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2009 Releases

23 Dec - Climate change puts ecosystems on the run
23 Dec - Sun and moon trigger deep tremors on San Andreas Fault
22 Dec - New human reproductive hormone could lead to novel contraceptives
22 Dec - Center announces most Livable Buildings for 2009
21 Dec - Disability may be on the rise again after 20-year decline
18 Dec - University of Tokyo, UC Berkeley to exchange scholars in cosmology, other areas
18 Dec - Five UC Berkeley academics among new AAAS fellows
18 Dec - Study shows loss of 15-42 percent of mammals in North America
17 Dec - Discovery of 4.4 million-year-old "Ardi" named Breakthrough of the Year
11 Dec - UC police arrest 66 at Wheeler Hall
10 Dec - Studies find proposed health care reforms offer big savings to individuals, families
09 Dec - Media Advisory: Briefing on health reform impact studies
08 Dec - Media Advisory: Japanese American student interned during World War II to get honorary degrees
08 Dec - H1N1 influenza adopted novel strategy to move from birds to humans
08 Dec - Social scientists build case for 'survival of the kindest'
08 Dec - Campus musicians receive gift from pianist Earl Hines' estate
08 Dec - CPUC taps Vial Center to study state's green jobs needs
02 Dec - Media Advisory: UC Berkeley releases fall 2009 final enrollment data
25 Nov - Cutting greenhouse pollutants could directly save millions of lives worldwide
23 Nov - Media Advisory: Green building conference Dec. 2-3
23 Nov - Climate change could boost incidence of civil war in Africa, study finds
19 Nov - UC Berkeley research garners nearly $65 million in federal stimulus money
18 Nov - Media Advisory: Social media pioneers to discuss future of public forums
18 Nov - Media Advisory: Fisher Center hosts real estate symposium
18 Nov - Art museum project alternate plan due early next year
16 Nov - Some of us may be born more empathetic, new study suggests
16 Nov - Media Advisory: Panel to evaluate Obama's presidency so far
12 Nov - Chromosomes dance and pair up on the nuclear membrane
12 Nov - Vibrations key to efficiency of green fluorescent protein
09 Nov - Intel, Safeway luminaries to address how tech can lower health costs
05 Nov - Scholar of native textiles to head anthropology museum
05 Nov - New $10.9 million grant to study impacts of sanitation on diseases
05 Nov - Rapid supernova could be new class of exploding star
04 Nov - Study to explore if more sleep will help teens shake off depression
04 Nov - Media Advisory: Conference takes on national health reform's impact in California
02 Nov - Media Advisory: Students vie for sushi-making record
30 Oct - New analyses of dinosaur growth may wipe out one-third of species
29 Oct - Media Advisory: Tom Campbell to visit campus
28 Oct - Media Advisory: Experts to discuss "Children in Crisis" around world
27 Oct - When ants attack: Researchers recreate chemicals that trigger aggression in Argentine ants
26 Oct - Media Advisory: DOE Under Secretary Johnson to discuss energy challenges at noon on Oct. 27
26 Oct - UC Berkeley amplifies national voice via The Berkeley Blog
26 Oct - New $16 million center to push, pinch and probe cancer cells & tissues
22 Oct - Climate treaty needed to limit soot & other greenhouse pollutants
22 Oct - Error in climate treaties could lead to more deforestation
21 Oct - Media Advisory: Panel to explore global unemployment
20 Oct - Studies find Latino toddlers' gap in cognitive growth
19 Oct - Media Advisory: Conference to explore California's woes
16 Oct - Stephen Barnett, California Supreme Court expert, dies at 73
15 Oct - NSF authorizes $29 million for world's deepest underground lab
15 Oct - Skin cells may provide early warning for cancer risk elsewhere in body
15 Oct - Study says California furloughs will save less than anticipated
14 Oct - Media Advisory: College Information Day to be held this Saturday
13 Oct - Media Advisory: Symposium to mark 20-year anniversary of Loma Prieta
13 Oct - Bosses who feel inadequate can turn into bullies
12 Oct - UC Berkeley's Oliver Williamson shares Nobel Prize in economics
12 Oct - Media Advisory: Oliver Williamson shares 2009 Nobel Prize in Economic Sciences
12 Oct - Oliver Williamson named a winner of the Nobel Prize in Economic Sciences
08 Oct - Media Advisory: Conference to address "Getting to Reform"
