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2002 releases


19 Dec - Veteran journalist joins UC Berkeley as new head of Public Affairs
18 Dec - Flawed FBI reporting system undercounts disability hate crimes
18 Dec - Methane clouds discovered at south pole of Saturn's moon Titan
16 Dec - Dec. 19: Vandenberg launch will boost small UC Berkeley satellite into orbit
16 Dec - Wannabe stars shine at Apollo Amateur Night auditions here at Berkeley
13 Dec - Scientists use South Pole telescope to produce the most detailed images of the early universe
12 Dec - Sea squirt joins ranks of organisms whose genome has been sequenced
11 Dec - Robert Berring named interim dean of UC Berkeley School of Law
10 Dec - Breaking Gimpy: Researchers crack security system designed to block Internet robots
09 Dec - UC Berkeley student wins prestigious Rhodes Scholarship
06 Dec - Noted science writer Michael Pollan appointed to UC Berkeley journalism school
06 Dec - Neutrinos exhibit multiple personalities
05 Dec - UC Berkeley geophysicists report experimental evidence supporting theory of mantle plume and hot spot stability
05 Dec - Fact sheet on UC Berkeley's sexual harassment policies, procedures, education and training, and services
05 Dec - Researchers say fossil fuels for cooking and heating may be best for world's 2 billion poor
04 Dec - Richard Lazarus, UC Berkeley psychology faculty member and influential researcher, dies at 80
02 Dec - John Dwyer, dean of the UC Berkeley's School of Law, resigns
02 Dec - MEDIA ADVISORY: Astronaut, and Cal alum, Rex Walheim to address December commencement
02 Dec - UC Berkeley Extension announces program consolidation, layoffs
02 Dec - John A. Zivnuska, pioneer in forest economics and UC Berkeley professor emeritus, dies at 86
02 Dec - UC Berkeley literacy program attracts Oakland youths, seniors with digital storytelling

27 Nov - John Dwyer, dean of Boalt Hall, announces plans to resign from deanship, faculty
27 Nov - UC Berkeley scientists detail neural circuit that lets eye detect directional motion
25 Nov - MEDIA ADVISORY: ABC News anchor Peter Jennings to discuss new book at UC Berkeley
25 Nov - Robert Brentano, esteemed UC Berkeley history professor, dies at age 76
25 Nov - MEDIA ADVISORY: NASA briefing to discuss UC Berkeley satellite CHIPSat
25 Nov - Next Week At UC Berkeley: A round-up of key news events for the week of Dec. 1-7
21 Nov - UC Berkeley, Joint Genome Institute target chloroplasts for clues to green plant evolution
21 Nov - UC Berkeley-led research team finds brain's perception depends upon the source of cues it receives
20 Nov - Joseph "Perry" Danton, former dean of library science, dies at age 94
19 Nov - UC Berkeley psychologist discusses strategies to reduce effects of classroom stereotypes
18 Nov - Statement from UC Berkeley Chancellor Robert M. Berdahl in response to the decision released today from the NCAA regarding the Cal football program
18 Nov - Next Week At UC Berkeley: A round-up of key news events for the week of Nov. 24-30
18 Nov - UC Berkeley Professor Ronald Takaki wins Fred Cody Award for lifetime literary achievement, service to community
15 Nov - Six UC Berkeley professors among 50 top women in science, 50 scientific visionaries chosen by national science magazines
14 Nov - MEDIA ADVISORY: Ehud Barak to Speak at UC Berkeley on Nov. 19
14 Nov - Richard Brinkmann, a UC Berkeley professor emeritus who promoted an international approach to the study of German literature, dies at 81
