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2005 releases

22 Dec - Keck telescope captures faint new ring around Uranus
21 Dec - UC Berkeley recommends appointment of new vice chancellor for post as the campus's chief administrative and financial officer
20 Dec - Transportation researchers get DaimlerChrysler hydrogen car for the holidays
19 Dec - Economist proposes Choose-Your-Charity policy to spur giving, bigger impacts
19 Dec - William Oswald, pioneer in the use of algae to treat wastewater, dies at 86
19 Dec - Overfishing may drive endangered seabird to rely upon lower quality food, study says
16 Dec - Food additive inhibits longevity enzyme in yeast, increases cell toxicity, new study finds
15 Dec - Media Advisory: DaimlerChrysler to hand over keys of hydrogen car to UC Berkeley transportation researchers
15 Dec - Google, Microsoft and Sun fund new UC Berkeley Internet research center
14 Dec - Bacteria under Greenland ice may preview what scientists find under Mars' surface
UC Berkeley releases final fall 2005 enrollment data
12 Dec - UC Berkeley researchers probe details of how hepatitis C hijacks cells
12 Dec - Hundreds of auroras detected on Mars
07 Dec - Plants, too, have ways to manage freeloaders
06 Dec - Petroleum chemist Heinz Heinemann dies at 92
06 Dec - University leaders pledge to help women in academia
02 Dec - Two cutting-edge researchers join UC Berkeley's School of Information Management & Systems
02 Dec - Harsha Ram wins MLA award for book on Russian poetry evolution
01 Dec - Campus officials lift alcohol ban for most Greek organizations

30 Nov - Additional state investment in higher ed will boost tax rolls, study shows
30 Nov - Alleged 40,000-year-old human footprints in Mexico much, much older than thought
28 Nov - Media Advisory: December graduates to celebrate at Saturday's 2005 winter convocation ceremony
28 Nov - UC Berkeley student wins prestigious Marshall Scholarship
17 Nov - Eugene Petersen, specialist in catalytic reactions, has died at 81
16 Nov - Astrophysicists put kibosh on alternative theory of star formation
16 Nov - Offshoring won't bring economic doom to United States, researchers say
16 Nov - Small groups of superspreaders lead to most infections, new study says
15 Nov - Two scientists among "Scientific American 50;" six elected fellows of AAAS
15 Nov - Media Advisory: Google Earth CTO Michael Jones is keynote speaker at campus GIS Day
14 Nov - Jean O. Lanjouw, associate professor of economics, dies at 43
09 Nov - Abalones may owe their huge size to otters
09 Nov - New system for earthquake early warning
08 Nov - Media Advisory: Press conference to announce stadium, new law/business building plans
07 Nov - Media Advisory: Experts to analyze election results on Thursday
07 Nov - UC Berkeley experts available to comment on special election
07 Nov - Media Advisory: Chancellor Birgeneau to discuss future of UC Berkeley, higher ed
03 Nov - New X-rays of cell's ribosome could lead to better antibiotics
02 Nov - Investigators release preliminary findings of levee failures at Senate hearing
01 Nov - Updated UC Berkeley Web site provides helpful resources to reporters covering campus news
01 Nov - Researchers showcase innovative transportation projects at international conference
01 Nov - New report examines effects nationwide of preschool on kids' development

31 Oct - Media Advisory: Bio-business forum at UC Berkeley Nov. 3
28 Oct - Richard Holton, former Haas School dean and leader in numerous fields of business, dies at age 79
27 Oct - Picky female frogs drive evolution of new species in less than 8,000 years
27 Oct - John V. Wehausen, leader in marine hydrodynamics, dies at 92
25 Oct - Media Advisory: College Information Day to be held Saturday at UC Berkeley
25 Oct - Pyrethroid pesticides found at toxic levels in California urban streams
24 Oct - Media Advisory: Former US Ambassador Joe Wilson to speak at I-House
24 Oct - For the Western bluebird as for humans, accumulated wealth encourages family stability
19 Oct - Human rights researchers find widespread problems after 2004 tsunami
18 Oct - Tebtunis papyri returned to UC Berkeley's Bancroft Library decades after their discovery
17 Oct - Media Advisory: DC Forum on California Special Election
14 Oct - Media Advisory: Hearing examines importance of graduate education to California economy
14 Oct - New de Young museum features UC Berkeley contributions
13 Oct - Campus launches fire abatement projects in hills
12 Oct - Media Advisory: Long lost ancient papyri returned to UC Berkeley Center
12 Oct - Media Advisory: Haas School hosts teach-in on Katrina impacts
11 Oct - Paul R. Gray will step down as executive vice chancellor and provost in July 2006
06 Oct - Jeff Hawkins, computing pioneer, endows new center to develop model of brain
05 Oct - Split-second explosions, so-called short gamma-ray bursts, solidly linked to stellar collisions
04 Oct - Two new physics Nobelists to talk at UC Berkeley Friday, Oct. 7
03 Oct - Researchers use laser amplifier to slow light at room temperature
03 Oct - Engineers studying levee failures in New Orleans
03 Oct - Study suggests benefits to extending child-only health insurance to parents
03 Oct - Media Advisory: Conference to explore emerging markets in China, India, Russia

