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2004 releases

23 Dec - How the brain tunes out odors
21 Dec - Sheldon Margen, UC Berkeley professor emeritus of public health nutrition, dies at 85
17 Dec - "Drawn West" readers tour collection from early California, West
16 Dec - Media Advisory: Jan. 9-12 California Child Obesity
16 Dec - James Carman, UC Berkeley business professor emeritus and marketing expert, dies
16 Dec - Hummingbirds lose power at high altitudes
15 Dec - UC Berkeley researchers developing low-altitude robo-copters
15 Dec - Weir to explore regional challenges, solutions
15 Dec - Latest student survey at UC Berkeley finds undergraduates hard to categorize, but feeling positive about their education
13 Dec - Keasling and Cal: A perfect fit
13 Dec - $43 million grant from Gates Foundation to produce inexpensive antimalarial drug for developing world
09 Dec - Deep tremors under San Andreas Fault could portend earthquakes
08 Dec - Media Advisory: Engineering students present alternative Bay Bridge designs
07 Dec - Memorial service to be held Saturday for UC Berkeley professor Martin Malia
07 Dec - Researchers launch Smart Parking project at Rockridge BART
07 Dec - Oakland Mayor Jerry Brown to address December UC Berkeley graduates
07 Dec - UC Berkeley appoints new admissions director
06 Dec - Tedford signs 5-year contract to remain at Cal
06 Dec - Media Advisory: Symposium to honor Emma Goldman
06 Dec - Renowned mathematician Shiing-Shen Chern, who revitalized the study of geometry, has died at 93 in Tianjin, China
02 Dec - UC Berkeley releases final fall 2004 enrollment data
02 Dec - New study links occupational exposure to low levels of benzene with decreased white blood cell counts
01 Dec - Norvel Smith, former UC Berkeley vice chancellor, dies at 80
01 Dec - Researchers use physics to analyze dynamics of bestsellers

30 Nov - Study explores Iraq impact on U.S. presidential race
29 Nov - Media Advisory: AIDS in China: Sex Work, Drug Use, and Health Care Reform”
29 Nov - Two major landscape plans plot out UC Berkeley's green future
23 Nov - UC Berkeley professor Martin Malia, prominent scholar who predicted collapse of the Soviet Union, dies
22 Nov - "Blind" cells see the light; maybe someday humans will, too
19 Nov - Media Advisory: "Darfur: How to Respond to Genocide" talk, Nov. 22
18 Nov - George Maslach, longtime UC Berkeley administrator, dies at 84
17 Nov - UC Berkeley football fans flock to pre-Big Game events
16 Nov - UC Berkeley’s historic Campanile opens again to weekend visitors
15 Nov - UC Berkeley chancellor named to Prop. 71 stem cell oversight committee
15 Nov - Conference to celebrate Gregory Bateson
11 Nov - New study links low fish supply to increased bushmeat hunting
10 Nov - Keck Telescope images of Uranus reveal ring, atmospheric fireworks
09 Nov - Media Advisory: Education talks on campus
09 Nov - $5.6 million grant boosts UC Berkeley diversity program for undergraduate science students
08 Nov - Donald Noyce, professor emeritus of chemistry, dies at age 81
08 Nov - New center to research nanostructures, design and build nanodevices
04 Nov - Governor names Tom Campbell, UC Berkeley business school dean, to lead state’s Department of Finance
02 Nov - Five faculty members named AAAS Fellows
01 Nov - Scramble of senses at heart of UC Berkeley synesthesia conference
01 Nov - Range of student clubs show off diversity of interests at UC Berkeley