13 Nov - Henry May, a legendary set designer, art director and UC Berkeley professor emeritus of dramatic art, dies at 81
13 Nov - UC Berkeley researchers report exceptionally bright eruption on Io
13 Nov - MEDIA ADVISORY: Campus memorial service for former Chancellor Chang-Lin Tien
12 Nov - Middle East film series at UC Berkeley to focus on education and understanding
12 Nov - NEXT WEEK AT UC BERKELEY: A round-up of key news events for the week of Nov. 17-23
12 Nov - New California AIDS survey shows need for more HIV education, prevention programs
07 Nov - UC Berkeley analysis of satellite data turns up first evidence that magnetic processes in space can accelerate electrons to near light speed
07 Nov - Phillip Damon, UC Berkeley professor of comparative literature, dies at age 80
06 Nov - Economics Department at UC Berkeley celebrates century on the cutting edge
06 Nov - New York Times leaders to discuss at UC Berkeley the paper's role in shaping Americansí world views
05 Nov - UC Berkeleyís fall 2002 enrollment figures show more women, more students, in general, have registered
05 Nov - UC Berkeley scholars can be interviewed via campus's radio, broadcast studios
05 Nov - MEMO TO REPORTERS: Election Coverage - UC Berkeley experts available for interviews
05 Nov - MEDIA ADVISORY: Science"whiz kids" descend on UC Berkeley campus
05 Nov - MEDIA ADVISORY: UC Berkeley professor Ula Taylor to discuss her new book, "The Veiled Garvey: The Life and Times of Amy Jacques Garvey"
05 Nov - UC Berkeley psychology professor writes gripping account of his fatherís mental illness
05 Nov - Next Week At UC Berkeley: A round-up of key news events for the week of Nov. 10-16
04 Nov - MEDIA ADVISORY: White House Official Visits UC Berkeley

30 Oct - Campus memorial service for former UC Berkeley Chancellor Tien set for Nov. 14
30 Oct - Popular weed killer atrazine feminizes native frogs across Midwest, could be impacting amphibian populations worldwide
30 Oct - Chang-Lin Tien, UC Berkeley chancellor from 1990-97 and an internationally known engineering scholar, dies at age 67
29 Oct - Edwin Bayley, founding dean of UC Berkeley's journalism school, dies in Wisconsin at age 84
29 Oct - Gene Myers, computer algorithm pioneer in human genome sequencing, to join UC Berkeley faculty
28 Oct - New study by UC Berkeley, Santa Clara University experts explores terrorist insurance market
28 Oct - UC Berkeley receives $5 million gift to enhance Jewish studies, support visiting scholar
24 Oct - UC Berkeley's anthropology museum announces the hiring of its first full-time director
24 Oct - UC Berkeley library to present historic exhibit on the challenges, contributions of "Chinese Overseas"
24 Oct - New biophotonics center will apply state-of-the-art optical tools to medicine, biology
23 Oct - Your brain is teaching your nose new tricks, say UC Berkeley researchers
21 Oct - MEDIA ADVISORY: An evening with Simon Winchester, author of "The Professor and the Madman"
21 Oct - Interactive, high tech artwork recalls Chinese immigration tragedy at UC Berkeley
21 Oct - MEDIA ADVISORY: Celebrating Mathematical Achievements in the 20th Century
18 Oct - MEDIA ADVISORY: Author and educator Jonathan Kozol to visit UC Berkeley
18 Oct - UC Berkeley expert discusses concerns surrounding smallpox vaccination plans
17 Oct - MEDIA ADVISORY: Panel to discuss terrorist threat in Indonesia and Sotheast Asia
16 Oct - MEDIA ADVISORY: UC Berkeley Experts for stories on Port Closures
