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2007 releases

21 Dec - Donald Kaplan, expert on plant shapes and forms, dies at 69
19 Dec - Media Advisory: Jan. 6-12 forum brings together international health policy leaders
19 Dec - Economist examines costs of extreme cold weather
18 Dec - New biochip could replace animal testing
14 Dec - Andrew Imbrie, music professor and renowned composer, dies at age 86
14 Dec - Andrew Imbrie, UC Berkeley music professor and prolific composer, dies at age of 86
14 Dec - Stem cell grant will spur research on rejuvenating muscle
13 Dec - Scholars say Dickens' "A Christmas Carol" still rings true
13 Dec - Journalism professor nominated for three Writers Guild awards
13 Dec - Moss genome tells of origin of land plants
13 Dec - Ugandans want peace more than revenge against warlords
11 Dec - THEMIS probes view auroral substorms, bowshock explosions
10 Dec - Early warning system predicted shaking from Oct. 30 quake
06 Dec - $5.2 million grant from Moore Foundation funds ambitious project to barcode an entire ecosystem
06 Dec - VV Clark, cosmopolitan African diaspora scholar, dies at 62
05 Dec - "Big Box Living Wage Ordinance" would benefit low-wage Wal-Mart workers, minimally impact shoppers, says new study
04 Dec - Nobelist Smoot launches new cosmology center
03 Dec - Fall 2007 student enrollment data released

29 Nov - Media Advisory: "Reading Lolita in Tehran" author at Zellerbach Dec. 5
29 Nov - Paleontologist Joseph Gregory has died at 93
28 Nov - Ralph Rader, English professor and theorist on the novel, dies at age 77
27 Nov - Global warming sends salamanders packing
27 Nov - Fin whales' big gulp
19 Nov - New technique captures chemical reactions in a single living cell for the first time
16 Nov - Media Advisory: Annual real estate symposium Nov. 19
15 Nov - Digital project to boost Irish studies with "virtual Ireland" Web site
14 Nov - Energy Biosciences Institute contract signed
13 Nov - Inside Innovation conference to showcase faculty research
13 Nov - Chocolate drinks - probably fermented ones - popular long before previously thought, says anthropologist
13 Nov - Avoid raising ungrateful kids
06 Nov - Record 5th planet found around nearby star
02 Nov - Media Advisory: Nov. 6 talk by energy scholar David Sandalow to discuss new book, "Freedom from Oil"

31 Oct - Single nanotube makes world's smallest radio
30 Oct - New program to focus on sustainable products, solutions
30 Oct - African diaspora graduates in hot demand
29 Oct - Social standing influences how far elephants travel for food, study finds
29 Oct - Media Advisory: Nov. 2 conference on California's proposed health care reform
29 Oct - Media Advisory: Inside Innovation 2007 Conference
26 Oct - Media Advisory: Oct. 29-31 conference covers sustainability and transportation research
26 Oct - Ten scientists named fellows of AAAS
25 Oct - Students pursue program promoting science, math teaching
25 Oct - Ideas and reaction sought on report examining People's Park future
24 Oct - Center for Energy and Environmental Innovation launched
24 Oct - Frederick E. Balderston, Haas School professor emeritus, dies at 84
23 Oct - "Livable Buildings Awards" salute comfort and conserve
23 Oct - Memorial for late yeast expert Robert Mortimer
22 Oct - Media Advisory: Law school to host juveniles and crime conference
22 Oct - Media Advisory: Panel to address immigration policy
22 Oct - Sleep loss linked to psychiatric disorders
19 Oct - World Bank report co-authored by UC economists calls for more investment in agriculture
18 Oct - Researchers caution against genetic ancestry testing
17 Oct - UC Berkeley student wins environmental leadership award
17 Oct - UC Berkeley: Virgil E. Schrock, thermal hydraulics expert who helped improve safety of nuclear reactors, dies at 81
16 Oct - Media Advisory: Panel to discuss today's parenting challenges
16 Oct - Dedication of C.V. Starr East Asian Library on Oct. 20
11 Oct - Methane drizzle on Saturn's moon Titan
11 Oct - Marketing professor explores the responses viewers reap from scary movies
10 Oct - Media Advisory: Campus hosts college information fair for teens and parents
10 Oct - Rejection sets off alarms for folks with low self-esteem
10 Oct - $25 million gift to add new faculty at Haas School
03 Oct - Campus launches YouTube channel