08 Oct - College of Chemistry steers course to sustainable 'green' chemistry
05 Oct - Alfalfa sprouts key to discovering how meandering rivers form
01 Oct - Ethiopian desert yields oldest hominid skeleton
30 Sep - Media Advisory: Symposium to address implementation of high-speed rail in California
30 Sep - Scientists discover clues to what makes human muscle age
29 Sep - UC launches bold initiative to revolutionize breast cancer treatment
23 Sep - Media Advisory: Teach-in to explore higher education, economics
21 Sep - Two young UC Berkeley faculty members receive MacArthur "genius" award
17 Sep - Media Advisory: Anwar Ibrahim on "Islam and Democracy in East Asia"
17 Sep - Postmenopausal women benefit from endurance training as much as younger women
17 Sep - Fernando Botero exhibit exploring Abu Ghraib abuses opens at Berkeley Art Museum
17 Sep - Bancroft's Darwin exhibit taps campus's museum, library collections
16 Sep - Photoswitches shed light on burst swimming in zebrafish
15 Sep - Media Advisory: Campus memorial this Friday for Ronald Takaki, pioneer in race relations
15 Sep - Two UC Berkeley faculty among 10 recipients of $100,000 Heinz Awards
14 Sep - Sierra Nevada birds move in response to warmer, wetter climate
10 Sep - Media Advisory: Former Taiwanese official to address Taiwan, China relations
08 Sep - Honorary degrees for students affected by World War II internment order
03 Sep - Improving vaccines to trigger T cell as well as antibody response
03 Sep - "Cyberlaw Cases" blog monitors top Internet-related cases
03 Sep - Law school enhances loan forgiveness program in response to tough economy
01 Sep - Berkeley Unified's racial integration plan a model for other school districts nationwide, says new report
31 Aug - World's smallest semiconductor laser heralds new milestone in laser physics
28 Aug - Media Advisory: Press conference today on apprehension of kidnapper
28 Aug - Space Sciences lab celebrates 50 years & 75 satellites
26 Aug - Mirror cast for Mexican 6.5-meter infrared telescope
26 Aug - Fall classes begin amid budget challenges
20 Aug - Media Advisory: Conference examines Google Books settlement
20 Aug - New images capture cell's ribosomes at work, could aid in molecular war against disease
19 Aug - Fourth member of "Old Blue" family to live in the same residence hall room
06 Aug - Huge wage cost to filling gap in sub-Saharan Africa's health workforce, study projects
03 Aug - Mark Rosenzweig, pioneer in brain plasticity, learning and hearing, has died at 86
30 Jul - Gene transcribing machine takes halting, backsliding trip along the DNA
28 Jul - Simon Karlinsky, scholar of Russian classic and émigré literature, dies at 84
28 Jul - Communal Webcasting platform to beef up campus's popular educational content
27 Jul - Campus environmental record earns top score in Princeton Review "Green Ratings"
21 Jul - Researchers turn cell phones into fluorescent microscopes, bring low-cost lab tools to the field
21 Jul - For horned lizard, horns alone do not make the species
21 Jul - Mitchell Celaya chosen as new UC Berkeley chief of police
21 Jul - Jupiter pummeled, leaving bruise the size of the Pacific Ocean
20 Jul - Brain can develop motor memory for prosthetics, study finds
20 Jul - Gene variant linked to higher risk of non-Hodgkin lymphoma
17 Jul - Cell biologist Richard Strohman has died at 82
15 Jul - Kenneth Stampp, noted historian of the Civil War and slavery, dies
14 Jul - Drugs may prevent epilepsy & seizures after brain injury
14 Jul - Researchers find early markers of Alzheimer's disease
13 Jul - Linguists attending international institute
09 Jul - Theory provides more precise estimates of large-area biodiversity
09 Jul - Tremors on southern San Andreas Fault may mean increased quake risk
08 Jul - Kermit Wiltse, grassroots scholar of social work, has died at 94
02 Jul - Tougher controls sought for DNA ancestry testing
22 Jun - Shinnyo-en Foundation names chancellor a 2009 "Pathfinder to Peace"
22 Jun - Children susceptible to pesticides longer than expected, study finds
15 Jun - Stress puts double whammy on reproductive system
15 Jun - Media Advisory: UC Berkeley experts in teleconference on national healthcare policy
12 Jun - Media Advisory: Summer dig holds open house on Monday