16 Oct - UC Berkeley textile expert Ed Rossbach dies at 88
16 Oct - MEDIA ADVISORY: Top Professors To Lecture at UCB Homecoming Weekend
15 Oct - MEDIA ADVISORY: Sudden Oak Death: Implications for Management, Policy and Society
07 Oct - MEDIA ADVISORY: "Alternatives to War on Terrorism: A Multicultural Perspective"
07 Oct - MEDIA ADVISORY: "A Walk In Your Shoes," half-hour show tackling the issue of weight discrimination
07 Oct - Study finds "two-tier" system in state-funded prekindergartens: disparity in education, pay, stability
07 Oct - CDC award to help UC researchers establish national environmental public health tracking system
04 Oct - U.S. economy may be headed for another major recession, says new UC Berkeley study
03 Oct - Car sharing system is catching on, says new study from UC Berkeley about San Francisco's program
03 Oct - MEDIA ADVISORY: "Job Access and Reverse Commuting in California"
03 Oct - MEDIA ADVISORY: 25th annual "College Information Day" for students in grades 6-12 and their parents
03 Oct - MEDIA ADVISORY: "Day of Service" at the University of California, Berkeley
01 Oct - New UC Berkeley study suggests promise of Chinese herbal medicine as treatment for chronic hepatitis B
01 Oct - New studies of girls with ADHD led by UC Berkeley professor reveal overlooked and serious situation
01 Oct - MEDIA ADVISORY: After the Bubbles: Linking the Recoveries of America and Asia

26 Sep - Primer from UC Berkeley's Lawrence Hall of Science gives parents tips on how to get involved in children's education
26 Sep - UC Berkeley gets $2.8 million CDC grant, joins nationwide network of public health academic centers fighting bioterrorism
25 Sep - Hearings to begin Monday for UC Berkeley students facing charges from Wheeler Hall sit-in
25 Sep - NSF gives $13 million for UC Berkeley-led project bridging computer software and systems science
25 Sep - UC Berkeley researchers awarded $2.1 million NIH grant to study smoking prevention efforts in China
25 Sep - NSF grant to UC Berkeley will fund exploration of new types of quantum computers, steps toward quantum logic and nanoprocessors
25 Sep - MEDIA ADVISORY: Removal of eucalyptus from a particularly fire-prone grove in Claremont Canyon
24 Sep - UC Berkeley hosts annual meeting of The Astronomical Society of the Pacific, Sunday, Sept. 29
24 Sep - UC Berkeley study finds many children in several California communities not riding safely in vehicles
24 Sep - MEDIA ADVISORY: All-day map and book sale
24 Sep - Youths more conservative than their elders on issues involving religion and abortion, new UC Berkeley survey reveals
23 Sep - UC Berkeley-led experiment with online museum collections opens doors to new participants
22 Sep - UC Berkeley cell biologist receives Lasker Award for cell secretion research important to biotech industry
20 Sep - MEMO TO REPORTERS: Update on last night's Oakland hills fire
20 Sep - Some UC Berkeley fraternity chapters see blanket moratorium lifted today on alcohol use at house social events
20 Sep - UC Berkeley chancellor to honor 14 university-community partnerships at Monday, Sept. 23, reception
19 Sep - MEDIA ADVISORY: Rededication ceremony for the Hearst Memorial Mining Building
18 Sep - UC Berkeley professor warns of continued power crises under deregulated system
18 Sep - Historic UC Berkeley building, once home to mining studies, reopens Sunday to new era of materials science and engineering research