28 Sep - Media Advisory: Actress Natalie Portman to discuss loans to the world's poor
27 Sep - Neuroscientists connect neural activity and blood flow in new brain stimulation technique
26 Sep - Stanley Hall dedication heralds new era of bioscience innovation
24 Sep - Claire Kremen, UC Berkeley conservation biologist, wins MacArthur 'genius' fellowship
21 Sep - NASA resurrects NuSTAR mission to image massive black holes
20 Sep - Students to manage Socially Responsible Investment Fund
20 Sep - Author, historian Garry Wills "On the Same Page" at Berkeley
20 Sep - Pleasant odors perceived the same by different cultures
18 Sep - Media Advisory: Public seminar on flame retardants to be held Sept. 20
18 Sep - Young innovator in cancer research chosen for NIH award
14 Sep - New grants to help researchers improve nuclear detection, domestic security
13 Sep - Ancient whale fall found from Ao Nuevo Island
13 Sep - New economic, social benefits report highlights campus impacts
12 Sep - Physicists pin down atomic spin for spintronics
11 Sep - Media Advisory: California Indian songs and stories
11 Sep - Uptick in late-night robberies highlights need for students to be alert, campus police warn
10 Sep - Hewlett Foundation gift of $113 million is largest private gift in campus history
07 Sep - Media Advisory: Largest gift in campus history to be announced on Monday, Sept. 10
07 Sep - Campus resources for wildfire season
06 Sep - Astronomers eager to add to Sky in Google Earth
05 Sep - Professor known for his inspirational teaching has died
05 Sep - Whales evolved biosonar to chase squid into the deep
04 Sep - John Gofman, anti-nuclear activist & lipid researcher, has died
04 Sep - NIEHS awards $4.7 million to help detect human exposure to environmental contaminants
04 Sep - Black workers face low wages, advancement obstacles, report says

30 Aug - UC Berkeley says public safety comes first; police cite nearly 100 arrests at site of tree protest since December
29 Aug - Alexander C. Scordelis, renowned structural engineer, dies at 83
29 Aug - Media Advisory: Labor Day briefing
29 Aug - Flies prefer fizzy drinks
29 Aug - Media Advisory: Temporary barrier to separate football fans, tree sitters
28 Aug - Media Advisory: Panel to discuss legacy of Hurricane Katrina
23 Aug - Fall 2007 semester kicks off
23 Aug - Former street tough takes miraculous route to UC Berkeley
23 Aug - Keck, Hubble provide new view of Uranus' rings
20 Aug - Study finds early difficulty for community college students
20 Aug - Compound in broccoli could boost immune system, says new study
20 Aug - Media Advisory: Experts to discuss U.S. foreign policy
17 Aug - Media Advisory: Chancellor to hold back-to-school briefing
16 Aug - Savanna habitat drives birds to cooperative breeding
15 Aug - Scientists honored by technology magazines for scientific and technological innovation
15 Aug - Students to learn new Internet piracy rules
13 Aug - Graduate students find no match in evening cell phone use spike and crash data
10 Aug - Researchers explore increasing foreign investment in U.S. bonds, mortgage securities
09 Aug - UC Berkeley: Seismologists confirm mine collapse caused temblor
09 Aug - R. Brady Williamson, pioneer in fire safety engineering science, dies at 73
07 Aug - Media Advisory: Community college students present summer research
06 Aug - Frog-killing fungus could be greater threat, finds new genetic analysis
03 Aug - Chancellor leads effort to back federal math education bill
02 Aug - E-voting systems vulnerable to viruses and other security attacks, new report finds
02 Aug - Details announced of new vehicle-fuel standard
02 Aug - Experts available to comment on Minnesota bridge collapse
01 Aug - Researchers recommend tougher post-election audits

