rays

31 Mar - NASA funds $173 million auroral satellite mission
31 Mar - Memo to War Editors: The latest campus news concerning the conflict in Iraq
31 Mar - Scholar in Iraq to document conditions of displaced civilians
27 Mar - Media Advisory: Looking at America From Abroad: A European Media Perspective
27 Mar - Memo to War Editors: Two war-related events to take place at UC Berkeley next week
21 Mar - Memo to war editors: Updated list of UC Berkeley events, stories, media resources
20 Mar - Anti-war protest at UC Berkeley draws more than 1,500 people; 117 cited at Sproul Hall sit-in
20 Mar - Memo to war editors: list of UC Berkeley events, stories, media resources
20 Mar - Helping kids cope with war: expert says talk, play and routine are important
19 Mar - Solar flares postpone SETI@home re-observation
17 Mar - New website lists more than 200 campus programs, resources for Bay Area residents
14 Mar - Media Advisory: War, The Press, and U.S. Power: Diplomacy and Conflict in the Post 9/11 World
13 Mar - Sheldon Messinger, professor emeritus and a scholar in criminology and sociology, dies at 77
11 Mar - Media Advisory: School of Public Health honors 2003 Public Health Heroes
11 Mar - Provocative political science class attracts wide following
11 Mar - Professor emeritus and prominent international relations scholar Ernst Haas dies at 78
10 Mar - Researchers call for better studies on environmental links to breast cancer
10 Mar - Search for ET to look again at 150 signals
07 Mar - Professor emeritus and noted zoologist Oliver Pearson dies at 87
07 Mar - "Then and Now" photo exhibit documents over a century on campus
07 Mar - Medical devices lead Business Plan Competition for 2003
06 Mar - National Social Venture Competition draws record interest this year
05 Mar - Q & A: Social welfare professor discusses new welfare reform bill
05 Mar - Medical devices lead UC Berkeley Business Plan Competition for 2003
05 Mar - "World in a Frame" exhibit highlights photography from exploration age
05 Mar - Professor emeritus and public power expert Frederick Morrissey dies at age 82
03 Mar - UC Berkeley research may lead to a higher resolution functional MRI

28 Feb - Media Advisory: Alexei Arbatov visits Goldman School to lecture on "Super Terrorism" and its implications
25 Feb - East Asian Library partners with private collector to post historic Japanese maps online
25 Feb - Media Advisory: "Berkeley in Silicon Valley," a one-day conference highlighting UC Berkeley research
24 Feb - Media Advisory: Haas School to host the 3rd annual Berkeley Asia Business Conference
24 Feb - Media Advisory: The Law and Technology of Digital Rights Management
24 Feb - Next Week At UC Berkeley: A round-up of key news events for the week of Mar. 2-8
21 Feb - Student conduct charges from Wheeler Hall sit-in resolved
20 Feb - Cables hold promise in protecting existing buildings from bombs, researchers find
19 Feb - Professor emeritus and noted Shakespeare scholar Marvin Rosenberg dies at age 90
19 Feb - Berkeley freshman finds academic focus, and fun, on high-flying trapeze
18 Feb - "Periodic Table" of proteins helps make sense of structure
18 Feb - Historical journal reports secrets behind infamous "Drake's Plate" hoax
18 Feb - Next Week At UC Berkeley: A round-up of key news events for the week of Feb. 23 - Mar. 1
13 Feb - Media Advisory: News conference to discuss the infamous "Drake's Plate" hoax
12 Feb - Professor emeritus and labor law expert David Feller dies at 86
12 Feb - Media Advisory: Edward Said to discuss "The U.S., the Islamic World, and the Question of Palestine"
11 Feb - Media Advisory: Hekmut Karzai to speak on peace in Afghanistan
11 Feb - Memo to Reporters: UC Berkeley unveils two new online news sources
11 Feb - Next Week At UC Berkeley: A round-up of key news events for the week of Feb. 16-22
10 Feb - Size changes of Bacillus spores could lead to simpler, faster anthrax detector
10 Feb - Grad student creates refuge for learning in Berkeley High classroom
10 Feb - Deaf Film Festival to offer cinema for, by deaf community
05 Feb - UC Berkeley/Stanford education policy research center forms alliance with UC Davis School of Education
06 Feb - Genetically modified cotton crops produced greater yields, reduced pesticide use in India
05 Feb - New study finds that semen quality may start to decline in one's 20s
04 Feb - Sapphire/slammer worm shatters previous Internet speed records
03 Feb - Gauging a happy marriage comes with experience, reports new study
03 Feb - Next Week At UC Berkeley: A round-up of key news events for the week of Feb. 9-15

31 Jan - William Jewell, professor emeritus of operations research and risk analysis expert, dies at 70
31 Jan - UC Berkeley tests emergency warning system Feb. 5 with sirens, new emergency phone and emergency Web site
31 Jan - New manifesto urges state to let market forces rebuild California's power industry
30 Jan - Edward C. Stone, influential forest ecologist and professor emeritus, dies at 85
30 Jan - Media Advisory: The 4th Annual Conference on Housing and Urban Policy to be held on campus
30 Jan - Media Advisory: UC berkeley launches state's first car-sharing program on a university campus
30 Jan - California's elderly will be healthier and more productive, says new report
29 Jan - Former U.S. Labor Secretary to talk on politics and principles
28 Jan - Mimi Chakarova wins 2003 Dorothea Lange Fellowship
27 Jan - New cutting-edge dining hall features "excitement on the plate"
27 Jan - Next Week At UC Berkeley: A round-up of key news events for the week of Feb. 2-8
22 Jan - Two writers to debate U.S.-Iraq war on Jan. 28 at Zellerbach Hall
22 Jan - Media Advisory: Enron "whistleblower" Sherron Watkins to speak at the Haas School of Business
22 Jan - Campus memorial service for esteemed history professor Robert Brentano
21 Jan - Millions of Americans are failing to get recommended health care, new study finds
21 Jan - Next Week At UC Berkeley: A round-up of key news events for the week of Jan. 26 - Feb. 1
15 Jan - Science and math educator to lead Lawrence Hall of Science
15 Jan - Berkeley students graduating in record numbers and in record time
10 Jan - Lecture to address little-known aspects of Jewish scholarship on Islamic world
09 Jan - Robotic telescope catches early afterglow of gamma-ray burst
08 Jan - Moon's early history may have been interrupted by big burp
07 Jan - Expert contacts for new economic stimulus plans
07 Jan - Standardized tests erode rather than enhance education, says psychology professor
02 Jan - San Diego conference tackles child obesity epidemic
02 Jan - Nature's filter: Wetlands clean selenium from agricultural runoff