27 Sep - Media Advisory: Berkeley's Nobel tradition celebrated by five past laureates
26 Sep - Protein "yoga" reveals secrets of complex enzyme folding
26 Sep - Media Advisory: Homecoming week at UC Berkeley
26 Sep - Investment in energy R&D declines despite supply problems
22 Sep - Sir Peter Hall, UC Berkeley emeritus professor of city planning, wins 2005 Balzan Prize
22 Sep - UC Berkeley, Stanford host lecture series commemorating '06 quake
22 Sep - Researchers reveal twists and turns of Spiroplasma bacteria's movements
21 Sep - UC Berkeley opens new youth violence research center
21 Sep - 13- and 14-year-old siblings enter UC Berkeley as junior transfer students
20 Sep - Fall events celebrate California natives, both people and plants
20 Sep - Bancroft Library adds rare Second Biblia Rabbinica, Hebrew Bible
20 Sep - Three young faculty members named MacArthur "genius" fellows
19 Sep - Media Advisory: Law experts to assess Constitution's effectiveness
16 Sep - UC Botanical Garden offers "Waterwise" guide and plant sale
15 Sep - Update: Stolen laptop recovered (Web-only feature)
14 Sep - Researchers recover typed text using audio recording of keystrokes
13 Sep - UC-community partnership programs honored
13 Sep - California stem cell institute awards training grants, but money will have to wait
12 Sep - Katrina-related aid efforts at UC Berkeley
12 Sep - Arts and the A-bomb
12 Sep - Memory loss in older adults due to distractions, not inability to focus
09 Sep - Founder of UC Berkeley's linguistics department, American Indian language survey, dies
09 Sep - Campus launches Katrina Emergency Fund (Web-only feature)
07 Sep - Francis Violich, emeritus professor of city planning and landscape architecture, dies
07 Sep - Indian plays' return to UC Berkeley stage
07 Sep - Tasty chocolate program at UC Berkeley's Hearst Museum of Anthropology
06 Sep - Bose-Einstein condensate runs circles around magnetic trap
04 Sep - Passive smoking as deadly as active smoking for Chinese women, researchers find
04 Sep - Bay Area's black workers face crisis of low-wage jobs, says new UC Berkeley study
04 Sep - Economic recovery marked by more jobs but falling wages, Labor Center study finds
01 Sep - Planet hunter Geoffrey Marcy shares $1 million Shaw Prize in astronomy
01 Sep - Hurricane Katrina experts available for interviews