30 Jul - Ichthyologist, animal behaviorist George Barlow has died
27 Jul - Media Advisory: "Titania the Titan" alert at UC Botanical Garden
27 Jul - Researchers report northern Uganda PTSD, preference for violence findings
25 Jul - UC Berkeley geography professor wounded in Nigeria
25 Jul - Transportation researchers to test Toyota plug-in hybrid vehicles
24 Jul - Eminent biochemist Daniel Koshland has died
24 Jul - Chancellor's Community Partnership Fund awards announced today
23 Jul - Media Advisory: Law experts, K-12 educators to discuss race and school selection
19 Jul - S. Shankar Sastry named new dean of engineering
19 Jul - Gibor Basri selected new vice chancellor for equity and inclusion
19 Jul - Rise of dinosaurs not so rapid after all
17 Jul - Researchers at UC Berkeley and LBNL share $500,000 Gruber Cosmology Prize for discovering universe acceleration
12 Jul - Researchers witness natural selection at work in dramatic comeback of male butterflies
11 Jul - Study predicts positive net economic impacts of key health reform plans
05 Jul - Professor emeritus Peter Lyman dies at age 66
05 Jul - Anemone genome gives new view of multi-celled ancestors

28 Jun - Experts on Supreme Court rulings
28 Jun - Burma junta faulted for rampant diseases
28 Jun - Ken Goldberg named new director of Center for New Media
26 Jun - DOE awards LBNL, UC Berkeley and partners $125 million for biofuels research
26 Jun - Drug resistance argues against mutation theory of cancer
20 Jun - Media Advisory: Largest international conference on transportation to be held on campus June 24-28
15 Jun - Damning report on Uganda war crimes
13 Jun - Strong evidence that Mars once had an ocean
12 Jun - Cancer death rates remain high decades after exposure to arsenic, new study finds
12 Jun - Chemist Gabor Somorjai to receive Priestley Medal
12 Jun - New book outlines discrimination against moms
11 Jun - Geochemist Harold Helgeson has died at 75
07 Jun - Leonard Nathan, distinguished poet, dies at 82
06 Jun - Martin Meyerson, former CED dean and acting chancellor, dies at age of 84
06 Jun - Agonized pose tells of dinosaur death throes
05 Jun - William K. Pritchett, emeritus professor of Greek, dies at age 98
04 Jun - Survival theme for freshman summer reading
01 Jun - Media Advisory: Symposium explores "Digital Earth"

31 May - Seismic study clears site of future athlete training center
29 May - Team reports 28 new exoplanets
21 May - Media Advisory: India VIPs gather for democracy debate
21 May - HIV in breastmilk killed by flash-heating, new study finds
18 May - Ultra-cold gas makes great magnetometer
17 May - New teaching, research building gets go-ahead
16 May - Robert Cole, Director of Cal Performances, to step down at the close of the 2008-09 season
16 May - 68-year-old Ph.D. candidate beats the odds
15 May - Chemist Peidong Yang wins NSF Waterman Award
14 May - Media Advisory: Chemist to participate in May 15 nanotech briefing
11 May - Mathematician Emma Lehmer dies at 100
11 May - Former U.S. Ambassador to head International House
10 May - Don Minkler, champion of family planning and professor emeritus of public health, dies at 85
08 May - New campus-city program helps students discard unwanted items
08 May - Researcher offers steps to help doctors move past anger with patients
07 May - Commencement Convocation this Wednesday
07 May - Largest, brightest supernova announced
04 May - Islamic scholars receive Carnegie grants
03 May - Francis Moffitt, leading figure in photogrammetry, dies at 84
02 May - Generating pressures at the cores of giant planets
02 May - Top graduating senior is "quintessential Berkeley"
01 May - Chemist elected to National Academy of Sciences
01 May - Engineer receives NSF grant to study MacArthur Maze freeway collapse
01 May - Media Advisory: May 4 Petris Symposium on Health Reforms