11 Jun - Media Advisory: Flu experts available to comment on WHO's pandemic alert
10 Jun - Graphene opens door to tunable transistors, LEDs
09 Jun - Red giant star Betelgeuse mysteriously shrinking
08 Jun - Lifting the fog on "dark" gamma-ray bursts
08 Jun - Bone bed tells of life along California's ancient coastline
05 Jun - Stimulus funds for UC Berkeley research now total $8.6 million
03 Jun - 2009 Childhood Obesity Conference addresses new challenges, approaches to improving children's health
02 Jun - Report: Widespread data sharing, "Web bugs"
01 Jun - Vice Chancellor Nathan Brostrom wins a 2009 Bay Area CFO of the Year award
01 Jun - Three faculty members elected to American Philosophical Society
28 May - Ronald Takaki, pioneer and legend in ethnic studies, dies at age 70
28 May - Obama calls on Berkeley School of Antitrust
27 May - Rare radio supernova is nearest supernova in five years
26 May - Media Advisory: Scholars available on Prop. 8 same-sex marriage ruling
26 May - Insect in hemlock forests causes loss of canopy, gain of invasive plants
26 May - Computer-based smoking cessation programs work, finds metanalysis
20 May - Media Advisory: All graduating seniors to be honored at Convocation this Friday
20 May - Matías Tarnopolsky new director of Cal Performances
19 May - SETI@home project celebrates 10th anniversary, though no ETs
18 May - Summer haze has a cooling effect in southeastern United States, says new study
15 May - Online games spark girls' interests in science & technology
13 May - Graduation ceremony season starts tomorrow (Thursday)
12 May - Top graduating senior is an intellectual superstar
12 May - School of Public Health launches $5 million Kaiser Permanente Public Health Scholars Program
08 May - Neil Henry named dean of Graduate School of Journalism
08 May - Hackers attack campus databases, steal Social Security numbers, other data
07 May - Ausin Hoggatt, professor emeritus at the Haas School, dies at age 79
07 May - UC Berkeley UV detector to be installed in Hubble telescope
06 May - Media Advisory: East Bay housing crisis, solutions under review
06 May - Media Advisory: May 11 talk explores science in movie "Angels & Demons"
04 May - Media Advisory: May 5 forum on biofuels to address food vs fuel, algae and more
04 May - Unprecedented use of DDT to combat malaria concerns experts
01 May - Media Advisory: Flu pandemic teach-in on Monday, May 4
30 Apr - Media Advisory: New technology is advancing human rights research
30 Apr - Transportation expert Ernest Koenigsberg passes away
29 Apr - Emmanuel Saez wins 2009 John Bates Clark Medal
29 Apr - Jennifer Wolch named ninth dean of College of Environmental Design
28 Apr - Seven faculty members elected to NAS
28 Apr - $30 million from DOE for carbon capture, sequestration
27 Apr - ADHD medication can improve math and reading scores, study suggests
24 Apr - Media Advisory: Intl. biofuels meeting to draw scientists to San Francisco May 3-6
23 Apr - THEMIS mission tracks electrical tornadoes in space
22 Apr - Professors ace teaching test
20 Apr - Media Advisory: Dalai Lama to address "Peace through Compassion"
20 Apr - Four professors become arts and sciences academy fellows
20 Apr - Al Gore to speak at groundbreaking of new Blum poverty studies building
20 Apr - Media Advisory: Gloria Steinem and other feminists to speak on campus this weekend
16 Apr - The story of X - evolution of a sex chromosome
15 Apr - Campus helps graduating students cope with bleak job market
15 Apr - Media Advisory: Cal Day is Saturday, April 18
13 Apr - In face of global warming, can wilderness remain natural?
09 Apr - UC Berkeley welcomes visitors April 18 for Cal Day 2009
08 Apr - "Pursuit of Happyness" hero to address 2009 graduates
07 Apr - Climate change to spur rapid shifts in fire hotspots, projects new analysis
07 Apr - Almost 13,000 high school students offered admission to UC Berkeley
06 Apr - Media Advisory: Liberian president speaks on campus this Thursday
02 Apr - Media Advisory: Space Sciences Lab to participate Friday in international astronomy Webcast
02 Apr - Japanese architect Toyo Ito to visit campus
01 Apr - Chemist Graham Fleming named vice chancellor for research
01 Apr - Sea mollusks taste their memories to build shells
30 Mar - Public finance scholar George F. Break dead at 88