28 Oct - Profile of artist Ehren Tool
28 Oct - Media Advisory: UNIDO director general to speak Nov. 1
27 Oct - Stellar survivor from 1572 A.D. explosion supports supernova theory
27 Oct - Lawrence Stark, professor emeritus of physiological optics and engineering, dies at 78
27 Oct - UC Berkeley students roll out Halloween fun for local kids
26 Oct - New analysis links breastfeeding to reduced risk of childhood leukemia
26 Oct - Media Advisory: Oct. 30 symposium on enabling technologies for aged
26 Oct - Media Advisory: Ground breaking ceremony scheduled for Friday, Oct. 29
25 Oct - Tom Clausen to receive UC Berkeley's Haas School Award
22 Oct - Regional Oral History Office celebrates 50th
22 Oct - UC Berkeley Chancellor announces community partnership awards
22 Oct - Media Advisory: Cal Corps Public Service Center's first Alternative Weekend project
20 Oct - Unauthorized access to UC Berkeley computer raises serious concerns
20 Oct - Media Advisory: Workers comp symposium promotes prevention programs
14 Oct - New look at U.S. employment outlook
13 Oct - New UCB report finds traffic "nightmare" if BART service knocked out
13 Oct - Scientists prepare for space probe's plunge into Titan's atmosphere
11 Oct - New study highlights survey vulnerabilities
11 Oct - Media Advisory: "Potent Presidential Politics: Inequality, Race and Welfare Reform"
07 Oct - Media Advisory: Cal Corps Public Service Center's Annual Community Day of Service
06 Oct - Media Advisory: "Philip Morris Companies to Altria Group: Has Anything Really Changed Beyond the Name?"
05 Oct - National magazines laud young UC Berkeley innovators
04 Oct - Media Advisory: "Does America Need a New President?" Event tonight
01 Oct - USDA gives stamp of approval to campus animal care and use program

30 Sep - UC Berkeley peace and well-being center launches new "Greater Good" magazine
30 Sep - Climate change plus human pressure caused large mammal extinctions in late Pleistocene
30 Sep - Media Advisory: Events planned for the 40th anniversary of the Free Speech Movement
29 Sep - Landmark agreement between Samoa and UC Berkeley could help search for AIDS cure
29 Sep - Cancer vaccine based on pathogenic listeria bacteria shows promise targeting metastases
29 Sep - Media Advisory: College Information Day this Saturday at UC Berkeley
28 Sep - Town Hall meeting to look at No Child Left Behind
28 Sep - Sproul Plaza webcam adds new dimension to free speech
28 Sep - History professor Maria Mavroudi receives MacArthur fellowship
28 Sep - Researchers use semiconductors to set speed limit on light
27 Sep - Media Advisory: UCB's IGS to host "Decision 2004" election-related lectures
27 Sep - Media Advisory: 40th anniversary of the Free Speech Movement at UCB
24 Sep - UCB center wins funding to develop wireless lighting controls
23 Sep - UC Berkeley researchers identify chlorophyll-regulating gene
23 Sep - Modern slavery thriving in the U.S.
22 Sep - UC Berkeley professors join Nobel laureate to launch online "Economists' Voice"
21 Sep - Thousands of invasive trees cleared in UC Berkeley fire project
21 Sep - "California at 50 Million," a new series to explore impacts of state's expanding population
21 Sep - Moore Foundation awards $2.38 million for supernova research
20 Sep - Media Advisory: Press conference on forced labor in the U.S.
20 Sep - William C. Reeves, professor emeritus and giant in arbovirology, dies at 87
20 Sep - Expanded captioning services available for UC Berkeley students
17 Sep - Haas School professor awarded prestigious German economic prize
16 Sep - Uranium/lead dating provides most accurate date yet for Earth's largest extinction
16 Sep - Cockroach-like robot leads new research effort
15 Sep - UC Berkeley announces new athletic director, Notre Dame's Sandy Barbour
15 Sep - Clutch piracy revealed as novel mating strategy in European common frog
15 Sep - Climate prediction goes BOINC
14 Sep - Media Advisory: Correction to costs of grad fees
14 Sep - Media Advisory: "National Security in the Age of Terror"
13 Sep - Media Advisory: UC Berkeley postpones review of land use plan
10 Sep - Genetic analysis rewrites salamander family tree
09 Sep - UC Berkeley student selected for new "green" intern program
09 Sep - White House honors five UC Berkeley researchers for early career achievements
08 Sep - UC Berkeley study finds little union impact on company survival, wages
08 Sep - Cal Band launches competition for lyrics to new fight song
08 Sep - Media Advisory: The University of California, Berkeley's Institute of Governmental Studies will host "Decision 2004"
02 Sep - Brightest supernova in a decade captured by Hubble Space Telescope