30 Apr - Academy of Arts & Sciences elects 7 Berkeley faculty
30 Apr - Training taking place to spot depression
30 Apr - Jimmy Carter to speak on campus this Wednesday
30 Apr - Popular professor and esteemed historian to deliver last lecture
24 Apr - Distinguished Teaching awards announced
23 Apr - Media Advisory: Bush presidency to be discussed at campus forum
23 Apr - Media Advisory: Former President Jimmy Carter to speak on campus
19 Apr - Media Advisory: Cal Day this Saturday, April 21
19 Apr - Birdwatching goes hi-tech with online video camera game
18 Apr - Sympathy banner for Virginia Tech
17 Apr - MBA team Revolution Foods wins social venture competition
17 Apr - Green Biofuels Index would aid consumers, market
17 Apr - Policy expert appointed to intl. biofuels panel
13 Apr - Media Advisory: Afghan ambassador to talk on rebuilding efforts
11 Apr - Media Advisory: "America and its Wars" forum
11 Apr - Cal Day to pulsate with extra energy
10 Apr - Chancellor announces program to assist needy students with financial aid
06 Apr - Finalists face off with global social venture plans
06 Apr - Media Advisory: Wildavsky Forum on post-9/11 Constitution
06 Apr - Media Advisory: Intel's Andy Grove to give April 10 talk about technology and health
05 Apr - Scholars to receive William Sloane Coffin Awards for moral leadership
05 Apr - Fall 2007 freshman admissions data released
04 Apr - Richard Meier, emeritus professor and "super planner" dies at 86
04 Apr - Massive star burps, then explodes
02 Apr - Weighing the financial risks of nuclear power
02 Apr - "Stories in the Time of Cholera" wins top anthropology prize
02 Apr - Nelson Polsby campus memorial on Thursday

29 Mar - Campus animal facilities earn gold star
29 Mar - Binary asteroid revealed as twin rubble piles
26 Mar - Media Advisory: Sir Nicholas Stern, leading UK economist, warns of economic downturn from global warming
22 Mar - Chemists strike gold with gold catalysts
22 Mar - Goal of nanoscale optical imaging gets boost with new hyperlens
21 Mar - Students adore retiring historian
20 Mar - Media Advisory: March 23-25 meeting to explore pictures in art, science and engineering
19 Mar - 2007 public health heroes to be honored March 23
15 Mar - Report makes case against Delta urbanization
15 Mar - Media Advisory: Energy Symposium set for March 21
13 Mar - Famed paleoanthropologist Clark Howell has died
13 Mar - Media Advisory: Africa atrocities stressed at press conference
12 Mar - John Thow, internationally acclaimed composer, dies at age 57
12 Mar - Media Advisory: Delta Initiative experts to present report
12 Mar - Researchers debunk conventional wisdom on trial witnesses
08 Mar - St. Patrick was ahead of his time, says Celtic Studies professor
08 Mar - Media Advisory: Stephen Hawking to speak on origins of universe
08 Mar - US experiment extending Daylight Saving Time unlikely energy saver, researchers say
08 Mar - Sharing genes a common affair, studies show
08 Mar - Human rights conference to tackle "R2P" resolution
07 Mar - Nobel Prize medal stolen from Lawrence Hall of Science is found, student arrested
06 Mar - Cosmologist Stephen Hawking to draw crowds
06 Mar - Galaxy survey focuses on "pre-teen" years
06 Mar - Use of ADHD medication soars worldwide
05 Mar - Media Advisory: Copyrights for music, software and other digital media to be discussed at Friday conference
02 Mar - Martin Trow, leading scholar in higher education studies, dies at 80