30 Aug - Minimum wage bill would boost wages of 2.35 million state workers, study says
29 Aug - Ruth Huenemann, public health nutrition and childhood obesity expert, dies at 95
29 Aug - Study shows humans have ability to track odors, much like bloodhounds
26 Aug - UC Berkeley announces record fundraising year
25 Aug - Media Advisory: Labor Day briefing
25 Aug - Course about autism and product design highlights fall offerings in Disability Studies
25 Aug - California's poet laureate, Ferlinghetti and Mary Karr in Lunch Poems lineup
25 Aug - Back-to-school highlights
25 Aug - New faculty-in-residence program launched
25 Aug - Neighbors, campus and students join to ease tensions
25 Aug - Nationwide survey of medical groups defines high and low performers
24 Aug - "CAL Prep" opens to East Bay 6th, 7th graders
23 Aug - Officials agree on plan that could lift alcohol ban
22 Aug - Caltrans awards $2.25 million to UC Berkeley-based center to study seismic safety of transportation systems
"Big Bang Project" explores nuclear threat
17 Aug - Media Advisory: New students welcomed at Convocation, Welcome Week
17 Aug - Professor emeritus Donald Shively, expert on Japanese life and cultures, dies
15 Aug - Researchers develop technique to use dirty silicon, could pave way for cheaper solar energy
15 Aug - UC Berkeley part of NSF-funded center to study e-voting
12 Aug - UC Berkeley health economist starts term as senior adviser on presidential council
10 Aug - Haas School alumnus gives $25 million for executive education building
10 Aug - First triple asteroid system found
Researchers link Polynesians, California Indians
09 Aug - Business school to host leading research prize in socially responsible investing
08 Aug - New online course in alcohol awareness to be required of all new incoming students
08 Aug - "Yosemite in Time" exhibit opens at Berkeley Art Museum
08 Aug - Scientists exploit HIV's noisy genetics to force virus into latency
04 Aug - Young neurobiologist receives $1 million research award from W. M. Keck Foundation
02 Aug - Faster carbon dioxide emissions will overwhelm capacity of land and ocean to absorb carbon
02 Aug - Campus, city expand joint literacy program
01 Aug - Human cerebellum, cortex age in different ways
01 Aug - Intel, Haas join forces to train entrepreneurship faculty around the globe

28 Jul - Hubble pinpoints red supergiant that exploded
27 Jul - Survey finds Latina women and children in agricultural area living in poor housing
25 Jul - Ocean spray lubricates hurricane winds
25 Jul - Ocean spray lubricates hurricane winds
25 Jul - Bruce Bolt, former director dies at 75
22 Jul - Luis Monguió, emeritus professor and expert on Latin American poetry, dies at 97
22 Jul - Robert Reich to join School of Public Policy
22 Jul - Breslauer named executive dean of Letters & Science
21 Jul - Three College of Chemistry graduate students die in tragic freeway accident
20 Jul - Engineers create optoelectronic tweezers to round up cells, microparticles
15 Jul - UC Berkeley, Yahoo team up to research new Internet technologies
14 Jul - Study shows promise of entry-level IT jobs for low-wage workers
11 Jul - "Trudy the Titan" stinky plant to bloom at UC Botanical Garden
11 Jul - Media Advisory: "Trudy" the titan arum is about to bloom
11 Jul - Environmental experts from around the world gather for summer workshop program
07 Jul - Leo Breiman, professor emeritus of statistics, has died at 77
05 Jul - Researchers to study exercise, bone health in young breast cancer survivors
05 Jul - UC Berkeley fraternity involved in pellet gun hazing forced to close one year, seek new members
05 Jul - New study finds how cells with damaged DNA alert the immune system

30 Jun - Student wins $200,000 Canadian scholarship
28 Jun - Researchers create first nanofluidic transistor, the basis of future chemical processors
28 Jun - Media Advisory: Invitation to networking dinner for global environmental leaders
28 Jun - Life detection instrument passes key test on road to Mars
27 Jun - Media Advisory: UC Berkeley experts available regarding Supreme Court Internet file sharing decision
24 Jun - Revueltosaurus skeleton unearthed at Petrified Forest upsets dinosaur tale
23 Jun - $40 million gift from Li Ka-Shing Fndn. boosts health science research
22 Jun - Dust belt around nearby star clear sign of exoplanet
21 Jun - UC Berkeley chemist Angelica Stacy receives national teaching award
13 Jun - Astronomers discover most Earth-like extrasolar planet yet
13 Jun - Materials science researcher receives early career award
08 Jun - Noted Berkeley political science professor named director of UC Washington Center
07 Jun - New blood-based TB test matches up to old skin test in study among Indian health workers
06 Jun - Researchers call on governments to protect human rights in tsunami affected areas
03 Jun - UC Berkeley Political Science Professor Judith Gruber dies
02 Jun - Study by UC Berkeley, partners, forecasts continuing slide in job-based health coverage