31 Aug - Astronomers searching for distant Earths find two Neptunes
30 Aug - Media Advisory: "Against All Enemies: Inside America's War on Terrorism - What Really Happened," a program with Richard Clarke
26 Aug - Media Advisory: The dedication of the Ida Louise Jackson Graduate House
25 Aug - Media Advisory: Memorial Services Sunday for Reginald Zelnik
25 Aug - Lunch Poems 2004-2005 season about to start
25 Aug - Media Advisory: A one-hour media briefing on Climateprediction.net
24 Aug - Students offered online discount to encourage responsible music downloading
24 Aug - Lucky species queue up to have their genomes sequenced
20 Aug - Media Advisory: UC Berkeley's annual "Move-in Day", Sunday, Aug. 22
19 Aug - Fall semester 2004 set to begin at UC Berkeley, where classes for most students start Aug. 30
19 Aug - Environmental award, expanded "green" programs this fall at UC Berkeley dining halls
19 Aug - New study suggests link between maternal diet and childhood leukemia risk
18 Aug - Media Advisory: The University of California, Berkeley's 2004 Fall Convocation
18 Aug - Business professor appointed to World Bank
18 Aug - When is a mouse like a test tube?
16 Aug - New climate change study predicts hotter summers, water shortage in California
16 Aug - Vibrations in crystal lattice plays big role in high temperature superconductors
15 Aug - Nobel poet Czeslaw Milosz of Poland and Berkeley, one of the icons of the Solidarity movement, dies
11 Aug - Cluster spacecraft catch crashing waves in Earth's magnetic bubble
09 Aug - American Sociological Association's 99th annual conference to emphasize "public sociology"
05 Aug - Parasitic cowbirds thrive with less ruthless strategy than cuckoos
04 Aug - UC Berkeley researchers lead reconstruction of Temple of Zeus in tribute to New Nemean Games
04 Aug - Researchers reconstruct Temple of Zeus in tribute to Greek games
03 Aug - UC Berkeley offers freshman admission to 270 students previously diverted to community college for two years
02 Aug - UC Berkeley study estimates Wal-Mart employment policies cost California taxpayers $86 million a year

30 Jul - UC Berkeley summit to help youth in public housing build healthy communities
28 Jul - Study finds that the economy now matters little to prospective voters
28 Jul - New Music Library open
26 Jul - Time is right for hydrogen fuel in California, concludes new policy report
20 Jul - Media Advisory: UC Berkeley professors available to comment on the upcoming Democratic and Republican conventions
19 Jul - New Bear Pass to help campus employees leave their cars at home
16 Jul - Satellite experiment snaps photos of sprites, jets and elves
15 Jul - UC Berkeley research shows flies taste food like we do
15 Jul - Biochemist Hiroshi Nikaido honored for research on antibiotic-resistant bacteria
14 Jul - Media Advisory: UC Berkeley conference on emerging social media, "BlogOn"
13 Jul - Xlab, a new high tech research facility, tests social science theories
12 Jul - UC Berkeley professor emeritus William Kornhauser dies at age 79
07 Jul - How worms' noses sense oxygen
07 Jul - UC Berkeley researcher wins award for work on human thermal comfort model
06 Jul - Nanoparticles stiff from constant strain