16 Sep - MEDIA ADVISORY: Romagoza v Garcia: A Case of Justice for Victims of Torture
13 Sep - MEDIA ADVISORY: Islam in America: Rights and Citizenship in a Post 9/11 World
13 Sep - Viability of alternatives to factory food to be debated Sept. 23 at UC Berkeley
11 Sep - Crisis in corporate ethics becomes a top priority for UC Berkeley's Haas School of Business
11 Sep - MEDIA ADVISORY: Should broadcasters be required to provide free air time for political candidates?
10 Sep - MEDIA ADVISORY: "Weblogs: Challenging Mass Media and Society," a panel discussion
10 Sep - MEDIA ADVISORY: "Healthy Aging & Community Building," a two-day event to recognize senior citizens who are leaders and activists in their communities
05 Sep - Chancellor issues statement, appalled at charge that campus Sept. 11 events are unpatriotic
05 Sep - Memo to Reporters: Sept. 11 events at UC Berkeley
05 Sep - MEDIA ADVISORY: Opening reception for "This is woman's hour...," a multimedia exhibit on Mary Baker Eddy
05 Sep - National Social Venture Symposium at UC Berkeley to explore issues and metrics in social entrepreneurship
05 Sep - National panel doubles recommended amount of daily exercise, suggests public balance food intake with physical activity and avoid unhealthy forms of dietary fat
04 Sep - UC researchers confirm coast redwood and Douglas fir as hosts for Sudden Oak Death pathogen
03 Sep - MEDIA ADVISORY: Memorial service celebrating the life of June Jordan
03 Sep - MEDIA ADVISORY: U.S. premiere of "Sociology is a Martial Art," an award-winning documentary film
03 Sep - UC Berkeley professor Dan Kammen joins EPA's Christine Whitman to launch initiative to reduce indoor air pollution in Third World
03 Sep - MBA students at UC Berkeley, University of Michigan, University of Virginia, meet in virtual classroom

30 Aug - Targeting enzymes that immortalize cancer cells: if they canít be turned off, try to round them up
29 Aug - Fall semester full of poetry offerings at UC Berkeley
28 Aug - "All Hail! Blue & Gold" CD of UC Berkeley carillon music on sale
26 Aug - Geckos' sticky foot hairs provide biological inspiration for synthetic, self-cleaning, dry adhesive
22 Aug - UC Berkeley welcomes students to fall semester 2002 with new housing, seismic upgrades, fascinating classes
22 Aug - New "Business Watchdogs" class at UC Berkeley will teach journalism students how to cover corporate business
22 Aug - UC Berkeley's first entirely online course could lead way to more classes without a classroom
22 Aug - Memorial service announced for UC Berkeley professor
20 Aug - New UC Berkeley Web site on ethics provides information on timely topic to students, faculty, general public
19 Aug - UC Berkeley professor gives surprising answer to NFL fourth down question
16 Aug - MEDIA ADVISORY: Small Business Development Trade Fair at the University of California, Berkeley
16 Aug - MEDIA ADVISORY: Welcome Week at UC Berkeley begins August 19
13 Aug - UC Berkeley shares $15.5 million NIH grant to determine if yeast can be reduced to the level of a machine
12 Aug - Fresh, behind-the-scenes look at Free Speech Movement in new book by UC Berkeley, NYU professors
12 Aug - Pedro Sanchez, UC Berkeley expert in agroforestry and tropical resources, wins prestigious 2002 World Food Prize
08 Aug - MEDIA ADVISORY: Who teaches at UC Berkeley?
08 Aug - UC Berkeley's sociology department is home to new magazine designed to reach readers beyond the ivory tower
05 Aug - UC Berkeley bear hunt yields grizzly art, from silly to sublime
05 Aug - "Bear in Mind" exhibit at UC Berkeley's The Bancroft Library to salute the California grizzly
05 Aug - Wireless sensors from UC Berkeley and Intel researchers help conservation biologists monitor elusive seabird in Maine
01 Aug - Statement from University of California, Berkeley, Chancellor Robert M. Berdahl regarding the death of Marla Bennett, a UC Berkeley graduate.