31 May - NASA telescope catches flashers and streakers in the ultraviolet sky
31 May - Astronomers hot on the trail of nature's exotic flashers
26 May - Solar fireworks signal new space weather mystery
26 May - Naked carbon/oxygen stars linked to gamma-ray bursts
25 May - City of Berkeley and UC Berkeley announce landmark agreement on campus's growth plan
25 May - Media Advisory: May 26 media event to warn of rip currents at local beaches
25 May - New research provides evidence that Rh proteins act as CO2 gas channels
24 May - Dainty pink Mt. Diablo buckwheat rediscovered
24 May - Michael Rogers, UC Berkeley professor emeritus who helped with first Mongolian-to-English dictionary, dies
23 May - Media Advisory: UC Berkeley to be base for national journalism education initiative
23 May - Landscape Heritage Plan wins Webby
19 May - Diversity scholars honored
19 May - Scientists upgrade Dec. 26 Sumatran quake responsible for deadly tsunami
19 May - Media Advisory: Civil engineering students to present bridge suicide barrier designs at May 25 reception
18 May - California Department of Toxic Substances Control to take lead in overseeing remediation work at UC Berkeley's Richmond Field Station
17 May - Environmentalists, policymakers, timber industry gather for two-day conference on CA forests
16 May - Freshmen summer reading list released
16 May - UC Berkeley releases new report on freshman admissions
16 May - Biodiversity project lets Richmond seventh graders explore UC Berkeley's nature reserves
16 May - Stegosaur plates and spikes for looks only, researchers say
13 May - Dante scholar Ruggiero Stefanini dies at 72
12 May - Student teams head to Southeast Asia for tsunami rebuilding projects
12 May - Media Advisory: Haas reunion speakers
10 May - Two UC Berkeley faculty elected to American Philosophical Society
10 May - Media Advisory: Students offer ideas for historic train station
09 May - UC Berkeley imposes ban on alcohol at fraternity and sorority events
09 May - Media Advisory: Commencement 2005 advisory
09 May - Architects announced for Memorial Stadium renovation, new academic commons building
05 May - Proteomics probes acid mine drainage
05 May - War Crimes Center issues report on Sierra Leone court
05 May - Stick to what works, researchers tell preschool advocates and policy makers
04 May - UC Berkeley receives $16 million gift to support political science department and the Cal football program
04 May - Discovery of American salamander in Korea tells 100 million-year-old tale
04 May - Political theorist Benjamin Barber to speak at commencement
03 May - Noted architect Vernon DeMars dies at age 97
03 May - New tool reveals secrets of migrating cells
03 May - Three UC Berkeley faculty named to National Academy of Sciences
03 May - Media Advisory: Experts gather at UC Berkeley to discuss war and rules of engagement
02 May - Psychologists reflect on their life's work with children, families and changes
02 May - Media Advisory: Lecture and panel discussion on stem cells to regenerate tissue
02 May - Robert Colwell, professor emeritus of forestry and remote sensing pioneer, dies at 87
02 May - Media Advisory: "Opinionated in America"