30 Jun - L&S, chemistry debut new online science magazine
28 Jun - Media Advisory: Experts available for interviews on issues related to US handing over sovereignty in Iraq
24 Jun - Tien Center project reaches $42 million goal; construction set to begin on new East Asian library next year
24 Jun - Charles Susskind, UC Berkeley professor emeritus and co-founder of campus bioengineering program, dies at 82
24 Jun - Researchers detail Bay Area landslides with powerful new space-born imaging techniques
22 Jun - New report finds potential doctor shortage in California's future
14 Jun - Summer workshop exploring neglected papyrus texts
14 Jun - UC Berkeley names two new deans
09 Jun - New survey of obese women finds many started dieting before age 14
08 Jun - UC Berkeley launches oral history project on Earl Warren's clerks
07 Jun - Media Advisory: UC Berkeley Professors are available for comment about Reagan's years as California governor and US president
07 Jun - Unofficial Summer Reading List looks at lighter side
07 Jun - Supposed head-butting dinosaurs didn't
04 Jun - Conferences focus on saving native languages
02 Jun - Media Advisory: Upcoming conferences on revitalizing endangered languages
02 Jun - Media Advisory: Incentive Award Scholarships for 36 Bay Area high school seniors to be announced Thursday
02 Jun - SPEAR peers at supernova blast wave
01 Jun - Was 17th century solar funk a rarity?
01 Jun - UC Berkeley teams with Taiwanese research institute to spur tech development
01 Jun - Nearly one-third of the calories in the US diet comprised of junk food, researcher finds

24 May - Professor receives National Science Foundation's top teaching award
20 May - UC Berkeley study documents taxpayer costs to help working poor
20 May - To elicit disgust in her experimental subjects, psychologist taps "Fear Factor"
19 May - Media Advisory: A news briefing at the State Capitol on "The Hidden Public Cost of Low-Wage Jobs in California,"
19 May - Media Advisory: The California Assembly Committee on Higher Education will convene for public hearing
19 May - Prominent UC Berkeley Professor Zelnik dies at 68
12 May - Ernest Greenwood, professor emeritus of social welfare, dies at 93
12 May - Media Advisory: UC Berkeley's 2004 Commencement Convocation
12 May - Dramatic decline of native Sierra Nevada frog linked to introduced trout
11 May - Americans evaluating presidential candidates based largely on situation in Iraq, say UC Berkeley researchers
07 May - Journalist Ted Koppel to speak at UC Berkeley's 2004 Commencement Convocation
07 May - John Rowe, authority on Peruvian archaeology, dies at 85.
07 May - Four UC Berkeley faculty honored this week by White House
06 May - Sediments in many Central Valley streams contain toxic levels of pyrethroid pesticides
05 May - Media Advisory: UC Berkeley: Biotech Summit May 10-11
03 May - Solid fuel cell technology takes first at UC Berkeley Business Plan Competition
03 May - AAAS announces 2004 fellows, who include seven UC Berkeley professors
03 May - UC Berkeley: Psychologist Leo Postman dies at 85