26 Mar - PACE hosts teacher pay conferences
20 Mar - Political scientist Henry Brady new Goldman School dean
19 Mar - Judith Butler wins Mellon Award
19 Mar - Professor Emeritus Tor Brekke, renowned tunneling expert, dies at 75
19 Mar - U.S. economy spurs foreign students to return home, study says
19 Mar - Mice with disabled gene that helps turn carbs into fat stay lean despite feasting on high-carb diet
18 Mar - Scientists cable seafloor seismometer into state earthquake network
17 Mar - New Mark Twain book offers fresh insights into author
17 Mar - Public Health Heroes to be honored at March 18 ceremony
12 Mar - Leona Shapiro, leading nutritionist and child obesity expert, dies at 89
11 Mar - Long, sexy tails not a drag on male hummingbirds
11 Mar - Long-term ozone exposure linked to higher risk of death, finds nationwide study
11 Mar - Law schools at UC Berkeley and UCLA launch new environment blog
10 Mar - Inexpensive flooring change improves child health in urban slums
10 Mar - Fighting global poverty is fastest-growing minor
09 Mar - Media Advisory: Chancellor to discuss impact of budget crisis
09 Mar - Media Advisory: Lecture on " The New Narco-Cultura"
04 Mar - Assembling cells into artificial 3-D tissues, like tiny glands
04 Mar - Linking fast food proximity to obesity
03 Mar - With Mar. 6 Kepler launch, work begins for Berkeley astronomers
27 Feb - Dedication of new CITRIS headquarters marks new stage of innovation to help fuel economic growth
26 Feb - Speaker series on California climate change challenges
26 Feb - Media Advisory: Identity theft symposium
26 Feb - Why California should consider Australia's "Prepare, stay and defend" wildfire policy
25 Feb - Student photos of foreclosed home win Lange Fellowship
25 Feb - Economist James L. Pierce, authority on banking and monetary policy, dies
25 Feb - Student photos of foreclosed home win Lange Fellowship
24 Feb - Media Advisory: News briefing and tech demos to showcase new home for CITRIS, its role in economy
23 Feb - Babies born in pollen and mold seasons have greater odds of developing asthma symptoms
20 Feb - Media Advisory: Symposium on "New Energy Landscape"
19 Feb - New method to assemble nanoscale elements could transform data storage industry
18 Feb - Applicants sought for 2009-2010 grants from Chancellor's Community Partnership Fund
17 Feb - Sloan fellowships awarded to seven young faculty members
17 Feb - Cheaper materials could be key to low-cost solar cells
17 Feb - "Evolved" virus may improve gene therapy for cystic fibrosis
13 Feb - John Whinnery, University Professor Emeritus and distinguished innovator in electromagnetism, dies at 92
13 Feb - Media Advisory: Expert panel to examine Obama administration's new Financial Stability Plan
12 Feb - Obama's race not a factor in election, say economists
10 Feb - MBA competition to address D.C. schools performance
10 Feb - Pressure to be a supergirl is causing teen mental health crisis
09 Feb - Scientists document salamander decline in Central America
05 Feb - Predicting diversity within hotspots to enhance conservation
04 Feb - KQED-TV to air doc on late revolutionary biologist Allan Wilson
03 Feb - Research explores policy research and impressions of bias
28 Jan - Improved method for comparing genomes as well as written text
23 Jan - Physicist Sumner Davis has died at 84
21 Jan - Retrofitted and revamped, Bancroft reopens to regular hours
21 Jan - Japanese Studies Center honors Eastwood for "Letters from Iwo Jima"
21 Jan - Summer peak, winter low temperatures now arrive 2 days earlier
15 Jan - Matthew Tirrell, UC Santa Barbara engineering dean, to join UC Berkeley as new chair of bioengineering
13 Jan - Media Advisory: Campus tunes in to inauguration
13 Jan - Media Advisory: Jan. 17 talk kicks off Intl. Year of Astronomy series
12 Jan - Mathematician John Stallings died last year at 73
12 Jan - Mice without key enzyme eat without becoming obese, new study finds
08 Jan - Archaeological study complete at athletic facility construction site
08 Jan - 'Understanding Science' Website clarifies what science is, is not
07 Jan - Jan. 11 is local kickoff of 'Year of Science 2009'
06 Jan - Media Advisory: Jan. 11-17 international meeting on health reform and innovation
05 Jan - Studies link maternity leave with fewer C-sections and increased breastfeeding