26 Feb - Smoking increases risk of TB infection, new study finds
26 Feb - MBA students focus on education finances
26 Feb - Media Advisory: "Torture, Human Rights & Terrorism" Panel
22 Feb - Looking for life on Jupiter's moon Europa
21 Feb - Media Advisory: Young Entrepreneurs at Haas hosts program for youth
21 Feb - Media Advisory: Michael Pollan and Whole Foods CEO in conversation
20 Feb - Journalism school team wins Polk Award for climate change stories
20 Feb - Robotic cameras search for ivory-billed woodpecker, "Holy Grail of birdwatching"
18 Feb - Successful launch of UC Berkeley's THEMIS satellites positions NASA mission to answer key questions about Earth's auroras
16 Feb - Battling today's crime problems, discussed at AAAS this morning by UCB law professor
16 Feb - Media Advisory: Cap and trade and climate change conference
15 Feb - Researchers convert heat to electricity using organic molecules, could lead to new energy source
14 Feb - Three faculty elected to National Academy of Engineering
14 Feb - Thomas G. Rosenmeyer, professor of Greek and comparative literature dies
14 Feb - Media Advisory: Feb. 16 event for THEMIS launch
13 Feb - Engineers create new mirror for high-performance optics
12 Feb - New medical technique punches holes in cells, could treat tumors
09 Feb - Collegiate Licensing Co. to manage Cal brand
08 Feb - Conference on Feb. 16-17 to explore "What's Left of Life?"
08 Feb - Nelson Polsby, leading expert in American politics, dies at age 72
07 Feb - Nelson Polsby, distinguished scholar of American politics, dies at 72
07 Feb - Journalism student wins Lange award
07 Feb - Chemist Paul Alivisatos named Lawrence Award winner
06 Feb - Male sweat boosts women's hormone levels
06 Feb - Media Advisory: Darwin Day screening of "Flock of Dodos"
05 Feb - Bog bodies in art and literature
05 Feb - Biologists shed light on health of marbled murrelet population in early 1900s
01 Feb - BP awards $500 million for clean energy research

31 Jan - Media Advisory: Shrinking cities conference
30 Jan - Media Advisory: Business of health care conference
29 Jan - Court ruling is "a temporary setback," but planning continues for new student-athlete center
26 Jan - Applications being sought for Chancellor's Community Partnership Fund grants
26 Jan - San Francisco firm will guide People's Park community planning process
25 Jan - Media Advisory: Haas hosts hearings on monopoly
25 Jan - Atkins Foundation pledges $10 million to Center for Weight and Health
24 Jan - Botero exhibit joined by talk with artist, panels on violence, art, human rights
24 Jan - Chemical engineer Donald Hanson dies at 88
23 Jan - Judge hears challenge to EIR and Student-Athlete Center; ruling to be issued by Monday
22 Jan - Hearst Museum to open "Land of the Rajas" exhibit
22 Jan - Robert Pinksy launches new humanities forum
22 Jan - Conference to prevent childhood obesity kicks off this week
19 Jan - Stephen Smale awarded Wolf Prize in mathematics
18 Jan - Rotting leaf litter study could lead to more accurate climate models
17 Jan - Labor programs to link to noted labor leader, the late Manuel Contreras
17 Jan - Nobel laureates, chancellor to discuss energy self-sufficiency
17 Jan - NASA to launch THEMIS probes Feb. 15
16 Jan - Stigma of mental illness explored
16 Jan - Media Advisory: Experts to analyze politics behind governor's race
12 Jan - Media Advisory: Jan. 17 media briefing on NASA aurora mission
11 Jan - Media Advisory: Abu Ghraib exhibit, news conference update
11 Jan - NASA funds instrument to probe life on Mars
10 Jan - Media Advisory: Design activism forum in February
10 Jan - Campus leads state study of low-carbon alternatives
09 Jan - Physics teaching award to astronomer Alex Filippenko
09 Jan - Noted civil engineer dies at age 87
09 Jan - Geographer, social scientist Allan Pred dies at 70
09 Jan - Hip-hop scholars push for recognition
09 Jan - Rethinking last century's closest, brightest supernova
08 Jan - Media Advisory: Jan. 23-26 CA Child Obesity Conference to focus on prevention in high-risk groups
08 Jan - Dust around nearby star like powder snow
04 Jan - Media Advisory: Botero Abu Ghraib art exhibit
04 Jan - Richard Newton, engineering dean and technology visionary, dies at 55
03 Jan - Media Advisory: Jan. 8-13 health leadership forum to address effective health policy and management
02 Jan - Campus to receive papers of the late Congressman Matsui
02 Jan - Peptide targets latent papilloma virus infections