30 Jul - Industrialized nations follow US lead on market-driven welfare reform, says new book by UC Berkeley social welfare professor
26 Jul - Child soldiers and childhood in Sierra Leone studied by UC Berkeley graduate student
26 Jul - MEDIA ADVISORY: Antique scientific instruments to be auctioned to benefit physics department
25 Jul - Tortured Salvadorans awarded $54.6 million by Florida jury, Boalt Hall clinic provided key help
09 Jul - UC Berkeley law students among presenters participating in international AIDS conference
09 Jul - Experts available to discuss President Bush's speech on corporate responsibility
03 Jul - Bizarre parasite that kills male insects and disrupts insect sex lives is not all bad: it can make sterile fruit flies fertile again
01 Jul - UC Berkeley and National Archives create new database to help trace individualsí immigration to United States

28 Jun - UC Berkeley scientist urges drilling into frozen lake under ice near South Pole as prelude to drilling into subglacial lakes in Antarctica and into Mars polar caps
28 Jun - James Kettner, early American history scholar at UC Berkeley, dies at the age of 57
27 Jun - Harvey Stahl, longtime UC Berkeley professor of art history, dies at 61
26 Jun - Statement from Chancellor Robert M. Berdahl regarding NCAA penalties imposed against the Cal football team
24 Jun - UC Berkeley optometrists expand services to low vision outreach clinic at California School for the Blind
24 Jun - Beahrs program at UC Berkeley helps environmentalists find sustainable solutions to global resource challenges
21 Jun - Duke University historian, expert on race and the South, to receive top prize tomorrow from UC Berkeley's Academic Senate
21 Jun - UC Berkeley professors edit book exploring interplay of Islamic, European identities
20 Jun - UC Berkeley library is top-ranked among North American public university research libraries
19 Jun - June 22 symposium to honor former UC Berkeley Chancellor Chang-Lin Tien's 40-year career
17 Jun - "Poet of the People" June Jordan, a UC Berkeley professor of African American studies, dies at 65
14 Jun - Manual of California desert plants reveals stark beauty of state's unique environments
14 Jun - James Sherwood named new dean of UC Berkeley Extension, the campus's continuing education division
14 Jun - Travel with UC Berkeley students via the campus's Web site through dispatches about their summer field work
13 Jun - Astronomers discover first planet in Jupiter-like orbit plus smallest planet outside solar system
07 Jun - UC Berkeley/NASA satellite RHESSI captures new light from sun, reveals surprises in solar flares
05 Jun - Vision researcher Geoffrey Owen named dean of biological sciences in UC Berkeley's College of Letters & Science
05 Jun - UC Berkeley's 2002 Summer Reading List focuses on banned books
04 Jun - Fragile, historic Fox Cottage, moved and renovated by UC Berkeley, wins architectural praise
03 Jun - UC Berkeley "Breath of Life" conference strives to revive California Indian languages
03 Jun - Keck Telescope's adaptive optics let astronomers study volcanic activity on Io from armchair on Earth
03 Jun - Biochemist Paul W. Ludden named new dean of UC Berkeley's College of Natural Resources