30 Apr - UC Berkeley anthropology professor working on organs trafficking
29 Apr - Technique plucks rapidly evolving genes from a pathogen's genome
28 Apr - Media Advisory: Berkeley Nanotechnology Forum 2004
28 Apr - Media Advisory: Press conference and tree planting ceremony at UC Berkeley
27 Apr - Winner of UC Berkeley's University Medal, top honor for a graduate, urges new students to make campus "feel like home"
27 Apr - Five UC Berkeley professors to be honored today
26 Apr - Media Advisory: UC Berkeley Business Plan Competition
26 Apr - UC Berkeley receives $1 million gift for planned Chang-Lin Tien Center
21 Apr - Mantis shrimp may have swiftest kick in the animal kingdom
21 Apr - Expert predicts global climate change on Jupiter as giant planet's spots disappear
20 Apr - UC Berkeley: 4 faculty among new National Academy of Science Members
20 Apr - UC Berkeley release fall 2004 freshman admission information
16 Apr - Three UC Berkeley professors win Guggenheims
16 Apr - Media Advisory: Cal Day, 2004
16 Apr - Media Advisory: "Our Own Worst Enemy: Seeking a Better Way to Fight the War on Terror" forum
15 Apr - Keck Telescope images yield movie of Titan's hydrocarbon haze
15 Apr - Media Advisory: "China's Digital Future: Advancing the Understanding of China's Information Revolution" Conference
15 Apr - UC Berkeley releases visionary land use plan; draft proposal would guide campus development through 2020
14 Apr - Media Advisory: The "Berkeley Symposium on Same Sex Marriage: Law & Politics"
14 Apr - Media Advisory: "The Bush Presidency and the 2004 Election"
13 Apr - Conference, exhibits probe science and personality of J. Robert Oppenheimer, father of the atomic bomb
13 Apr - Memo: Cal Day Highlights
13 Apr - Media Advisory: Media Advisory: Boalt Hall Patent Law Conference
13 Apr - Investment in renewable energy better for jobs as well as environment
12 Apr - Professor Janet Yellen Appointed President & CEO of the Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco
12 Apr - Vitamin C reduces level of disease biomarker, finds UC Berkeley-led study
12 Apr - Experiment harnesses state-of-the-art sequencing technology to detect life on Mars
12 Apr - Media Advisory: Charter Day Celebration
08 Apr - Obituary: Thomas C. Smith, professor emeritus dies at 87
08 Apr - Researchers find no safe place to sit in California tick-infested forest
07 Apr - Media Advisory: "Confronting Obesity: Science, Society & Health" Conference
07 Apr - UC Berkeley open house April 17: Cal Day
01 Apr - Dow Votaw dies at 83
01 Apr - Radio astronomers lift "fog" on Milky Way's dark heart

31 Mar - C. West Churchman dies
31 Mar - Mathematicians, computer scientists play key role in analysis of lab rat genome
31 Mar - Media Advisory: Cal/EPA director Tamminen to speak Friday
30 Mar - Researchers say US military accidentally introduced tree pathogen to Italian estate during WWII
30 Mar - Media Advisory: Public lecture by Robert Reich, former U.S. Secretary of Labor
29 Mar - Media Advisory: "New Voices in Indigenous Research,"
29 Mar - New CARMA radio telescope array will combine UC Berkeley, Caltech arrays
29 Mar - Emotional balance for working journalists is goal
29 Mar - Media Advisory: U.N. Conference
25 Mar - Media Advisory: Charter Day
25 Mar - Media Advisory: Memorial service for Brian Maxwell, former UCB track star and founder of the PowerBar Company
22 Mar - UC Berkeley, SETI Institute ready to build first phase of Allen Telescope Array
19 Mar - UC Berkeley awarded accreditation for animal care program
18 Mar - Upper Sproul Plaza closure, limited news truck parking available
18 Mar - Research questions current fire management strategies in California shrublands
16 Mar - Media Advisory: ADVISORY: Talk by Carol Browner, former EPA head
16 Mar - Microbe's trick provides a template for willowy crystals
15 Mar - Cal Day
12 Mar - Campus receives state water pollution award
11 Mar - Making molecular electronics by doping molecules one atom at a time
10 Mar - "Media at War" conference
10 Mar - Americans spend more energy and time watching TV than on exercise, finds new study.
09 Mar - United Nations and UC Berkeley to host conference on bridging global industrial divide
09 Mar - Researchers receive $900,000 grant to study use of psychostimulants to treat ADHD
09 Mar - Development team selected for proposed downtown hotel and conference center near UC Berkeley
05 Mar - Berkeley graduate students to receive Fulbright funding
05 Mar - Retired UC Berkeley history professor William J. Bouwsma dies at age 80
04 Mar - New Ethiopian fossils are from 6-million-year-old hominid living just after split from chimpanzees
03 Mar - UC Berkeley researchers developing robotic exoskeleton that can enhance human strength and endurance
01 Mar - College of Letters & Science launches new series with author and former NPR classical music host Martin Goldsmith