29 Apr - UC Berkeley researchers report little impact on Vietnam's economic resilience of massive bombing
28 Apr - Media Advisory: "California Women" speaking out
28 Apr - Six professors named to American Academy of Arts and Sciences
26 Apr - UC Berkeley history major wins University Medal
26 Apr - Hospitals change service offerings to adapt to market pressures, new report finds
25 Apr - UC Berkeley fraternity placed on interim suspension
22 Apr - Media Advisory: French Ambassador to the United States to speak on campus Monday
22 Apr - Schools can improve nutritional value of food while increasing revenue, says report
21 Apr - UC Berkeley gospel choir celebrates 20 years
21 Apr - New superlens opens door to nanoscale optical imaging and high-density optoelectronic devices
20 Apr - Pope's impact in Germany
20 Apr - UC Berkeley's Distinguished Teaching Award
20 Apr - Media Advisory: Experts gather for conference on democracy and global Islam
20 Apr - Two UC Berkeley professors win Guggenheims
19 Apr - Media Advisory: UC Berkeley Urdu festival
19 Apr - Both obesity and underweight linked to excess deaths, new study finds
19 Apr - UC Berkeley releases fall 2005 freshman admission data
18 Apr - Galaxy observations show no change in fundamental physical constant
15 Apr - Robert Birgeneau inaugurated as UC Berkeley's ninth chancellor
15 Apr - New UC Berkeley book a first on California Indian cuisine
14 Apr - UC Berkeley-USC project to study "digital kids"
14 Apr - Media Advisory: Haas program helps youth join college track
14 Apr - Media Advisory: Robert J. Birgeneau to be inaugurated as UC Berkeley chancellor on Friday
13 Apr - Wayward planet knocks extrasolar planets for a loop
12 Apr - Media Advisory: Cal Day Highlights
12 Apr - Robert J. Birgeneau to be inaugurated as UC Berkeley chancellor this week
11 Apr - English professor Julian C. Boyd dies at 73
11 Apr - Campus art installations feature "flying books," foam balls
11 Apr - UC Berkeley to lead $19 million NSF center on cybersecurity research
08 Apr - Chinese in California exhibit opens
08 Apr - Media Advisory: Top journalists and scholars to assess the state of the U.S. presidency
07 Apr - Memorial service for Alan Dundes
07 Apr - Student wins $30,000 Truman Scholarship
05 Apr - Science luminaries gather for symposium
05 Apr - UC Berkeley dean and classics scholar to take Hampshire College post
05 Apr - Shankar Sastry named new director of UC Berkeley-based CITRIS
05 Apr - Chancellor issues message on personal data security
04 Apr - Cal Day offers something for all visitors
04 Apr - More exhaust inhaled by kids inside school buses than by others in the area, says study
04 Apr - Media Advisory: High school students "shadow" UC Berkeley students
01 Apr - Media Advisory: "How Unequal Can America Get?"
01 Apr - Debate team wins national championships

31 Mar - Alan Dundes, UC Berkeley professor and world expert in folklore studies, dies
31 Mar - Study of energy and health in Africa focuses spotlight on charcoal and forest management
29 Mar - International student teams head to final round in Global Social Venture Competition
29 Mar - California women's "Collective Voice" exhibit
28 Mar - Legal experts available for Grokster U.S. Supreme Court case
28 Mar - UC Berkeley police investigating theft of laptop containing grad student ID data
28 Mar - Media Advisory: Conference tackles social justice issues
28 Mar - Media Advisory: American Indian Graduate Student conference held
24 Mar - Octopuses occasionally stroll around on two arms, UC Berkeley biologists report
23 Mar - Lawrence Talbot, professor emeritus of mechanical engineering, dies at age 79
21 Mar - Wolves alleviate impact of climate change on food supply, finds new study
21 Mar - Media Advisory: Congressman Mike Honda to receive award "Champion of Science Award" on Tuesday, Mar. 22
18 Mar - Bancroft Library reduces hours in preparation for move, retrofit
16 Mar - Researchers developing MicroJet for ouchless injections
16 Mar - Seventh annual UC Berkeley Business Plan Competition
14 Mar - Fasting every other day, while cutting few calories, may reduce cancer risk
14 Mar - Cal Day coming on April 16
14 Mar - Media Advisory: National conference on student service, activism
10 Mar - Conference considers solutions to urban landscape problems
10 Mar - Eminent cell biologist and avid rock climber Morgan Harris has died at 88
09 Mar - UC Berkeley Nobelist Charles Townes to receive $1.5 million Templeton Prize for linking religion and science
09 Mar - New L&S online magazine launched
09 Mar - Scientists discover that three overlapping signals in embryo help get the backbone right
08 Mar - Media Advisory: Experts discuss Social Security
08 Mar - Media Advisory: Society and Consumption conference
08 Mar - Koret Foundation gift to The Bancroft
08 Mar - Haas School and Optometry business plan
07 Mar - New class on stem cell language, politics
04 Mar - Media Advisory: UC Berkeley hosts annual Conference on Housing and Urban Policy
03 Mar - Oliver Stone comes to UC Berkeley for filmmaking dialogue
03 Mar - Researchers find three major beetle groups coming up one testicle short
02 Mar - North Bay study shows growing income gap, more working poor
02 Mar - Media Advisory: Women in Leadership Conference
02 Mar - Male wild turkeys benefit by helping brothers mate
01 Mar - "Ilovebees" exhibit explores gaming
01 Mar - Media Advisory: David Byrne, PowerPoint and art
01 Mar - Media Advisory: Judith Miller talks about press freedom
01 Mar - Media Advisory: March 3 forum on campus diversity