31 May - UC Berkeley employee arrested for embezzlement
29 May - Stalking Arizona dust devils helps scientists understand electrical, atmospheric effects of dust storms on Mars
28 May - Mother-daughter interpreters demonstrate California Indian culture at Hearst Museum's "Family Day"
23 May - Rip currents at Ocean Beach are severe hazard for unwary, UC Berkeley expert warns
23 May - Summer Sessions begin at UC Berkeley, record number of campus's students opt to return to class for summer term
21 May - Update on the fall 2002 course "The Politics and Poetics of Palestinian Resistance."
21 May - UC Berkeley taps Georgetown administrative leader as associate vice chancellor
21 May - UC Berkeley expands transportation options and services for faculty, staff
17 May - UC Berkeley graduation speakers range from authors and entrepreneurs to prize winners and politicians
16 May - Majority of UC Berkeley graduates heading straight to work, accordingto new Career Center data
16 May - MEDIA ADVISORY: UC Berkeley students to be presented with photograph of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., on campus
15 May - MEDIA ADVISORY: 2002 Commencement Convocation to be held May 17
14 May - Freezing cancer cells leaves them more susceptible to attack by anti-cancer drug, new study finds
10 May - Statement from Chancellor Berdahl Regarding Scheduled Fall 2002 Class Titled "The Politics and Poetics of Palestine Resistance"
09 May - Stephen M. Shortell, leading scholar in health services research, is top choice for dean of UC Berkeley's School of Public Health
09 May - UC Berkeley physicist Marvin Cohen and chemist Gabor Somorjai awarded prestigious national Medal of Science
09 May - May graduation ceremonies at UC Berkeley have begun; Olympian Jonny Moseley to speak at May 17 event
08 May - MEDIA ADVISORY: Global and Local Dimensions of Asian America: An International Conference on Asian Diasporas
08 May - Tom Campbell, law professor and former congressman, is top dean choice for UC Berkeley's Haas School of Business
07 May - Student group admonished, temporary suspension lifted
07 May - This year's top senior at UC Berkeley plans future in her family's past, will receive University Medal on May 17
03 May - Seven UC Berkeley faculty among newly elected fellows of American Academy of Arts & Sciences
02 May - Prison industries have a positive ripple effect for California's economy, new UC Berkeley report finds
02 May - MEDIA ADVISORY: The 2002 University of California Systemwide Biomedical Engineering Symposium
01 May - An open letter to the UC Berkeley community from Chancellor Robert M. Berdahl addressing the protection of free speech and the central mission of the University

30 Apr - Three UC Berkeley faculty members honored today by election to National Academy of Sciences
30 Apr - UC Berkeley anthropologist examines Mexico City's rapidly proliferating Alcoholics Anonymous
29 Apr - New center devoted to study of peace and well-being will be launched this week at UC Berkeley
29 Apr - "Designing Modern Childhoods" conference at UC Berkeley to explore architecture, design, from kids' perspectives
26 Apr - UC Berkeley to receive $900,000 from SBC Foundation for distance-learning classroom at Haas School of Business
25 Apr - UC Berkeley professor David Wood, dancer, choreographer and founder of campus's dance program, dies at 77
25 Apr - Five teachers at UC Berkeley to be honored with prestigious Distinguished Teaching Award on April 30
23 Apr - Switching Colorado's Medicaid patients to managed care saved money without harming patients, says new UC Berkeley study
23 Apr - Development economist Bent Hansen, professor emeritus of economics at UC Berkeley, dies in Egypt at age 81
23 Apr - MEDIA ADVISORY: Hip-Hop and Beyond
22 Apr - Engineering for the blind: UC Berkeley student develops computer drawing, animation tool for the visually impaired
22 Apr - MEDIA ADVISORY: Young Entrepreneurs Venture Capital Competition
18 Apr - Joe W. Johnson, UC Berkeley professor emeritus and pioneer in coastal engineering, dies at age 93
18 Apr - Two UC Berkeley scholars awarded prestigious Guggenheim fellowships
16 Apr - MEDIA ADVISORY: The Millennium Development Goals: The Struggle Against Poverty in the Global Economy
16 Apr - MEDIA ADVISORY: Creating a Poverty-Free World Through Information Technology
15 Apr - Haas School's Lester Center honors Edward Penhoet with lifetime achievement in entrepreneurship award
15 Apr - Popular weed killer demasculinizes frogs, disrupts their sexual development, UC Berkeley study shows
15 Apr - Gabor Somorjai, an expert on surface chemistry, named prestigious University Professor of the University of California
12 Apr - First broadband earthquake monitor placed off Monterey coast this week as part of planned seafloor seismic observatory