26 Feb - Media Advisory: Philanthropist George Soros the United States' notion of self-supremacy in the world, March 3
26 Feb - Paleontology museum launches new Web site on evolution
26 Feb - Astronomers find nearest and youngest star with a dusty debris disk. But are there planets?
26 Feb - Laser guide star teams with adaptive optics to shed light on massive star formation
26 Feb - PACE explores accountability policy impacts on educators
25 Feb - Media Advisory: "Academic Freedom after September 11th," conference set for Feb. 27
23 Feb - Two UC Berkeley engineering professors elected to National Academy of Engineering
19 Feb - Scientists move closer to identifying world's oldest asexual organism
18 Feb - Media Advisory: "The Real State of the Union" town hall discussion
18 Feb - Media Advisory: Moot court competition
18 Feb - Sproul Plaza renovation scheduled
18 Feb - Media Advisory: Media tour of plans for Sproul Plaza renovation
12 Feb - Engineers create lab-on-a-chip using fluorescent dye to detect toxins
11 Feb - Haas School trio explores globalization, high tech
11 Feb - Media Advisory: Los Angeles Times editor John Carroll and KQED's Michael Krasny to discuss the collision of news, entertainment and politics, Feb. 19
10 Feb - Media Advisory: Memorial for Clark Kerr, University of California president emeritus and former UC Berkeley chancellor to be held Feb. 20
10 Feb - Bighorn sheep threatened by climate change, finds new study
09 Feb - Media Advisory: Ernesto Zadillo, former president of Mexico, to speak at UC Berkeley Feb. 13
05 Feb - UC Berkeley student photographing fraternity life wins Dorothea Lange award
04 Feb - UC Berkeley stunned by decision to deny students opportunity for prestigious Fulbright dissertation fellowships
02 Feb - Pink slime yields first set of genomes sequenced from environmental sample

28 Jan - Media Advisory: Filmmakers of the documentary, Fog of War, to speak at UC Berkeley, Feb 4
28 Jan - UC Berkeley architecture professor's new building system may offer solutions to quake-ravaged Iran
26 Jan - Elves make protein crystallography easier
26 Jan - Media Advisory: Nobel Prize winner Joshua Lederberg to deliver Rhoda Goldman Distinguished Lecture on Health Policy
22 Jan - Media Advisory: Meningitis confirmed in death of Alisa Lewis
22 Jan - Media Advisory: UC BERKELEY: String Theorist Ed Witten to talk Jan. 26
21 Jan - Internet voting system set for upcoming elections not secure, computer experts say
21 Jan - Haas MFE goes to China
20 Jan - Composer and pianist Nin-Culmell, an emeritus music professor, dies at age 95
20 Jan - Media Advisory: UC Berkeley experts and students to discuss results of the Iowa Caucuses, Tuesday, Jan 20 at 5 p.m.
20 Jan - Media Advisory: UC Berkeley: 9:30 a.m. Press Conference today regarding meningitis
19 Jan - Bacterial meningitis believed to be cause of UC Berkeley women's basketball player's death
16 Jan - Therese Heyman dies at age 74
15 Jan - Media Advisory: UC Berkeley experts available to discuss 2004 presidential race
15 Jan - AnnaLee Saxenian appointed dean of SIMS
15 Jan - Media Advisory: UC Berkeley: Jan. 23 conference on novel cancer theory
15 Jan - New study finds evolutionary diversification in Hawaiian spiders
12 Jan - Gunther Barth, retired UC Berkeley professor, American history scholar and mentor to countless students, dies at age 78
12 Jan - Robert Reich teaching at UC Berkeley
12 Jan - New grant funds UC Berkeley "early college academy"
09 Jan - Membrane-coated beads make sensitive assay for protein drug candidates
09 Jan - Quakes along central San Andreas Fault peak every three-years
08 Jan - Media Advisory: UC Berkeley experts available to assess Schwarzenegger budget plan
06 Jan - Key gene found in production of egg & sperm
05 Jan - Researchers create first ever integrated silicon circuit with nanotube transistors