28 Feb - EPA fines UC Berkeley for lax oversight of refrigerants
28 Feb - Memorial service this Friday for Martin Landau
25 Feb - High-temperature chemist Leo Brewer has died at 85
25 Feb - Three bacterial genomes found lurking inside recently sequenced fruit fly genomes
24 Feb - UC Berkeley teams up for school with early college emphasis
23 Feb - Campus officials respond to city lawsuit over LRDP
23 Feb - UC Berkeley law professor releases new report on hidden slavery in California
23 Feb - UC researchers create model of brain's electrical storm during a seizure
18 Feb - RHESSI satellite captures giant gamma-ray flare
17 Feb - Richard Bridgman, dies at age 77
17 Feb - Media Advisory: Berkeley Asia Business Conference
17 Feb - Astronomers start assembling neutrino telescope in South Pole ice
16 Feb - Media Advisory: Robert Kennedy Jr. Goldman Lecturer
16 Feb - Chemical engineer John Prausnitz awarded National Medal of Science
14 Feb - MEMO: UC Day in Sacramento
14 Feb - Media Advisory: Is the environmental movement dead? UC Berkeley scientists debate authors' claim Feb. 16
14 Feb - Five UC Berkeley professors elected to prestigious National Academy of Engineering
11 Feb - Media Advisory: Exploring California's hazards
11 Feb - Campus establishes new Buddhist Studies Center
10 Feb - Media Advisory: Valentine's Day event at Berkeley Art Museum
10 Feb - Vest to present Kerr Lectures
09 Feb - Clausen Center teams up to raise funds to rebuild Sri Lanka
09 Feb - Gliding ants use unique strategy to avoid falling to forest floor
08 Feb - Media Advisory: Feb. 13 memorial for beloved mathematics Professor Shiing-Shen Chern
08 Feb - "Two Artists of the Courtroom" on exhibit
08 Feb - Tristan Spinski wins 2005 Dorothea Lange Fellowship
07 Feb - Popular supplement melatonin found to have broader effects in brain than once thought
04 Feb - UC Berkeley students hold tsunami relief efforts
04 Feb - Media Advisory: Public lectures on Darwin Day, Feb. 8, to address anti-evolutionism
03 Feb - Chancellor announces Memorial Stadium renovation, new academic commons building
03 Feb - Media Advisory: Lecture on looting of Iraqi antiquities
02 Feb - Media Advisory: "Buddhism and the Media"
02 Feb - New study finds kelp can reduce level of hormone related to breast cancer risk
01 Feb - Transgenic plants remove more selenium from contaminated soil than wild-type plants, new field tests show
01 Feb - Media Advisory: Lockyer heads state infrastructure panel

31 Jan - UC Berkeley, leads nation in prepping students for doctorates
27 Jan - Superfluid helium-4 whistles just the right tune
25 Jan - Memo: UC Berkeley freshmen survey released
25 Jan - Array of spring classes at UC Berkeley
24 Jan - Scientists discover missing link between whales and their closest cousin, the hippo
21 Jan - MetaChip provides quick, efficient toxicity screening of potential drugs
20 Jan - UC Regents approve UC Berkeley land use plan
20 Jan - Sinking coastline may precede large subduction zone quakes
19 Jan - Researchers release first report to compare mental health indicators in California counties
18 Jan - Martin Landau, expert on organization theory and Hong Kong Project founder, dies at 83
14 Jan - Keck telescope captures Titan but misses Huygens
12 Jan - Mobility around UC Berkeley for disabled students to improve as result of cooperative effort
11 Jan - Two UC Berkeley physicists honored at national physics teachers meeting
11 Jan - New residence halls, new students arrive for spring semester
06 Jan - Psychoanalyst and Clinical Professor Elizabeth "Lisby" Mayer dies Jan. 1 at age 57
05 Jan - Donald Pederson, pioneer in integrated circuit design, dies at 79
05 Jan - Economics Nobel Prize winner Gerard Debreu dies
04 Jan - Obesity conference focuses on partnerships to improve health of California's children
03 Jan - Fewer children in working families are uninsured, but many still falling through the cracks, finds new study
03 Jan - UC Berkeley completes revised land use plan, offers document for public and UC Regents review