11 Apr - MEDIA ADVISORY: Managed Care: Who Will Manage?
11 Apr - MEDIA ADVISORY: Reparations for Slavery and its Legacy
10 Apr - Memo to Media: Hour-by-hour highlights for Cal Day 2002
10 Apr - On April 20, UC Berkeley's annual Cal Day will offer free, close-up look at campus for tens of thousands of visitors
10 Apr - MEDIA ADVISORY: Finals of the first annual Vertex Innovators' Challenge at the University of California, Berkeley
09 Apr - Update on UC Berkeley Mideast-related events on campus on April 9, 2002
08 Apr - Statement by Chancellor Berdahl urging calm, civil debate on Mideast
08 Apr - Landscape architecture students, faculty and staff read same book at UC Berkeley, attract author to campus
05 Apr - UC Berkeley celebrates Bay Area's landscapes with two-day tour, symposium
05 Apr - MEDIA ADVISORY: Patricia Kualapai Memorial Lecture on Violence Against Women
05 Apr - Robert L. Vaught, retired UC Berkeley mathematician, has died at the age of 75
04 Apr - MEDIA ADVISORY: "Alfred Kroeber and his Legacy"
04 Apr - Megavitamins may be useful treatment for many genetic diseases, or just good insurance to tune up body's metabolism
04 Apr - UC Berkeley offers admission to 8,492 high school seniors for fall 2002 freshman class
04 Apr - Professor Emeritus Michael Laurie, former chair of landscape architecture at UC Berkeley, dies at age 69
03 Apr - Statement by Chancellor Robert Berdahl regarding Hillel violence
01 Apr - John Paterson, UC Berkeley professor and English novel scholar dies at age of 78
01 Apr - MEDIA ADVISORY: Final judging round of the National Social Venture Competition at UC Berkeley's Haas School of Business

28 Mar - Solar flare satellite orbits into second month in space, gets new name: RHESSI
28 Mar - Cheap, plastic solar cells may be on the horizon, thanks to new technology developed by UC Berkeley, LBNL chemists
26 Mar - Keeping the faith: UC Berkeley researcher links weekly church attendance to longer, healthier life
26 Mar - MEDIA ADVISORY: The Enron Debacle: What Happened and What's Next?
25 Mar - Finalists focus on education, health, tech and environment in 2002 National Social Venture Competition
25 Mar - Russian conceptual artists known for elephant art project spending spring semester at UC Berkeley
22 Mar - UC Berkeley's Campanile to temporarily close for repairs
22 Mar - UC Berkeley professor Ralph Hexter named executive dean of campus's College of Letters & Science
22 Mar - Sensitive detector identifies missing nitrogen oxide pollutant in atmosphere, UC Berkeley chemists report
22 Mar - MEMO TO REPORTERS: UC Berkeley's Campanile to temporarily close for repairs
20 Mar - Fossil skull from Ethiopia indicates human ancestor, Homo erectus, was single, widespread species 1 million years ago
14 Mar - MEDIA ADVISORY: Media Availability with President of Costa Rica
14 Mar - MEDIA ADVISORY: U.S. Rep. Barbara Lee to deliver the first annual Ronald V. Dellums Endowment Lecture
13 Mar - Nobel laureate to address financial engineering graduates at Haas School of Business
13 Mar - Microsized microscopes: UC Berkeley researchers develop microlens and scanner that can provide views inside living cells
13 Mar - UC Berkeley celebrates 2002 public health heroes at 6th annual awards reception
12 Mar - Story Tip: Irish researchers to exhibit and demonstrate prehistoric instruments of Ireland
12 Mar - President of Costa Rica to lead UC Berkeley Charter Day celebration, addressing freedom, security and trade
08 Mar - Power restored to all campus buildings following campuswide power outage.
08 Mar - Switching station failure responsible for March 7 power outage
08 Mar - Some buildings on campus closed on Friday, March 17 because of power outage
07 Mar - UC Berkeley chemistry professor Henry Rapoport, known for synthesis of important drug compounds, dies at 83
07 Mar - MEDIA ADVISORY: Japan: Crossing the Boundaries Within
06 Mar - MEDIA ADVISORY: Open house about plans for new University of California, Berkeley student housing
06 Mar - Massive stars form quickly by accretion, not through merger of smaller stars, say UC Berkeley astrophysicists
01 Mar - Statement clarifying research on the Sudden Oak Death pathogen
01 Mar - Centennial exhibit spotlights collections, research at UC Berkeley's Hearst Museum of Anthropology

28 Feb - Update on University response to DeCal class
27 Feb - Business plan competition at UC Berkeley draws 66 plans, keen interest in biotech
26 Feb - Seismologist Thomas McEvilly, expert on California's San Andreas and Hayward faults, has died of cancer at 67
21 Feb - National Social Venture Competition draws record number of business plans
19 Feb - Dietary supplements make old rats youthful, may help rejuvenate aging humans, according to UC Berkeley study
19 Feb - FTC hearings on intellectual property law, policy to be held at UC Berkeley's Haas School of Business
17 Feb - Matthew Lyon, UC Berkeley assistant vice chancellor for public affairs, dies at age 45
15 Feb - Two UC Berkeley professors elected to National Academy of Engineering for 2002
15 Feb - Berkeley's John Desmond Clark, dean of African archaeology, dies
14 Feb - UC Berkeley graduate student wins Dorothea Lange Fellowship for photos of Asian urban landscapes
13 Feb - MEDIA ADVISORY: Richard Clarke to speak on computer network security in the US
11 Feb - MEDIA ADVISORY: Religion, Ethnicity and the Strategic Balance in South Asia
11 Feb - At UC Berkeley on Valentine's Day, "Love Your Body" conference will promote a positive body image
08 Feb - UC Berkeley report tracks effects of family on gender equity in post-PhD ranks
08 Feb - UC Berkeley applied mathematician Alexandre Chorin named to prestigious University Professorship
07 Feb - MEDIA ADVISORY: Michael Dukakis to Give Public Seminar on High-Speed rail and the U.S. Transportation Crisis
07 Feb - Visiting professor at UC Berkeley's Goldman School of Public Policy to highlight pre-Sept. 11 intelligence failures
05 Feb - Nanotech development brings closer era of nanowire electronic devices, much smaller computer chips
04 Feb - MEDIA ADVISORY: Year of the Euro
04 Feb - Michael Dukakis to discuss high-speed rail, teach workshop, on Feb. 8 visit to UC Berkeley
04 Feb - MEDIA ADVISORY: Emerging from Troubled Waters: Turning Crisis into Opportunity

31 Jan - MEDIA ADVISORY: Changing Neighborhoods: New Visions for Community Revitalization
30 Jan - Retired satellite to make fiery re-entry today, closing chapter on UC Berkeley's and NASA's first look at the extreme ultraviolet
28 Jan - Clinton's speech tomorrow at UC Berkeley continues long tradition of campus visits by U.S. presidents
22 Jan - Bay Area economy unlikely to recover before 2003, housing market now a buyer's market, say UC Berkeley experts
17 Jan - Assistant dean and retired physics professor Harry L. Morrison stricken by fatal heart attack at age 69
15 Jan - Recent Boalt Hall graduate, an inspiration to many, will carry Olympic torch on Friday
15 Jan - Sudden Oak Death may be widespread in East Bay, situation on UC Berkeley campus indicates
14 Jan - MEMO TO THE MEDIA: Classes resume at UC Berkeley with new courses examining 9/11 issues
10 Jan - John Henry Raleigh,UC Berkeley professor of English, dies at 81
10 Jan - MEDIA ADVISORY: Making a 95-year-old landmark able to withstand major quake
10 Jan - UC Berkeley is a powerful force in Bay Area economy, says report examining campus's impact
09 Jan - Astronomers try to catch runaway star
09 Jan - Radio mapping of molecular clouds in nearby spiral galaxy helps astronomers unravel first steps in how stars form
08 Jan - National Wildlife Federation recognizes UC Berkeley for lands and grounds care programs
08 Jan - MEDIA ADVISORY: Coping with Mental Illness and Crafting Public Policy
08 Jan - Astronomers discover distant cousins of the Pleiades; dusty interlopers masquerade as young planetary systems
07 Jan - With new adaptive optics at Gemini Observatory, astronomers discover edge-on protoplanetary disk in quadruple star system
07 Jan - UC Berkeley astronomers set new limits on gravitational wave background
03 Jan - UC Berkeley group receives "Little Engine That Could" award for efforts to save endangered bird
03 Jan - Inherent speed limit governs how quickly life bounces back after extinction, UC Berkeley research shows